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IEEE Code Of Professional Values And The Manner In Which Individuals In The RSS Should Follow The Moral Dilemmas

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information technology is a relatively new discipline and continuous innovation. IT professionals are ethically ethical with changing discipline, changing discipline, ethical discipline based on limited discipline – with a special precedent or cumulative wisdom. Discipline does not change much with the growth of ethics in the industry, although significant changes occur. Moreover, some predict that problems with the most powerful code of conduct around the computer have not been revealed yet. Of course, the Code of Ethics is a tough challenge for IT professionals, in fact, ‘although the computer revolution is often described as’ technical, ‘but the reality is primarily social and ethical’

Professionals, employers, intellectuals and students recognize the importance of ethics for IT practitioners. For example, according to an international survey by Information Systems Professionals, over 90% felt that professional standards had to be enforced. An Australian survey by Information Systems Professionals and Educators revealed that morality was one of the most important aspects of undergraduate degree programs for students. Another Australian study comparing student student prospects with student student expectations has revealed that there is significant importance to business ethics in business ethics.

Rights vs virtue

The ethical field is widely applied in various fields. There are several ethics relevant to the ICT industry. The objective of the report is to explain all ethics and professional ethics relevant to the ICT sector. The moral theories and the related themes for information technology cover each detailed description. This report highlights the contrast and contradiction between different moral theories.

It gives an explanation of the rights of all the rights of the general public, and allows the public to accept or reject it. An activity or choice If the function or assumption of the privileges of other people is to be considered morally right, The owner’s assumption is usually two times (not accurate). The first is God’s rights. This thought declares that the rights are from God. This assumption is erroneous on the basis that there is no evidence that God exists. One of the wrong censorship of rights is the right granted by the government. In the state’s recognized rights, the legislature selects the right activities. Some think that governments have endorsed the recognized rights of the state. The current human rights, legitimate rights and legally binding rights. Human rights are not respect for any nationality and religion. The legal right is that a person is approved in a legal framework

Virtue Ethics

This is to define some kind of function based on the character of a person, or distinctly morally definite performance, in a certain way or in the performance of the process of that process.

Following are three main elements of this moral theory:

Judaism: This is the core of the code of ethics that says that a person’s prime intent is saturation. The main goal of a happy life is a personality trait that can contribute to good.

Ethics of Protection: This is the second factor in practical ethics that suggests the importance of collaboration, community and relationship above the collective standards and impartiality. It supports the well-being of the rest of the community and the guests and for the well-being of the people. Product based Theory: This agent evaluates a certain process or judging ethics based on ethical and moral feelings.

This theory is appropriate to the information technology field in the context of a number of activities that are morally ill-founded by IT systems. For example, downloading content from the Internet to movies and other rights is a general practice performed by every other user. It is ethically wrongly regarded as theoretical. However, it is morally correct by justifying the ethics of ethics to justify the unity of the individual. It says that content has been uploaded for fun and entertainment and has been shared with friends and family. Such activities are said to be inaccurate.

Rights Ethics

The Second Theory of Ethics relating to ICT and its content is the Theory of Human Rights. First and foremost, legal rights when discussing rights to a person. Every citizen of this country is entitled to be provided by the state and federal government. In addition, there is another right that is called natural rights. This theory is based on the second rights, such as thought, belief, customs, and freedom.

These principles apply to the IT industry, as it assesses certain actions measured on the basis of the rights granted to each person. For example, there are specific rules in every country and impedes people’s ability to restrict the content of a particular website on a content that condemns a person or condemns the government’s content. However, this moral theory aims at the individual to use his / her belief and expression

Theory Of Relativist

Morality is a code of ethics relative to the customs, traditions and standards of one’s society and culture. Among some of the events that have been named morally rightly based on the norms of the law, the other is called a moral error by the other community or society. It is appropriate for the world of Information and Communication Technology. For example, YouTube is a site blocked in some areas. Also, there are a number of organizations that allow Facebook and other social networks to use apps. Some people do not allow them to use such terms. The main reason for this is the negative impact on the productivity of employees. However, there are no restrictions on these applications in other parts of the world due to non-justification of the use of terms like YouTube and Facebook based on the standards of society.


The root cause of this theory is the cause, the object and the self. By means of various sources and sources of living. Objective is the way to choose the person in your life. Includes selfish content and motivation. The theory of objectivism is based on these values. In accordance with this theory, the Code of Practice in any ICT activity in the Information and Communication Technology world. For example, from now on, the downloading process of copyright contents of the website discussed under the Code of Ethics is fair. However, this act may impose. legal penalties and punishments, leading morally to the same process under the theory of objectivism.

Theory of Objectivist and Relativit

Relativity is anything that the person thinks of a person definitely determines what is ethically based on right or wrong. Politely, one does not feel the same to someone else. This may be due to various questions. The so-called hatred can be identified by isolating both a good and a bad person outdoors. When deciding the public, it is called traditionalism. However, objectivity is expressed by the idea that good and evil is what is good and what is bad for people to consider it.


This moral theory is that a certain activity is morally correct and that these consequences are in no way harmless. The following two fundamental principles are related to the following moral theory:

The results or consequences of this process determine that the action is right or wrong.

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This act correctly determines the positive effect of the Act.

There are many forms of this theory, such as Theravadaism. That action, or the importance of human well-being or the wellbeing of the process, is of utmost importance. On the other hand, chauvinism says that a person’s greed is a matter of high concern

This theory applies to Information Communication Technology and its related activities. Based on other ethical principles, the actions of the information technology industry are justified by the moral consequences of their negative consequences. For example, indexing ethics has been named morally as if indexing is done for personal gain when downloading free of charge free content. The uniqueness principle acts morally as a failure of the proprietor of the process. There may be legal obligations for user and content providers. The main consequences of this action have been called upon to harm the parties involved in the moral and moral misconduct.


The theoretical theory of ethics is the theory of a certain function of a function that is based on the control or duty associated with it with the level of compliance. The outcome of this process of action is to consider not only the consequences or consequences but also the adherence to defence law.

This is true in the field of information technology. There are several guidelines and rules associated with this section. For example, there are a number of project management methods defined in project management. The customer will need to connect with each project. The Waterfront module is only when the customer starts and closes. If a project is operating, the customer should not be involved after completing the specific sprite, if it is operated by an appropriate method. That act is regarded as a moral lie. In accordance with these rules, the customer may need to review and consult the project manager or other member of the project team.

Consequentialist vs Deontology

Satisfaction with the satisfaction of a definite result means that they do not follow the principles and guidelines set out in Deontology by following standards and control in specific results. When you have a specific promise, it is correct to follow the guidelines by following the correct guidelines.

Code of ethics and competence as standards for IT teaching and enterprise

The ICT Code of Practice records the moral and professional responsibilities of ICT. The Code of Practice should give advice on what society expects to accomplish in practice, what their friends expect and what each is expected of. In addition, it is necessary for the public to be notified of the code-specific duty code for the profession.

A two-party international computer association, one that is approved by CS and ACM, is a guide for members of ICT professionals. This code was created by a multinational task force with additional inputs from industry, government positions, military installations and other professionals from professionals in the profession.

In the only spirit that creates ethics, the IEEE Computer Society and ACM’s IT professionalism and salutation will help this code make the code a more effective tool. Publishing studies in these cases, the adoption of a supplementary census, the development of curriculum, working workshops and collaboration with licensing agencies and trade unions.

Problems with information technology

The importance of IT is important to our lives and is confronted with serious ethical challenges and is confronted with the challenges of IT specialists and IT users. With the advent of the emerging market in emerging IT systems, many IT professionals and users are not aware of the challenges posed by these technologies. They face major challenges, such as information technology, privacy, security, copyright violations and computer crime. Many criminals are very keen on the development of loopholes in technology. Cybercrime has become a profession that has become increasingly advanced since IT has been greatly assisted in the speed, flow and accessibility of information technology. Many businesses and organizations are at risk of becoming a cybercaster every day. Most, all businesses did not have digital networking

Security: With the tools of the Internet, any computer or system has become hacked as long as they connect to the Internet. Hackers can access to users’ computers and use hackers to collect data on for their own sake (Internet addressing) address. Also, whenever we use the internet, there are a wide range of cookies using the Internet, and information providers have been exposed to fraudulent and conflicting situations. Many large companies decide to determine these products or services that we can promote. When connected to the online banking, money can be transferred, hackers can easily suspend it, and all the money is transferred to their desired accounts that affect the bank using their banking technology using banking.

Privacy Issues: We have been able to share information and communicate information over the Internet. It even exploits our privacy. There are many ways in which we exploit our personality

Using the Web Web Cam, experienced computer users can cast any website of any online computer and they will give access to your personal life, most popular people are victims of these online stalkers. (A good example is that Dawn Raviva spied out of a room of a student at Rutgers University.)

Using social networks, the main concept of these networks is sharing your life with them new and old friends, however, piercing this window means photos when you take your photo during your lifetime, they Like to send it out to their friends who do not like you, you can expose yourself to the wrong intentions to use your data, and the skin Credits have been published to spy on their social networks.


This report on the IEEE Code of Professional Code of Ethics is also proud of how IEEE members should follow professional policy ethics.

At the end of this report, the Code of Conduct will enlighten on ethics and will help to understand the moral theory by understanding the importance of the IT business and the understanding of moral principles. Following the morality and the correctness As IT experts as well as the moral issues in this report have been recorded as IT features, a way must be found to prevent such a moral shortcoming. In addition to this report on the IEEE Code of Professional Values and the manner in which individuals in the RSS should follow the moral dilemmas,

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