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Impact Of Employee Motivation On Employee Performance

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Employee motivation is considered to be the motivating force for employees to achieve specific organizational goals and objectives. Today, this is one of the biggest problems in organizations because everyone wants to use the best financial and human resources. The main objective is to ask what factors influence work motivation and to know the level of motivation that affects the performance of workers. Data were collected from 160 public and private school teachers using self-administered questionnaires. Regression analysis was used to find the effect of employee motivation on employee performance involving four variables of employee motivation, employee performance, intrinsic rewards and perceived training effectiveness.

The results show that there is a significant and positive relationship between employee motivation and employee performance. It also concludes that intrinsic rewards have a significant positive relationship with employee performance and employee motivation. This study concluded that the effectiveness of employee training was found to be negatively related to motivation. It is also evident from their response that they are given training courses but they do not carry out this in their routine teaching because they consider it ineffective. They are dissatisfied with the training they are given and this affects their motivation to teach. The only way for people to work hard is to motivate them.

Nowadays, people must understand why they work so hard. Each individual in the organization is motivated in a number of different ways .When it comes to employee motivation, it can only be defined as employee motivation is a reflection of the level of energy, commitment and creativity that company employees bring to their work. The job of a manager in the workplace is to get a job through a worker do this is managers must be able to motivate employees. But it’s easier said than done. Motivational practice and theory is a difficult subject and touching on some disciplines. In addition to large-scale, basic or applied research, motivational subjects are not clearly understood and are more often than not practiced poorly. To understand motivation, they must understand their own nature and there is a problem. Human nature can be very simple, but each one is complex.

Understanding and appreciating this is a prerequisite for effective employee motivation in the workplace and therefore effective management and leadership. Employee motivation is very important for organizations because every problem requires physical, financial and human resources to achieve the goal. Through motivation, human resources can be fully utilized. This can be done by building a willingness to work. This will help companies ensure the best use of resources. This results in increased productivity, lower operating costs and increased overall efficiency. This is achieved if coordination and cooperation occur simultaneously which can be done effectively through motivation. The first impact of employee motivation is employee performance. Worker’s performance is considered what he or she does and what they do not.

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Employee performance involves the quality and quantity of output, the presence of the workplace, the accommodative and helpful nature and the timeliness of production. According to the results of the research conducted by Yang (2008) on individual performance shows that individual performance cannot be verified. He also emphasized that organizations can use bonuses and rewards directly based on individual performance if employee performance is viewed. According to Yang, bishops investigate employee performance and reveal that recognition and recognition as well as appreciation for employee performance lead to discrimination between employee productivity. The employee’s spirit and productivity are strongly influenced by the effectiveness of the organization’s performance and its management system. To satisfy customers, the company makes a lot of effort but does not pay attention to satisfied employees.

But the reality is that customers will not be satisfied until and unless the employee is satisfied. Because, if employees are satisfied, they will do more work so that it eventually increases. The second impact is intrinsic reward. Interest in the task itself is driven internally by the external force and the reliance on external reward refers to intrinsic motivation. Organizations always need something to keep their employees engaged including pay or bonuses but motivation is a very important factor in getting employees engaged in their work so that their quality and quantity of work and productivity do not decline. Intrinsic rewards are primarily related to employee satisfaction with his work resulting from the enjoyment of work he experiences in a good organization that rewards him for his work.

Rewards mean a lot to employees whether they are extrinsic or intrinsic. An intrinsic gift arises in a person after completing a certain task or job while extrinsic motivation comes from outside sources or forces such as salary, money, or value. For example, an intrinsically motivated person will work on a math problem because it is fun or he will find a solution to it because it is challenging and will give him a sense of satisfaction after solving it. In both cases, there are no external gifts that are important to people such as payments or gifts. That does not mean that extrinsic appreciation is not important to a person, but it does mean that it is not sufficient to sustain that person’s motivation. The study found that appreciation is very important in transforming employee dissatisfaction into satisfaction. The conclusion is that when employees are satisfied they will perform the task with more interest and will work hard which will lead to better performance.

A study was conducted which found that employee performance was directly influenced by intrinsic rewards because when intrinsic rewards are given to them, they find out about their performance and work harder to earn recognition. Last but not least, employee perceived training effectiveness. To achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively, organizational management requires the training of its members. Training is very useful for workers in many ways as it keeps them up to date with the rapidly changing world trends and environments to help alleviate the stress and frustration caused by hard work or job demands that help them improve their skills to handle work effectively. Employees who feel they are capable of fulfilling their duties will leave the field or if they maintain their productivity levels are not optimal. The more gaps between what a person has and what they need, the more dissatisfied with their work and the higher their turnover rate.

Although there is no direct link between the literature between job satisfaction and training, Rowden suggests that training can be an effective tool for improving job satisfaction. Similarly, Rowden and Conine claim that employees who receive training will eventually better meet their customers’ needs and demands. In this regard, it is stated that employees who demonstrate their commitment to training and learning have increased job satisfaction that positively affects their performance. The practice of training directly or indirectly affects workers’ motivation and their commitment to the organization. Training is defined in this study as an intervention designed to improve the determinants of individual work performance. One study shows that training is one of the most important aspects of HR applications that directly affects employee performance. Training increases and updates employee knowledge leading to improved performance. Employee training is an asset because if the employee is competent then the company’s performance will increase further and will provide long-term benefits over competitors.

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