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Impact Of Spiritual Intelligence For Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

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Spiritual intelligence is the supreme intelligence of human being which is included with cognitive and emotional intelligence. It provides the capability for monitoring and controlling the positive and negative aspect of human life. The basic concept of sustainable development is fulfilment of the present needs without compromising the needs of future. Spiritual intelligence provides the capability to differentiate between need and demand which is important for sustainable development. Researcher tries to investigate, spiritual intelligence is somehow related with sustainable development or not. Researcher also to find out is there any influence of spiritual intelligence on sustainable development? A sample group is comprised with five hundred (500) students of class XI & XII under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education from Malda district of West Bengal for convey the research. Collecting and analysing the data from the sample group the researcher found that spiritual intelligence is positively connected with sustainable development and the significance level is 0.01. Researcher also found that spiritual intelligence influences to achieve the goal of sustainable development. The regression summary table shows adjusted R square is 0.293 which indicates the table is modest fit and the influence is statistically significant at 0.01 levels.


Human belongs to animal kingdom. From the origination of Homo sapiens, they make separate themselves from other animal by their intelligence. Intelligence is the capacity to acquire, retain and apply different types of knowledge and skills for logical thinking, problem solving, creativity, self-awareness, to adjust with the diverse situation etc. This intelligence provides the highest position to the human in the animal kingdom. Sometimes improper application of this human intelligence may harmful for human society. Modern life is full with luxury and demand, to fulfil these, human sometime apply their intelligence which causes bad effect on society as well as environment. Self-awareness and self-controlling power is essential to apply intelligence for mankind. Spiritual intelligence is the ability of individual to monitor and control the positive and negative aspect of life through self-experience. It is associated with self-awareness, universal awareness, self-mastery and social mastery (Wigglesworth, C.; n.d.). Spiritual intelligence is the highest level of intelligence which is the combination of Emotional intelligence (EQ) and General intelligence (IQ) and is connecting with mind and spirit. Spiritual intelligence can be cultivated through questioning, inquiry and practice which integrate inner life with the outer (Vaughan, F. 2002).

Natural resources are limited; environment is polluted randomly, moral character is decreased regularly, all these are great threatening for future life and generation. From this critical condition we can recover ourselves through sustainable development. Sustainable development is the development which meets the needs of present without compromising the needs of future generation (United Nations General Assembly, 1987, p. 43). Sustainable development focuses on the fulfilment of human needs but not to rush for demand. In our highly demanding life we are not satisfy only with our needs, we are all in a race to fulfil our dreams and demand which is main obstacle to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Sustainability stands on three main pillars- the environment, the economy and society. In September 2015, United Nations General Assembly adopted a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are to be implemented and achieve in every country within 2030.

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Spirituality is essential to accomplish the goals of sustainable change (Krempl, 2014). Spirituality or spiritual intelligence is the way to develop intuitive wisdom, knowledge, responsibility, moral and ethical path of life (The blog- News & musing about spiritual intelligence. 2015).

Population and sample

All the higher secondary students of West Bengal are the population of the study. To construct a representative sample group from the population, researcher conveys purposive random sampling technique. The researcher comprised his sample group with 500 students from class XI-XII. Ten (10) Bengali medium schools have been selected from rural and urban areas of Malda District of West Bengal under WBCHSE. From each school 50 students have been taken with the help of lottery method.


Spiritual intelligence is the highest level of intelligence which provides the controlling power and moderates the individual to lead the life in a regulatory manner. It has a positive impact of quality of life (Singh, M.P., & Saha, J. 2013). This quality of life indicates the fulfilment of needs of individual at satisfactory levels. Pupils will not be satisfied with their life and will never lead a quality of life until unless they stopped to run towards their demands. SI and spirituality helps individual to lead their life and change their attitude in a sustainable manner (Krempl, 2014). In the present study, it is found that SD is positively related with SI. Stead & Stead (2014) explained in their study that in any sectors including business, the sustainable profit is possible as it deeply rooted with spirituality. The present research revealed that spiritual intelligence significantly influenced the goals of sustainable development. So to achieve the goals of SD in its highest form, it is necessary and important to enrich the pupils with SI as they can contribute their effort for attaining the goal of SD from inner self.

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