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Importance Of Intercultural And Technological Communications In Professional Environments

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The communications form the base of the meaning of sharing ideas, issues and thoughts to others where the global businesses have made the inter-cultural communications as the chief of the process adopted. Hence communication stands as the pillar for the business interactions and its growth and development in the days of competitions and interchange of ideas which is based on the established norms and ways which makes it understood by all. The entire idea of communications is to make the people aware of the needs and get the same which makes the communication complete and effective forming a relationship which makes the issues important for the business in the long term. Hence the inter-cultural communication is much more complex than any ordinary communications where communication is the basis of existence for all business works and processes (Canals, 2016). The case of Samsung, the largest mobile phone technology provider and manufacturer is one example. The business is based out of South Korea and is expanded all across the globe where the Android application is used and well received.

Importance of intercultural and technological communications in professional environments

The use of communication is to get two or more people together for the long term where the shared beliefs, cultural norms, cultural perspectives are of utmost importance to manage for the best of business gains when the business is multinational and multicultural. In the case of Samsung, the intercultural communication is widely used as the tool of multiple group communication which is diverse and so the cultural norms and shared values are considered for the specific market for the communication language and styles. Samsung is north Korean but is the largest mobile phone seller of Android platform where it has made a good multicultural business model where all cultures are given special interest and care to make the product promotions and business communications with the stakeholders there outside South Korea possible to make the business rank number 1 in mobile phone markets. However, since communication happens between two or more groups it makes the views of the world more extensive and thus absorbs the needful aspects of the global business doing projects where it is very much involved in (Lie and Shrikant, 2019). For example, South Korea has made an outlet for assembly and program installation in India which has given the business a great boost in its intercultural communication excellence.

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India is a nation of good professionals of technology and promotion managers who are well versed in the most spoken languages like English or Hindi its local langrage to suite the South Korean business to have a more dominant role in other language and cultural sphere to be more competitive. The professionals are good in English so the designs of the logo, material for Europe or US promotions are made here along with the needful changes for the language options and various other multicultural aspects are been added to the phone so that it is well adjusted for the days ahead (, 2019). The communication for the business too is developed in a way that it has an idea from the very early stages what the demand is going to be so that they may make the phones and its areas accordingly for the sales in the various markets that it is in. This makes the business do the survey in various markets where the intercultural communication plays a big role and the business of Samsung has outsourced it to the local players in survey doing to make the needful predictions with hard facts and figures. It’s very evident for the business of Samsung to see how it has incorporated the various cultures and ethnicities into the business in its large global expanse to be valid and competitive in such markets where they have a presence. The use of local knowledge and cultural aspects and communication ways are important to be understood. The precision of the information can be translated into various written form with the modern-day technology like Google Translate which makes the written or spoken communication as good as real-life communication if done well with subtitles or with efficient use of its cultural diversity to send messages to the stakeholders in all corners of the globe (Ladegaard and Jenks, 2015).

The aspects of intercultural communications are regarded as the key to Samsung’s business model in the global dominance with its mobile phones. It is important for the business to have good communication to make all its employees all across the globe about the recent developments, features of the new product, sales promotion ideas, pricing and various aspects of the product which is given by the business to its global stakeholders. In such a case the communication effectiveness plays an important role where the cultural norms and shared perspectives have its ways to share the needful among the people with stakes with the business. The intercultural communications are much more challenging as it occurs between various groups of people with diverse identity and demographics. In here it is to signify that Samsung has developed a good inter-business communication with various aspects in mind to as to make the communications successful all across its business levels in various economies. The settings of communication in real-time too is achieved which is pan-global and with various techniques which makes the stakeholders or the business leaders of the brand from those nations understand the needful and execute them.


The scope that the business has generated with the intercultural communication is huge and very distinct from various other businesses like the competitors of those local markets, thus maintaining the trading partners and cultural communications are vital for the businesses which make the communications with trading partners and stakeholders of various regions across the globe possible with efficiency for the needful outcomes as desired by the business leaders (Kolinko, 2019).


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