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Impact of Violence in Sport on Society: Analytical Essay

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Athletes should not be allowed to take part in professional sports due to actions in their personal life, as proven by evidence that there is a strong correlation between personal life and work life. People are pressurized to do better, and put more effort and time into their job. They could be doing that because they have a commanding boss or because they want to do it for their own good. Kary Mullis invented the Polymerase Chain Reaction. It was one of the most important contributions to molecular biology in the 20th century. He won the Nobel Prize in 1993. He did not design this experiment while he was at work. He thought of it on a drive home to his cabin. A person’s life outside of their work can doubtlessly influence their performance (Tipirneni, 2018). This shows that one’s personal life connects to their work life, and what they can contribute to their work. This links back to how athletes could commit actions in their personal life, such as abuse, and go to work and reflect the same thing on other players. Anything that happens during work links back to one’s personal life since they are thinking about how their day went, what was successful, etc. Same thing how a spouse could leave their house thinking about their significant other and what they are doing, while they are on their way to work. If their significant other made them very stressed out and upset, they will be going to work and thinking about how angry they are, therefore, their actions might reflect as abusive on other players.

Personal life and work life impact each other. Balancing one’s personal and work life is hard when both of them collapse. When work gets overwhelming, it is very likely to reflect that in one’s personal life and relationships. It also impacts one’s mental health and well-being. If an athlete gets frustrated from an opponent, they could go home and take their stress out on their significant other, resulting in potentially harmful actions or abuse. As a result, they could be mentally stressed, and show negative actions at both places. Moreover, when a personal relationship is not working out, that will negatively impact their work life, resulting in a pessimistic vibe at work (Alex, 2017). Therefore, they should be held professionally accountable for anything they do in their personal life, so it does not reflect in how they perform, and not harm other players. Harming other players is not ethical and they should learn discipline by not being given another chance to participate in sports. It is also unethical because an abusive player should not get the same treatment and money in sports like other innocent players.

There is a lot of violence in sports and outside of sports. NFL’s biggest off-the-field problems, with 87 arrests including 80 players over the last 14 years. The person with the most charges and domestic violence is Denver Broncos (Still Playing: 12 NFL Players Have Domestic Violence Arrests, 2014). This amount of violence in sports is unacceptable because of a couple reasons. Firstly, because it is against the law and some celebrities do not get penalized severely for their actions because of their fame; which is immoral towards the person who was affected. Secondly, the increase in crime rates ruins a country’s economy and reputation as a whole, which could influence the amount of immigrants coming to the country, therefore, dropping rates of employment. This is why athletes should not partake in sports due to the relationship between stress of personal life and professional life, and a reflection of that through their actions.

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One in three workers have gone through domestic violence, and for a lot of them, the violence chases them to work. Over 80 percent of domestic violence victims report that their work performance was negatively impacted. Abusers feel the effect of their actions during their work. They could reflect those actions and demonstrate violent actions. This relates back to how athletes could reflect their abuse on other athletes while playing, as a result from an action or domestic violence demonstration in their personal life. Abusers could be forgetful or disturbed, which could impact their work performance and could make them susceptible to discipline or job loss, which then puts their victim at a higher risk for severe injury or death. This shows that they need to learn discipline and take some time off sports to reflect on what they have done, rather than making them return to the sport and enjoy their time. Coworkers are also at a high chance of safety risk (Canadian Labour Congress, 2015).

In 2013, singer Chris Brown was guilty of physically assaulting a man. He spent 36 hours in jail. After arguing for a bit, they went to court, and his sentence was decreased to a simple assault offense and he was released. He was sent to California and had to stay 100 yards away from the man he assaulted. This crime would have taken him to jail, it was only because of his fame did he get out of it. He was later convicted of abusing his previous girlfriend, Rihanna. He only had to serve some community labor hours (Yovino, 2017). The first time when they let Chris Brown go, he did not learn from his mistake and he later abused Rihanna. This shows that if he would have stayed in jail, he would have been taught discipline and not commit another crime shortly after. However, that did not happen and he went back to singing without the weight of the burden of his previous actions.

Boston Bruin Marty McSorley hit an opponent in the head with his hockey stick. The public has seen enough of violence from athletes in such sports, and they did not fight for him to not go to jail. The National Hockey League suspended him for the rest of the season. This is right because it taught him discipline so that he would learn that violence is not always the answer (Axtman, 2000).

In conclusion, if an athlete commits a crime in his personal life, they should be held professionally accountable. Athletes that are guilty of committing a crime, should not be allowed to play the sport anymore. That way, they are taught discipline, so they know that if they commit a crime, they will not just be allowed to look past it, and still go play the sport and make money. There are more than 3 million incidents of domestic violence reported each year, including both men and women. Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. One-third of women and one-fourth of men will have experienced some form of interpersonal violence (Lancer, 2017). If players continue showing negative actions in personal life, these numbers will keep increasing. Furthermore, not disciplining them will allow them to further commit crimes, since they know that if they do it again, they will not be penalized.

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