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Importance Of ICT In Social Science Studies

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Table of contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  4. References


Today, the every education faculty is going to take aid of ICT for meeting the current challenges in the world. Social Science is also achieving its goal through the application of Information and Communication Technology. The Modern trends in Social sciences are not effective without use of ICT. Teaching is the purposeful imparting of information or skills or both to another individual or to a group of individual. The role of teachers is significant for information and communication technology (ICT) integration, because the use of ICT in the classroom depends on teachers’ attitudes towards the concept. However, to develop such training, teachers’ opinions, concerns, and needs regarding ICT integration should first be identified. In order to provide better support for social studies teachers using ICT, this article reports social studies teachers’ views, experiences, and attitudes towards ICT.


Today, the every education faculty is going to take aid of ICT for meeting the current challenges in the world. They are also trying to develop their own field and taking effort to reach their faculty towards last member of the society. Social Science is also achieving its goal through the application of Information and Communication Technology. The Modern trends in Social sciences are not effective without use of ICT.

Social Science is a discipline which deals the problems of the society. It studies the human behaviour related to its entire social, economic, political and psychological field etc. It tries to find out the problems, trace it and through proper investigation and observation gives the solution. Now days, globalization makes changes in human life. It creates so many challenges in front of society. It creates competition in every sector of the society. It makes phobia in human mind. In all these factors the structure of human life has been affected earlier human life. Now we have to give such social science knowledge to college students who face the problems in their life. There is an absolute need for the application of ICT. This should be properly taught by the teachers as well as assimilated by learners.

Teaching is the purposeful imparting of information or skills or both to another individual or to a group of individual. The primary aim of teaching of course is to enable the individual to contribute his full share to the well being of the society in which he lives. This essential aim is achieved by social science education. The responsible citizenship is built up through social science education. Social sciences help learners to build his/her skills, competencies and intellectual capacity. This should be developed by social science through the aid of ICT. In social as well as Political Life of an Individual , what is right and what is wrong, should be understood to be get success in his or her life. This is the aim of social science education.

In Democratic structure, a responsible and aware citizen is needed to get success of any nation in any field. In this situation, the role of social scientists is more important. As far as India’s Concern, it is fast developing country. It has a role model of democratic structure to all over the world. The maximum percentage of youth in India is nearly 60%. India is going to lead all over the world. Most of the leaders or a common man wishes to see the super power India in future. In such phenomenon, the social science education, their teachers, role is very important. As far as Vidharbha Region concern, the stuff of students who gets admission in Social Science, are very low grade. They are not interested in study. They just take admission to get degree or for the sake of enjoyment. In such situation the role of teachers is very crucial.

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The tools of ICT is very much power full to impart knowledge to the student. Power point presentations, audio-visual, use of internet, online guidance is some tools of which are used in resent period to share or give information and education to an individual or a group of individual. These tools help us to involve student mentally. This can takes once in to such situation which we want to share information to him or her. As far as we know that or see in the society, the youths are very smart. They are aware all new tools or new things which comes in the market. They can easily handle or get command over it. They know that which film come in to the market, who is playing main role, which technology is coming in to the market in future. But the person, who knows everything, does not able to get good marks in the examination or even not clear the examination.


The new digital technologies are no single technologies. They are combination of hardware and software media and delivery systems. Following are the types of ICTs commonly used in education:

  • Multimedia PC, Laptop Notebook
  • Digital video/Still Camera
  • LAN and other Networks/Mobile Phone
  • www (World Wide Web)
  • CD ROM & DVD
  • E-mail & Chat ○ Digital Libraries
  • Computer Conference (Video/Audio)
  • Application S/W such as work processing spread sheets, power point and stimulation and speech recognition.
  • Integrated Based Research ○ Integrated Learning System (ILS)

A teacher use ICT, can make subject theme which is proportionate to the age and interest of the learners. They can fulfil the needs of society. These tools take student mind in particular atmosphere which creates awareness in the student. The basic object of a teacher is to make concrete process of teaching and learning, which should be done in the use of ICT. The success of teaching can be done only when the proper communication between teacher and student is effectively done. This can be done in the use of ICT. Through the use of ICT, a teacher or institution can get appropriate feedback from students. It is helpful to them to make changes in their teaching according to the needs of students. A teacher can teach so many students at the same time if he or she uses ICT tools. Now there is a lot of information in internet which can be useful and provides lots of knowledge to teacher. The teacher can upgrade his/her knowledge according to the situation.

There are several challenges in the use of ICT by social science teachers, students and the institutions. Generally we believe that the face to face interaction is always support for the communication but in use of ICT create middle man which hamper the object of the communication. Teachers in rural sector and some of the urban sector do not aware about the use of ICT. Some of the Institution do not provide proper opportunities and even not make healthy atmosphere for inspiring and motivating teachers to get knowledge of ICT. Most of the institutions do not take much interest to purchase ICT related equipments. All ICT related equipments are costly, due to lack of sufficient funds, lack of revenue etc. the unwillingness of use is also supported such condition. Insufficient of power supply in rural sector is also a major challenge for the use of ICT. If teachers and the institution are ready to use ICT for their day to day activities, they must need continuation support of electricity. There is a lots of time needed for the using of ICT facilities. The time of students and the teacher have to in the classroom much more time which is not possible for them in regular basic.

To conclude the above subject, the use of ICT in social science is no doubt important. Every social scientist must use these tools to upgrade his/ her knowledge and imparting the knowledge. No doubt that there are some problems and hurdles in the use of ICT but if we want make capable and responsible youth and give their best to the nation; we must provide best education to them. The best education cannot be achieved without use of ICT. So in the last we must aware, use and make friendly relations with ICT tools which uplift our knowledge as well as we will able to impart best knowledge to our students.


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