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Importance of New Deal and Its Influence on American Society: Analytical Essay

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Public work is the building and design of palaces like highways, schools, hospitals, and parks owned by the government. The purpose of public work in the 1930s was to create opportunities. The depression left many people unemployed. The new programs were created to help people to achieve a better life the way they always want to. The depression left about 20 percent of the U.S population unemployed. The stock market was one of the causes of the depression. people put their money into the business because it promised to give them more money. The stock gave some people money .people who stock invest failed to give them money and regret their decision to put their money into the business. Overproduction also cause the depression because people didn’t always have the money to buy production. Many people became homeless they often found themselves living in Hooverville. Hooverville was a very dangerous crime that happened there. since people didn’t have jobs their refrigerators were empty families went to public soup kitchens where they received a free meals. The bread line is where charities handed out food to people. During the great depression is when women started to work more. They worked as housemaids. African Americans were suffering more during the depression because whites took their job as their lost theirs. They were willing to work for low wages just to support their family. Children also stopped going to school so they can help their families by working, however, jobs had to be found during the depression because they were so many people unemployed . the depression affected all aspects of life. The depression did just affect the united states it also affected other European countries such as Poland, Germany, and Austria. The values of the European trade also fall. the president during the great depression was Herbert Hoover. He did stuff to help improve the situation during the depression but it didn’t work. During is regime the government land business money. His plan was that once the government lend money to the business will then hire workers, that was the way to circulate the money. Hoover was an economic president is goal was to spend less money. He was blamed during the depression. When he wanted to serve a second mandate he was not re-elected. Roosevelt was the president after hoover during his rule the depression situation was improved, and congress pass many acts. Roosevelt’s administration change many things through all the programs that were created. The public work administration was created on May 6, 1935, to restore the economy and provide relief to people. The program employed 3.3 million unemployed people. PWA was renamed the Worker projects Administration in 1939. The program employed unskilled men to help with the work. They built more than 4,000 schools, 130 Hospitals, and 29,000 bridges and planted 24 million trees. They build the Triborough Bridge located in New York. In order to hire more people, they needed to limit expensive machinery. They avoided expensive machinery so they can hire more people. PWA constructed remarkable places around the united states. The new deals cost about $50 billion. The government started to cut taxes on everybody who work. The new deal was not very effective compared to the pre-depression. The new deal still impacts us today.

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The depression affected every aspect of life in America but, it didn’t limit people moving on the right path. The depression though people how to save money. It also made people think more about the future . President Roosevelt is known for bettering the depression with his new deal. The new deal costed a lots of money too. If the new deals didn’t work Roosevelt could have been the most blamed president in history. People who worked with him could have been blamed also. When we talk about the depression we should give does who worked with him credit too because if they failed. They would behave like the ones blamed because they were in charge. People who criticise Hoover should not do that doing because he wanted to spend the government money with limits. He was a economist even though most people think he is kind of a cheap person because he wasn’t ready to spend a lot of money when the depression started.The money that Roosevelt spent was a lot but, worth it. The new deal was important because it help people to go back to normality. Some of the new deal programs that were used in the past are still used today. The new deal still play a role in today’s society. If the new deal didn’t exist people will be suffering today because it has an impact on us today. The new deal also introduces use in the world of architecture, art, and writing. It is because of the new deal that we started to consider things around us more.

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