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Implementing a Sugar Tax to Curb Australian Obesity

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We seem to be ignoring that Australian’s obesity is rising and that it needs to be halted as soon as possible. Australia has to work together in order to curb this issue we have, one quote from the Australian Medical Association would be, “ Combating obesity demands a whole-of-society approach, requiring the participation of governments, non-government organisations, the health and food industries, the media, employers, schools, and community organisations.” Implementing sugar taxes is beneficial rather than disadvantageous to both citizens and government but don’t you think it’s better if our nation is healthy and able to have a longer life expectancy? I think it’s time to take a faster approach to this as not enough people are paying attention and stop this together.

Although consumers are wary of let’s say sugary drinks (I’m using sugary drinks as a controlled variable as they are held accounted of being one of the largest factors leading to obesity) being bad for health, people just don’t realise what external costs could affect them. External costs would include diabetes (Type 2 in particular), obesity and obesity related illnesses like backpain and tooth decay and statistics has shown that between the years 2017-2018, 67% of Australian were overweight or obese. Even if Australia ranks well in global health, it is true that more and more young people are getting obese, these young people can find it hard to cope with in the future and I’m scared for our nation on where this will go. Being frank, I have to say that just trying to avoid sugary drinks is the easier option but when it comes to people being addicted to it, it’s better to just implement a sugar tax as it is faster approach in stopping this issue. I’ve personally have had experience with diabetes, my father has had diabetes from drinking too much sugary drinks as a young teenager and now luckily, he only suffers from minor problems and not major as he had to change to a healthy lifestyle.

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Sugary drinks are now classed as a demerit good as people are not aware of the many outcomes that could affect someone negatively, we could pretty much say that sugary drinks are the cousins of cigarettes and alcohol! Statistics has clearly shown the daily sugar consumption for an average Australian between the years 2011-2012 is 105 grams of sugar. You may say it was a long time ago, but I know for a fact that Australian are aware of the negative outcomes, but they continue to ignore it due to its addictive qualities. Sugar can lead to mood swings when the sugar gives a high but then it wears off and the body must produce more insulin and can only be solved by consuming more. Come on Australia we must try our best to avoid sugar in the first place and end this right now.

It’s funny how sugar taxes can raise revenue and support different issues as well. Coming from a teenage boy with no job experience, I understand how annoying taxes are right? Well if we were to implement a sugar tax we could reduce over taxes and use that money to fund growing health problems related to sugar consumption. Apparently if there were to be a 20% sugar tax in Europe, it can potentially raise approximately 1 billion pounds or 2 billion dollars. The point I’m making is that there isn’t a negative impact on sugar taxes raising revenue, I mean who doesn’t like the reduction of taxes. I personally think that a sugar tax wouldn’t really affect like the taste or anything, but it’ll be beneficial for us.

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