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Importance of Parent's Behavior and Environment for a Baby

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The Nature vs. Nurture argument is an age-old discussion that has occupied many scholars in the field of child development and beyond. The vital issue for parents is how their children are developing well for their success. A Child’s DNA has been decided before it was born. However, it can be negatively changed for the worse by parent`s actions such as an unbalanced diet and smoking habits. On the other hand, a child’s personality will be created by the surrounding environment and can help to avoid diseases such as develop Alzheimer. If parents wish for the child’s happiness, they should take care the child before and after birth because their behavior nurture might change their child’s nature and nurture and have a profound impact on the future of their infant.

Genetics has a severe effect on the baby’s development. DNA contains all the information needed to build a human body. It is determining things such as eye and hair color and height, which come almost directly from the father and mother (Penn state, para.1). However, recent research has shown that if a pregnant woman has a habit such as an unbalanced diet and smoking, it would alter the unborn’s DNA. First, the importance of nutritional diet in pregnant women is to avoid diseases in children as diabetes and obesity issues. The poor intake of carbohydrates is linked with alterations in the function of RXRA genes. This acts as a receptor for vitamin A which has an action to the way cells process fat. Those will appear at the age from 6 to 9 (Gallagher, 2011). Second, pregnant women who smoke cigarettes do not only harm the health of their children but also alter their DNA. Researchers analyzed blood collected from 889 infants immediately after born. Approximately one-third of the baby was born to a mother who had a smoking habit in the first trimester (Balmer, 2014, para. 3). The result of this study shows that the infant’s DNA was altered epidemically (para.4). The study indicates that babies born to smoking mothers tend to be smaller, have impaired lung function, and have a higher incidence of birth defects. Even they grow up, these individuals exhibit health and behavioral problems, with those born to smokers being more likely to suffer from asthma, nicotine addiction, and substance abuse (para. 2).

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On the other hand, the surrounding environment affects toddlers’ development significantly, also later in their life. Parents with an unhappy atmosphere bring about interrupted children sleeping cycle. The researchers examined for 357 adopted children and their families in the US (Gallagher, 2011, para. 2). They found that the body at 18 months was affected their sleep cycle by the parent’s relationship when the baby at 9 months. The professor from the University of Leicester said Regulated sleep is essential during infancy for healthy brain and physical development (para. 9). Unsteady sleeping can impact brain development and result in early temperament problems that then lead to a few problems, such as social, behavior and academic (para.10). In addition, another researcher mention that parents are required a proper attitude to relieve their stress because an obstacle to newborn sleep has been linked with difficulties with including ADHD (para. 15).

However, sometimes the surrounding environment can be positive for a newborn. The newborn in an environment that uses more than one language is less easily panic and less tend to be Alzheimer when they get old (Bowdler, 2010, para. 1). Ágnes Kovács and Jacques Mehler (2008) tested the responses of each infant who grow up with a multilingual and monolingual environment. They found that bilingual newborn has better responses ability and could more quickly anticipating a thing. Professor Diamond said about the study suggested individuals reared bilingually have a high ability to concentrate on confusing situations because they have to practice at paying attention though the diversity of language situations (para.3). In another, his study shows bilingual patients on average developed Alzheimer’s symptoms at least four years later than monolingual people. The reason for the study result might multiple languages give special stimulation to their brain and thereby delaying dementia (para.5).

Parents must consider seriously that unbalanced diet and their smoking habit during pregnancy. Most of our future is decided by our DNA. However, it would be changed if pregnant women don’t intake the proper amount of carbohydrates. It causes diseases in children such as diabetes and obesity issues. As with poor diet, smoking behavior bring about a high risk of an effect on the infant. The infant may have a problem with their body function and structure. Also surrounding after birth influences the child future life. Parents with having a problem of relationship lead to a baby sleep disorder which affects their brain and health development clumsily. The surrounding environment can involve offspring positively. For example, a bilingual child has a capacity of adaptation to an unexpected situation and be able to delay dementia. In this way, the growth of a child is greatly influenced by the parent’s habit and the environment after birth. Parents should take care of child carefully.


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