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Ignorance is usually an ability that any person would now not know. In truth, lack of knowledge is the having faith that there is any individual who can be aware of something, and that there is any man or woman who can be conscious of him or herself. Socrates and Plato had substantial and one-of-a-kind views on how they portrayed ignorance. For Socrates, who was considered as the wisest man in the world, ignorance is a virtue in his eyes....
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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ignorance is defined as the lack of knowledge or education. The knowledge question claims that with this lack of knowledge we are able to be confident in what we know. However, when we lack certain knowledge and attempt to gain more knowledge to fill in this gap, we are bound to fall into doubt, and this doubt merely confuses us. This leads us to question whether this statement is necessarily true in all cases. Hence,...
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Choices exist in everyday life, beginning with the time of birth until the time of death and everyone changes life, whether it's by making a beneficial choice or not. In the novel ‘1984’, the Party has introduced slogans to manipulate and control the minds of citizens while putting ‘thoughts from the Party’ about what is important for them and what is not. In other words, this slogan shows that citizens should accept these truths. ‘Ignorance is strength’ made the Party...
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Active ignorance is described by Mills as lacking confinement to those who are uneducated, but is cultivated in the highest positions of power and is presented as simply knowledge, since those in the positions of power have the privilege to be so ignorant of issues that do not affect them (Mills, 2007). Gadsby uses her Netflix special, ‘Nanette’ to deconstruct the concept of active ignorance and her own encounter with it in the real world, whilst using comedy to make...
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Plato’s view on immorality is ignorance is derived from the argument put forward in ‘Protagoras’ by Socrates, who claimed that all wrong and evil is done due to a lack of knowledge. In this essay I plan to critically analyze this argument and evaluate an objection to Plato’s claim that immorality is ignorance by disproving the premise that every action performed by a rational agent is the action they believe is the best action. I will evaluate the argument in...
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A lot of people say that ignorance is bliss, but what exactly does it mean? Well, the formal definition of ignorance, based on the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the “lack of knowledge, education, or awareness.” And the definition of bliss is “complete happiness.” I believe the phrase ignorance is bliss, is unique and different for each person, based on their beliefs and circumstances. People compare ignorance to stupidity. Being stupid is acting deliberately on your own terms. You are aware of...
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Responsible for its own success, the most famous beach in Thailand has accumulated a growing concern of its deteriorating reefs and is set to be free of tourism for two additional years. In accordance to Songtam Suksawang, director of Thailand's National Parks Department (NPD), Maya Bay, the stunning cove made famous by the 2000 film, The Beach, has already been shuttered for a year, and will remain closed to allow for its natural resources to regenerate. With the closing of...
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The famous playwrighter William Shakespeare once said, “There is no darkness, but ignorance.” Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a book based on a dystopian society in the future; it is robot-like and controlled. Although Bradbury wrote it in 1953, it has some alarming similarities to the world today. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 illustrates a society where technology is dangerous, censorship covers up the truth, and ignorance is pervasive. These themes are conveyed through the thoughts and actions of characters....
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Vaccination is the way how to prevent humanity before infection diseases. It is beneficial in reducing mortality and population growth. Is not only protection for us but also protection for our community. In the 18th century died 400 000 people on smallpox only in Europe. Therefore, vaccination is considered one of the greater achievements in the world. The most vaccine is for free or just for a little cost. Vaccines learn the body how to create antibodies before catching the...
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