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Impact of Internet on Society: Essay

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The internet clearly has a very big impact on society. Regardless of whether children are becoming more intelligent or more competent, the internet will continue to impact these children. According to a survey conducted by AGV, a huge internet company, “90% of people have an internet history at the age of two”(AVG Internet Security). At the age of five, children are already using devices that are connected to the internet, and when they are seven or eight they have already integrated these devices into their lives on a daily basis. Is that a bad thing? The internet aids me through educational purposes, inspires me to learn new hobbies, and helps me acquire knowledge in a way I can understand, which in turn, increases m all over intelligence.

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Education is one of the most important requirements in one’s life, therefore, understanding all the topics that one is given is essential in life. Hence, students can go online and find videos and websites to help with their educational conflicts. For example, a student that does Kumon, where I work, had trouble with one of his booklets and was not understanding the advanced math topics. Thus, he took to Youtube to figure out how to finish the homework. To the instructor's surprise, he knew everything.

The student took to his own to figure out the topic by himself through the internet. Several students, such as myself, apply this method to their everyday life, I believe that this is an amazing way to learn as it promotes self-teaching. Many students also use educational websites such as Duolingo to learn languages. I personally struggle in subjects such as French. So to have these types of websites and tools readily available and easy to use really helps me succeed in school. “Easy to use” and “straight to the point” are some of the main goals of the internet and being able to pinpoint the exact issues in my work is very helpful. It makes me more efficient giving me more time to actually think about the task or assignment at hand. Finally, through the internet, I have a way to access free online tutoring. Students can arrange “meetings” with online tutors at certain times of the day. This can create a less stressful environment for students and provide them with the comfort of their homes. To sum it all up, the internet makes me more intelligent through the websites and tools it provides. Learning new hobbies increases my intelligence and inspires my creativity.

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