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The Relation Between Identity And Personal Choice

Being a human, everyone has their personalities and properties which people can base on to distinguish a group of people or an individual. There are many factors that affect our characteristics. Value and identity differ from person to person, therefore people should respect and accept it even it is good or bad. According to the writers in chapter one, there are three assumptions which are used to define the word “identity”: “Identity is what we’re born with”, “Identity is shaped...
5 Pages 2209 Words

Twelfth Night In Relation To Gender Identity And The Nature Of The Self

Twelfth Night explores the concept of gender identity by Shakespeare’s use of masking and role play. Through multiple characters, he causes the reader to contemplate gender identity and the nature of the self. Cesario and Viola’s transitioning suggests multiple different concepts that are researched throughout the story, such as Cesario’s romantical issues with Olivia and Duke Orsino or the role play of different characters. Twelfth Night deeply explores the concepts of gender, masking and role play through the character of...
2 Pages 908 Words

Themes Of Marriage, Communication And Cultural Identity In Interpreter Of Maladies

Interpreter of Maladies is a short story written by Jhumpa Lahiri. The story evolves around a married Indian American couple visiting their country of heritage India alongside with their children. During their visit to India, a lot of things started to cue on such as marriage problems between the Das couple to shocking secrets revealed by Mrs Das, the rollercoaster ride just never seems to be ending. There are quite a few interesting themes that can be found in the...
3 Pages 1228 Words

Critical Essay on Price of Motherhood: The Effects of Unpaid Maternity Leave

This day in age, many women are choosing to not have children, or are influenced by factors that should have any weight towards their decision to start a family. With the price of living increasing by year, women cannot afford to take time off work for maternity leave, being that many employers do not support this benefit. After conceiving a child, the health outcomes are dependent on a healthy mother. In order for a new mother to be in optimal...
5 Pages 2237 Words

Paid Maternity Leave Policy: Critical Essay

Paid maternity leave is a fairly new topic, specifically within the United States. Less than sixty years ago, women were still largely considered as inferior to men in the workplace and were denied opportunities and jobs based off that fact. A considerable portion of women still took the stereotypical role of the ‘homemaker’, while the men brought in the income. A part of this discrimination was because of a woman’s ability to have children, and thus not be able to...
3 Pages 1291 Words

Necessity of Place: Critical Essay

In ‘Why Place Matters’ by Wilfred M. McClay and Ted V. McAlister, the two authors express the importance of physical place within society. With the advancement of technology and the increase of globalization, the idea of physical place is becoming insignificant in our world today. As a result of rapid technological advances, society feels as though you do not need a physical place to be settled in, because of the way that expeditious technology has made it convenient for commerce,...
2 Pages 996 Words

Theme of Motherhood in the Film ‘The Imitation of Life’': Critical Essay

Bea, a struggling widow who sells maple syrup to support herself and Jessie, her daughter. Bea Pullman and her daughter Jessie have had a hard time making ends meet since Bea’s husband died. When Delilah, an African American woman, shows up at Bea’s door, mistakenly thinking it’s the address of a potential housekeeping job, a life-long relationship begins to develop. Delilah and her light-complexion daughter named Peola, move in with Bea and Jessie, with Delilah being a housekeeper in exchange...
3 Pages 1360 Words

Theme of Motherhood and Sisterhood in Pedro Almodovar's Film 'Volver'': Critical Essay

The feminine characters created by Almodovar are not mere inventions, they are constructed and inspired by the memory of his childhood surroundings and conversations overheard in his infancy between his mother, his sisters his grandmother and his neighbors. His infancy, his childhood and his youth were highly influenced by the women surrounding him. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of the roles of both motherhood and sisterhood within Almodovar’s film ‘Volver’. Almodovar’s filmography always revolves around...
5 Pages 2184 Words

Theme of Motherhood in Buchi Emecheta's Novel 'The Joys of Motherhood'': Critical Essay

The theme of motherhood is central to the plot of Emecheta’s novel ‘The Joys of Motherhood’. That is because motherhood is regarded highly in Igbo culture. According to the culture, the best thing that a woman does is have children. Thus, motherhood is considered a central tool of the patriarchal machine to control women. According to Emecheta, “Women have been victimized by society, their husbands, their father, colonists, and even their children. Though each kind of victimization differs from the...
2 Pages 1127 Words

Lionel Shriver's Challenge to the Traditional Image of Motherhood in His Novel 'We Need to Talk About Kevin': Critical Essay

Many texts often explore androcentrism and are repressive in relation to women, perpetuating ultimately degrading representations of women and assigning cultural constructs of gender roles. As H. Bertens writes in ‘Literary Theory: The Basics’, women are traditionally seen with “helplessness and renouncing all ambition and desire”, where “female independence…gets a strongly negative connotation”. However, Lionel Shriver’s ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ ultimately seeks to subvert and challenge these representations of women in the form of motherhood, exploring how a...
4 Pages 1619 Words

Theme of Motherhood in Toni Morrison’s Novel ‘Beloved’': Critical Essay

Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ revolves around Sethe, a former slave who lives in a haunted house at 124 Bluestone Road. Sethe’s past is complicated: her two sons abandoned her, and her house is haunted by an abusive ghost that everyone believes is the spirit of Sethe’s dead daughter. As the book furthers, it is released that Sethe herself killed her daughter, Beloved. As Beloved reintegrates herself into Sethe’s life, Sethe’s maternal instincts are portrayed and change drastically throughout the novel. Due...
3 Pages 1578 Words

What It Means to Me to Be an American: Persuasive Essay about Freedom

Being an American is really cool and great. I feel that I am part of the best country in the whole wide world and feel that we all are blessed with so much freedom in our everyday lives. Many people in the United States are used to hearing themselves as an American, but they do not associate it with privilege anymore. Everyone uses the word so often, but they barely know what it means. Many people hate the fact that...
1 Page 470 Words

Feminist Motherhood Vs Empowered Motherhood: Compare and Contrast Essay

The term ‘feminist mothering’ is used to refer to an oppositional discourse of motherhood that is constructed as a rejection of patriarchal motherhood. The contemporary patriarchal ideology generally comprises of eight ‘rules’ of ‘good’ motherhood, classifying a ‘good’ mother as one who is biologically tied to the child, one who provides for her child 24/7, one who always puts her child’s needs before her own, one who turns to experts for instruction, one who is fully satisfied and fulfilled in...
1 Page 513 Words

Proud to Be Canadian: Narrative Essay

Has one ever thought about how proud and honorable Canadians are to their own land? Well, Canadians show their politeness, and generosity to others by welcoming, and accepting their ethics; therefore, Canada is a nation where one can contribute their beliefs without being segregated; this is why one should be proud because everyone is equal in our eyes. Canada is a nation where one can be free, proud, and loved for many reasons: the education system, the first nation to...
3 Pages 1282 Words

Narrative Essay on What Being a Mother Means to Me

What does being a mother mean? As a mother to my three-year-old son, I can say that for me, being a mother means discovering strengths you didn’t even know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed. Some people would say that it’s a good thing and others would say it’s a bad thing. Personally, my mindset as a mother is that a mother’s love is so powerful and strong that it has caused my perspective on life...
2 Pages 773 Words

Influence Motherhood on Personality in Madeline Miller's Novel ‘Circe’: Critical Essay

In the book ‘Circe’ by author Madeline Miller, Circe learns, through her experience of motherhood, the instant love and maternal bond between mother and child, as well as a mother’s impulse to sacrifice her own life to protect her offspring. Like many mothers, Circe feels overwhelmed by a baby’s constant physical and emotional needs. Although she feels she is prepared for motherhood, she must navigate coping with her own plethora of emotions. Through motherhood, Miller shows how Circe demonstrates mortal...
1 Page 503 Words

Critical Essay on Complexities of Motherhood in Lionel Shriver's 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' and Carol Ann Duffy's 'The World's Wife'

The theme of motherhood is a key one in both the novel ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver and the collection of poems ‘The World’s Wife’ by Carol Ann Duffy. Motherhood is seen as a key element of the female experience, and both texts explore the connection between motherhood, femininity, and the way in which women navigate motherhood in a patriarchal society. In the novel ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’, Shriver uses the epistolary narrative through...
6 Pages 2737 Words

Narrative Essay on What It Means to Be an American Citizen

“In a world of inhumanity, war and terrorism, American citizenship is a very precious possession” (Phyllis Schlafly, 2014, Eager Forum). Many people believe that Christopher Columbus was the first person to step on America, but was he really the first person to discover America? How did Africans become African Americans? Why should Americans feel lucky to be American citizens? Many people long to live in America. Why is that? All countries have their own flaws, America has lots of flaws,...
2 Pages 1099 Words

Can Identity Change Over Time: Persuasive Essay

Each year world’s population spend billions of dollars on self-improvement books, workshops, coaching, and stress-management programs to be superior, more tolerant, viable, compassionate, and charismatic version of themselves. But besides the speculations on what drives individuals to alter, there is a more crucial point argued by psychologists: can identity indeed be changed over time? There are often great hypotheses, but what does it mean in real life? Personal identity is the concept you develop about yourself that advances throughout your...
3 Pages 1584 Words

Theme of Motherhood in Timberlake Wertenbaker's Play ‘The Love of the Nightingale’ and Sarah Kane’s Play ‘Phaedra’s Love’: ': Critical Essay

This statement regarding the regress of maternal instincts that are perceived as ‘normal’ can be discussed in reference to Timberlake Wertenbaker’s ‘The Love of the Nightingale’ (1988) and Sarah Kane’s ‘Phaedra’s Love’ (1996). Both postmodern plays were written after the 1950s, and with the use of reference to Greek mythology, perpetuate social and gender issues reflective of the time period in which they are set. Theo L. D’haen describes the postmodern genre as one that incudes “self-reflexiveness, metafiction, eclecticism, redundancy,...
6 Pages 2893 Words

Representation of Motherhood within the Surrealist Movement: Critical Essay

In his ‘First Manifesto of Surrealism’, Andre Breton describes Surrealism as “a pure psychic automatism through which it is intended to express…the true functioning of thought”. Automatism is a technique experimented with by the Surrealists that stems from Freud’s work. The artist will suppress conscious control of the process of making the art, allowing the unconscious mind to take over, releasing the creative ideas from the imagination and determining the method of delivering the imagery. The art of the movement...
7 Pages 3013 Words

Media Influence on Young Adults and Their Identity

We live in a society where people, especially young adults, are constantly striving to be original. Many go so far as to denounce the original, classifying it as ‘mainstream’, while those perpetrating unoriginal acts are deemed as ‘posers’. Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a society where almost every aspect of our lives is somehow influenced by mass media. One area that is particularly affected by media is self-image. Many people form their own standard...
3 Pages 1449 Words

How Can I Be a Good American: Narrative Essay

Being a good American is not merely about being a citizen of the United States; it goes beyond legalities and geographical boundaries. It is a mindset, a way of life, and a commitment to upholding the values that make America a beacon of hope and opportunity. Throughout my life, I have embarked on a personal journey to discover how I can be a good American, and in doing so, I have come to realize the significance of certain qualities and...
1 Page 476 Words

Why I Am Proud to Be an American: Narrative Essay

America is stated to be a country, a large piece of land on Earth, but it’s more than that America is my home where my great-great-grandparents fought to be here and to have an American life. It’s where the founding fathers fought to create a better life. What came as an idea of being free from the British became a reality. It’s more than a country, it’s the people who make the country. James Madison created the Bill of Rights...
1 Page 503 Words

Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness: Critical Essay

The American Dream? More like the American Nightmare. It is described as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, the belief that anyone can gain success if they work hard enough. The American Dream was originally invented in 1931 by historian James Adams (Michael Leweyn, 2003). Adams referred to it as ‘That dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.’ It...
2 Pages 1036 Words

Online Identity Vs Real Life Identity: Compare and Contrast Essay

The relationship between the self and reality has ultimately been reshaped by the great influx of change through the development of the internet and the use of social media in current contemporary culture. The negative aspects of social media for instance on Instagram have replaced genuine verbal and human acceptance with likes and comments that have resulted in superficial validation. With around 95 million photos uploaded every day and 32 percent of all internet users on Instagram, the validation primarily...
5 Pages 2489 Words

Anthem Essay

Introduction Anthem is not just a song but a powerful representation of a nation’s collective spirit, history, and identity. Each country possesses a unique anthem that echoes the values and aspirations of its people. The diverse tapestry of humanity across the globe gives rise to a multitude of anthems, each celebrating its own heritage. In this essay, we delve into the significance of anthems, exploring how they foster unity, promote cultural appreciation, and inspire citizens to work together for a...
2 Pages 434 Words

Critical Essay about American Life Style

The movie Captain Fantastic directed by Matt Ross explores and critiques aspects of modern American lifestyle and culture. Ben Cash’s perspectives, values, and lifestyle are portrayed through questions on anti-capitalist resistance, comparison of mainstream lifestyles, mental issues, and parenting. The title “Captain Fantastic” is amusing however deliberately deceptive. Ross challenges the audience’s preconceived superheroic expectations. Ross’s film follows Ben Cash and his six children, who live an isolated, unique, and primitivist lifestyle in the woods. Ben Cash is the focal...
3 Pages 1233 Words

Home of the Brave: Persuasive Essay

The United States of America was Founded on July 3, 1776. The founding fathers had the idea of a country not run by one person, but a democracy where everyone has a say in who is elected to represent them. They wanted a country where people can practice their religion freely, and be who they want. Fast forward three centuries and America is built around the 1%, America is the hard-working class, America is the melting pot, America is the...
1 Page 468 Words

Eskimo Way of Life: Informative Essay

Lifestyles: In the past, Eskimos lives a very traditional way of life. Eskimo have survived throughout history, they believed in nature, and their food sources also come from nature. They hunt for survival. However, after the influence of foreign newcomers, Alaska has developed and adopted many modern styles of life, including celebrating Christmas, substance usage, institutions formed, media development, and so on. In most younger generations’ eyes, they view modern life as usual. Eskimos are supposed to be free and...
1 Page 439 Words
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