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Importance of Engineering Technical Communications: Opinion Essay

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Initially, I thought that Engineering Technical Communications means it’s the same thing that we are taught in the under-graduation level and there would be no difference at the starting stage I have some questions running in my mind that why the university has chosen this subject. Instead, they can opt for other communication subjects. But after the first class, I came to know the importance of technical communications in our professional career and how major role it plays in the success of one person. I have also understood that it is not the same content that we I have learned in my undergrad. It’s more practical and helpful in many ways to improve my communication in writing and oral presentation. How much technical knowledge we have but if we don’t have the perfect communication skills it’s totally a mess and we cannot share that knowledge our ideas may be brilliant and out of the box but if we can’t convey it in a proper way it’s totally a disaster for us. These are some of the things I have concluded after knowing the purpose and outcomes of this subject.

The concepts and the techniques that I have seen in this course are very practical and that’s what I need to learn all these days. I thought that these should be learned by our own because we haven’t been exposed to this kind of teaching and practicality in my previous schools. For example, I have a great interest on research and technical papers and I also had some of ideas to present it in the paper but at that time no one taught me how to write a perfect technical paper and how to cite, reference it and how the layout and pattern would be. I searched all that in the internet, but I couldn’t get any clarity on that and all the content on the internet made me think like writing a paper and publishing is a very huge task and it can be done by only few professional people and not everyone is capable of it. But, after attending to the technical communications classes week by week, my confidence has gone up and now I can confidently say that I can write and publish a perfect paper. I even attempted to write a paper in my under-grad for one of the international conferences happening in our university. My paper was shortlisted for it, but it doesn’t get a place to be in the conference publications. Later, I have analyzed my paper and identified the mistakes, and got to know that my paper is not perfectly formatted, and no proper citing is presented in it. Now, I have developed the citation skills and layout skills of the professional document not only a paper but also learned to write and present any formal communication in any manner.

The connect module which is part of the course has helped me a lot to improve my grammar and sentence formation skills. I would make silly mistakes while writing a document, such as the use of prepositions and parts of speech and conjunctions, adverbs. The connect module which is in a very interactive way has helped me to recap my skills and learn new topics which I haven’t been exposed till now. The best part of the assignment is that we get the videos of each topic if we attempt the wrong questions, I liked it very much and it’s the perfect way anyone can learn the concepts very easily. I thought that if we can have some more interactive assignments like that it would be more beneficial to the student. It creates lot of excitement to learn and complete it, by the way, it has been designed. I have completed the assignment in 3 days by working out for 3-4 hours a day and 15 days ahead of the deadline. That much excitement and interest I am in completing those kinds of assignments.

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The Individual and team assignments have helped me to manage my individual tasks and as well as to coordinate with the team and be in line with the assigned project. It teached me the balance between the individual and the teamwork and it will help me a lot in my further career when I was to manage teamwork and as well as to be in time with my work. I have faced many problems with my team at the time of drafting and finalizing the situation. Everyone came with a different solution and the biggest task is to select one of them. So, we sat down and analyzed all the possibilities of the solution and came to a concluded solution. I have learned to face all kind of people in my career. Apart from the course I also learned how to mingle with people from different backgrounds and culture it’s a new thing for me but, this course made me to think it was so simple and I did it in a very effective way.

I have a lot of stage fear in my childhood and never been on the stage for a single time till my high school. In my undergrad, I have organized the TEDx talks in my university and I have been the host and it helped me some extent to overcome my fear. The elevator talk video has really tested my skills and it taught how difficult it would be conveying our content only in less than 1 minute. It taught how to arrange my talk not only the content but also the timing and usage of wording is also important. Now I have prepared a pitch and I am ready to deliver it to anyone who came across me asking about myself. I also feel that I have to still work on my presentation skills and also on my body language.

Technical communication is used in every bit of our professional career. I am an Industrial Engineer and I have to study the process and make it more efficient. In this process, I need to draft the emails to the company and instructions to the workers, procedures, and manuals that are used on the work floor. Finally, I have to make a proposal, report, and submit it to the company. So in all forms, the technical communications skills which I have learned how to draft a report, manuals, brochures, proposals, and reports would surely help in my career and will play a crucial role in advancing and rise of my position. I think that nowadays everyone is full of technical knowledge but only a few are good with managing people and communicating with them in a perfect way. This course has teached me the one thing which will help me to advance in my career.

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