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Importance of International Relations Essay

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At the beginning of the 20th century, the field of international relations developed primarily in the West and, in particular, in the United States, as that country rose in power and influence. While the study of international relations in the recently created Soviet Union and later in Communist China was suppressed by the officially enforced Marxist ideology, the field expanded in the West as a result of a variety of factors: an increasing desire for a less-dangerous and more effective methods of controlling relations between cultures, communities, governments, and economies; an increase in research and publishing. and serve human betterment; and the popularization of political affairs, including foreign affairs.

The conventional view that international and military concerns should be the exclusive domain of rulers and other insiders has led to the assumption that such concerns constitute an important concern and obligation for all people. This growing popularization of international relations strengthened the notion that education, in general, should provide training in foreign affairs and that information should be advanced in the interests of greater public influence and oversight of foreign and military policy.

This new perspective was articulated by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson (1913–21) in his program for relations between the Great Powers following a settlement of World War I.

The pre-World War I International Relations Scholarship was undertaken mainly in two loosely structured fields of learning: diplomatic history and international law. Involving meticulous archives and other primary-source research, diplomatic history underscored the uniqueness of international events and the methods of diplomacy that have actually taken place. International law — especially the law of war — has a long history in international relations and has been seen as a source of basic normative principles of international behavior. The rise of international relations was intended to expand the reach of international law beyond the conventional focal point.

The Importance of International Relations

International relations are particularly significant elements of leadership in a global community. As our world grows smaller and smaller through technologies, rapid air travel, and a dynamic international economy, the importance of peaceful and cooperative ties between nations is becoming increasingly relevant.

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Historically, the establishment of treaties and agreements between nations was one of the oldest expressions of foreign relations. Maintaining these treaties meant that common citizens could carry out their regular tasks of making a living and raising their families rather than dedicating themselves to armed confrontation with neighbours. Today, this role in international relations remains just as important. While there are still countries out there that have a long way to go before peace negotiations can be signed, some, such as North Korea and South Korea, are making peace gestures that have left the world stunned, but optimistic.


Positive international relations often encourage successful trade policies between nations, both in terms of importing natural resources and finished goods not available in one country and in terms of gaining access to the wider market offered by exports to foreign countries. International affairs describe the conditions and limits of cross-border trade in terms of tariffs, transport routes, trade controls, goods that can and can not be traded, etc. International relations also show the rest of the world the influence of countries in some sectors that other countries really need to rely on. For example, Korea and Japan export most automobiles, while China exports many different types of electronics, and Colombia exports coffee.


Besides transporting goods across foreign borders, people very often move between countries, searching for opportunities to change their lives. Such travel can be temporary or permanent, but in any case, it must be monitored in order to ensure the rule of law — criminals must be held out of the country while legitimate company, visitor, and immigrant travel are upheld. International affairs play a crucial role in shaping border protection policies.

Global Concerns

Nations also face global challenges that are greater than any single nation or continent, such as environmental crises, pandemics, and terrorism. Sound international relations are needed to ensure that nations collaborate effectively to address these challenges, enabling nations to exchange relevant information quickly and pool resources.


International relations are not just about controlling and influencing the movement of goods and information, but also about promoting the development of human culture in a general way. Diversity of world cultures can be encouraged and exchanged by informed foreign relations strategies, enabling initiatives such as student exchanges and cultural exhibits to improve our awareness of the diversity of human speech in the world. Often, big events like the Olympics or the World Cup make it possible for people from all over the world to come together and understand our similarities and differences.

Advantages of International relation

  1. Earning valuable foreign currency: a nation is in a position to gain valuable foreign currency by exporting its goods to other countries.
  2. Division of labor: foreign affairs contribute to a specialization in the production of products. Therefore, the quality of the goods for which it has the highest benefit.
  3. Optimum use of available resources: foreign relations minimize waste Global resources, please. It allows each country to make the most of its natural resources. Of country produces those products for which it has the most advantage.
  4. Increasing people’s standard of living: the selling of surplus production from one nation to another contributes to a rise in the income and savings of the people of the former country. This increases the standard of living of the citizens of the exporting country.
  5. Benefits to consumers: Customers also benefit from foreign affairs. They have access to a range of products of higher quality at fair prices. Consumers in importing countries are also gained as they have a strong range of goods.
  6. Encouragement to industrialization: the sharing of technical know-how enables underdeveloped and developing countries to create new industries with the support of foreign aid. International affairs thus lead to the growth of the industry.
  7. International peace and harmony: international relations eradicate conflict between different countries and foster international peace and harmony. It generates dependency on one another and increases mutual trust and good faith.
  8. Cultural development: foreign relations promote the exchange of culture and ideas between countries with greater diversity. A better way of life, clothes, food, etc. may be adapted from other countries.
  9. Economies of large-scale production: international relations contribute to large-scale production due to high demand. All countries of the world will benefit from the advantages of large-scale production
  10. Stability in prices of products: international relations are ironing out large variations in the prices of products. This leads to a stabilization of the prices of goods in the world.
  11. Widening the market for products: international relations are widening the demand for products all over the world. As the size of the operation rises, the profits of the company increase.
  12. Advantageous in emergencies: international relations allow us to face an emergency. In the case of natural disasters, products can be imported in order to satisfy the requirements.
  13. Creating employment opportunities: international relations improve employment opportunities in an export-oriented economy. It increases the standard of living of countries engaged in foreign business.
  14. Increase in Government revenue: The Government imposes foreign trade duties on this trade. The Government is thus in a position to make a great deal of money from foreign affairs.

Disadvantages of International Relations

  1. Adverse effects on the economy: one country, through foreign affairs, influences the economy of another country. In addition, large-scale exports discourage the industrial growth of importing countries. As a result, the economy of the importing country is suffering.
  2. Competition with developed countries: developing nations are not in a position to compete with developed countries. It hinders the growth and development of developing countries unless foreign ties are regulated.
  3. Rivalry among nations: fierce competition and willingness to export more resources can lead to rivalry between nations. As a result, world stability can be hindered.
  4. Colonization: The importing country is often reduced to a colony due to economic and political dependency and industrial backwardness.
  5. Exploitation: international relations contribute to the exploitation of developed countries by developing countries. Prosper and powerful countries control the economy of poor nations.
  6. Legal problems: Various laws and customs formalities have been practiced by various nations, and have a clear earring on their export and import trade.
  7. Publicity of undesirable fashions: Cultural traditions and history are not the same in all countries. There are several things that may not be adapted to our climate, history, tradition, etc. This indecency is also found to have occurred in the name of cultural exchange.
  8. Language problems: Different languages in different nations create obstacles to the establishment of trade ties between different countries.
  9. Complicated technical procedure: International relations are extremely specialized and have a complicated process. It includes different uses of essential records. It needed professional services to deal with complicated procedures at various levels.
  10. Shortage of goods in the exporting country: Often merchants tend to sell their products to other countries instead of to their own countries in order to make more money. This results in a shortage of commodities in the home country.
  11. Adverse effects on the home industry: International relations create a threat to the viability of infant and developing industries. Future industries in the home country could collapse due to foreign competition and unregulated imports.

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