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Importance And Using Of Quantitative Reserch

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In our world today, many things come up which has no clear answer to how it came to be. The solution that we came up with, was conducting researches, to soothe our curiosity. Since then, researching has been one of the ways to solve our society’s wonders. Research has two kinds of approach: Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative researches refer to the meanings or concept definition rather than statistical counts, it may also be subjective as it seeks to understand human behavior. On the other hand, quantitative data focuses more on the numerical analysis of data, it is objective rather than subjective.


As mentioned, research has become a need to soothe people’s curiosity. It has also played vital roles in the different sectors of our country. When it comes to education, research has been a big help to teachers and students. In such a way that it helps them learn more from it, in this curriculum research papers are a prerequisite for students to graduate. But aside from it being a prerequisite, through researching, especially using a quantitative approach, would help them develop into logical and analytical thinkers who could then evolve into key thinkers or contributors in our country or even the world.


Aside from its noticeable importance in the level of education in our country, it has also contributed positively to the business sector. The research could help them find out which product would sell out most based on the data from people in the market. It can also let the businessman know whether people are satisfied with their product. In knowing these things, products can be improved, progress in the business area will drastically change positively as research takes place. Research in business sector also serves as an instrument to stay updated on the latest trends and need of people.

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Science and Technology

In the field of Science, research is also a big contributor to its continuous learnings. Science and Technology is continuously improving through the help of research. Since technology has become part of our daily lives and almost all things revolve around science, people began to start researching to find out the information they need. Researches can provide developers and producers the statistical analysis of data, and help them improve the quality of their product more. Quantitative type of research also lets the developers know how many percentages of their target market are satisfied with their product.

Medical and Health Allied Services

Research has also helped in the field of medical and health allied services. By doing researches, people in this field will be able to know which disease is mostly occurring in Filipinos. Knowing this, they will be able to modify medicines or come up with new medicine to cure diseases and decrease the mortality rate in our country. They will be updated on the diseases which mostly occur in Filipinos, with this they will be able to upgrade the services they offer. Research also allows the quality of life to be improved for all and to the next generations to come.

Research especially quantitative, as stated, has become an important instrument in the betterment of our society.

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