Importance of Industrial Revolution: Analysis of Benefits, Losses and Future of Work

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As humankind evolved, technology evolved alongside. This evolution in technology is also known as industrial revolution. Industrial revolution is a game changing part of a human life, everything which was thought to be next to impossible is made possible by the technology. This magnificent growth in technology is the reason why we don’t live in caves anymore.

The concept of industrial revolution started during the mid-1760’s with the invention of steam engine which allowed faster transportation and lead to the use of coal as the main energy supply. As the whole world got the picture of building a steam engine, engineers and developers had an opportunity to make it much more efficient and thus came the second industrial revolution during the early 1900 with the invention of the internal combustion engine. These were the times where everyone had to be either in oil production or in coal mining business for employment (Min Xu, Jeanne M. David & Suk Hi Kim). During 1960 as the war is finally over and everyone’s at peace scientists and engineers had all the time and funding required in the world to develop and invent new and efficient products as they played a major role during that era which resulted in the third industrial revolution with the introduction of electronics and automated products which lead to the present to who we are and where we are at with a fourth industrial revolution. Some say that the fourth industrial revolution is the worst thing to happen to a humankind as employment rates were drastically decreased as the horse carts are replaced with cars, labor were replaced with automated machines to save time and money, poor became poorer and rich became richer as the labors are forced to learn a totally new set of skills in order to be employed. This essay explores the importance of industrial revolution, benefits, losses and future of work.

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This fourth industrial revolution is also termed as the digital era as the introduction of smartphones and automatic driving cars was like a dream come true for many. Although we may not be in an era with flying cars or cyborg humans, this is a start to something extra ordinary. The problems faced during the previous industrial revolutions were corrected during the fourth where communication and transportation were the key focus. As humans are the only beings with an extra ordinary sense of knowledge and strength to achieve anything impossible was just a word during these times. Travelling from one end of the world to another? No problem thanks to wright brothers we have a plane to do the job. Now millions of people travel from one end to another for work and family. Communication gap was narrowed with the help of satellite dishes and employment for many were provided for entertainment and national defense. Also the internet, the reason how you are reading this essay had only been made possible with the internet. The sky was no longer the limit to mankind as we reached to the moon. As population increased so were the use of vehicles and thus the rate of accidents were going higher day by day which caused a risk of driving recklessly and then came in the traffic lights and road rules along with the self-driving cars which caused a massive change in the transportation. The down side is that companies were recruiting only professionally trained or experienced employees and hence the employment rate for people with no experience were none. Although japan took a lot of damage from the war, they became an industrial sensation with the introduction of artificial intelligence, this was a step towards the future. Artificial intelligence to be placed in a simple term is a self-thinking, analyzing and problem sorting machine which is like a mother to all the other industrially operated machine parts whom we refer as robots and all of this is happening with one touch. Technically robots are automated motorized tools. They cook food, play our music, record our shows, and even run our cars. But we just do not see it because robots do not have a face, we to whom we can talk or a butt we can kick (rodhan.n.).

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