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Ideas Portrayed in a Small Boy Dreaming and The Egg

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Being able to imagine allows us to escape reality and find relief and freedom in different situations. We search for new ideas and thoughts that can influence reality. Through different concepts of imagine, Fletcher Kinnear with his artwork, Albert Herzing through “A Small Boy, Dreaming” and Andy Weir in “The Egg”, we are able to get different representations of many aspects of life. Though we have multiple obstacles in life, we can find ways to overcome them in our imagination. Escaping reality and creating your own, gives you access to many things. Through our imagination we are able to confront moral and social issues.

The artist portrays his ideas of wanting to conquer the obstacles of life and to penetrate the darkness that surrounds his understanding of the world. His imagination brings about an expansion beyond reality, allowing a chance to discover the depth of the world. He draws a landscape and character where he is in control of the situation. Kinnear’s use of the protagonist’s body language displays its dominating and strong character. It suggests his desire to conquer the mountain, a symbol of the obstacles in Kinnear’s own life. Overcoming the obstacles will allow him to be in control of his life. The persona represents Kinnear’s desire for power and overcoming obstacles. The symbol of the torch displays the artist’s willingness to understand. He attempts to “shine a light on the things he doesn’t understand so that he can conquer it.

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The protagonist escapes the reality of society’s dull methods of education and explores the world through his own imagination. Through his own mind and imagination, he finds a way to enjoy the beauty of the world. He is immersed in his own imagination, seeking ways to entertain himself. Herzing’s use of visual imagery in “There where the darkness and the undertow of Africa and the cliffs of Tenerife reel with the stars, where tart alluvial spray” emphasises the student’s engrossment into his own adventure. His willingness to imagine a landscape of great detail displays his enthusiasm to escape the lifeless classroom. Again, his escape into his own dream to further entertain himself and find joy is seen with the repetition of the negatives, which he lists, in “Neither the sea bird nor the bird-ringed liner nor Crusoe’s raft nor any imploring gesture of thoughtful love shall find him here.”. It shows that nothing will stop his strong desire to continue his dream. Due to him having this immense power in his own dream, returning back to the classroom would deprive him of it and so he remains absorbed in his imagination.

Weir makes a point that every man is responsible for not only himself but everyone else. Through his text of the imagined afterlife, he is able to show that each person represents the good and the evil of the world. The metaphor in “‘and I’m Hitler?’ you said, appalled? ‘And the millions he killed’” exaggerates man’s responsibility to be the good and evil. Hitler’s malevolent treatment to the Jewish, homosexuals and disabled compared to the innocence of the millions he killed portrays Weir’s message of man’s responsibility.

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