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Improving Self Awareness: A Road To Self-discovery

INTRODUCTION Firstly, I will put a focus on self-concept and tell something about personal inventory like my moods, physical conditions, beliefs, social characteristics and then an analysis of self-concept what’s my thinking and what’s people’s perception about me. Secondly, I would be explaining about social identity and more about the Johari window and four areas in that open area, hidden area, blind area, and undiscovered area. Lastly, I would be telling about me and how self-awareness leads to organizational effectiveness....
4 Pages 1988 Words

The Role Of Stakeholders In Improving The Teaching-learning Process

Abstract The teaching-learning process has gained all time importance in the changing educational scenario, though it is the basis of the education system since time immemorial. The second criterion of the assessment parameters by NAAC ‘Teaching-Learning and Evaluation’ carries the highest weightage which brings forth its importance to the fore once more. The student is the chief stakeholder in the whole process of teaching and learning. This paper attempts to take a sneak peek at the definition of a stakeholder...
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Deming’s 14 Points To Improve Quality

Quality management is a subject that is close to the heart of any business owner and manager. Whatever business we do, we want to do it well – and if we can be the best out of all our competitors, the better. Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a respected academic, engineer, business consultant and author, also believed that quality was the key to success. He suggested what is now known as Deming’s 14 points. Create constancy of purpose: towards product and...
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How Namaz Improve Immunity

Through prayers of Namaz, Muslims surrender to Allah five times in a day. Ask forgiveness for their own sinful deeds, seek forgiveness for all the sins committed in the creation of the world. Seek the help of Allah in every rakhat in every prostration, to be guided to the easy and straight path. Concentrated prayers purify the mind as well as the body, making it holy, pure, active. A Muslim prayer namaz five time, in a day. it is mainly...
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The Improvement Of Suspension System Of Motorcycles

Early Motorcycles were developed after the inventions of bicycles and engines as an attempt to combine the two. In 1770, the first steam powered tricycle was manufactured by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot (3) in France, however presented numerous safety and reliability problems, meaning they would never be mass produced and an alternative source of power was required. In 1885, German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach were the first to produce a motorcycle with a gasoline internal combustion engine, patented as...
2 Pages 1048 Words

Improve Air Quality: Mexico, Tehran And Delhi

Abstract Air pollution has been one of the burning issues effecting the urban and rural people across the world. Urban population has been highly effected by the air pollution due to industrial development, automobiles, and various other factors. Improving air quality is therefore a norm that needs to be addressed in all growing urban areas of the world. This paper reviews the study done by researchers in Mexico and Tahran on improvement of air quality and thereby apply the techniques...
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How To Improve Focus

Focus is the act of concentrating on a particular task. Focus is key to success and happiness in life. The most successful people on this planet are highly focused. They pay attention to the present moment and present tasks. This habit ensures they are fully engaged in activities, get more done properly and deal with adverse life events better. Improving your mental focus is achievable, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always quick and easy. It will take some real...
2 Pages 850 Words

How To Improve Your Self-Awareness

We often hear about self-awareness, but do we know the meaning of this term? And why is self-awareness so important? Self-awareness is the ability to investigate as an individual by keeping separate from the surrounding environment and other individuals, to learn about our motivations, preferences, and aspects of personality, and to understand how they affect us. Self-awareness makes us better because if we are aware of ourselves we could easily understand our natural inclinations and use them to improve traits...
2 Pages 1040 Words

How Awnings Improve Your Business

Awnings in Maroochydore are a great way to enhance your business and here at Cool Outdoor Living, we are committed to helping you find the perfect awnings and get the most out of them. The many benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of will make a huge difference for your company and your customers. You’re going to love them and will wonder how you ever did without awnings. Check out these great perks. Keep it Cool Adding awnings...
1 Page 377 Words

Emotional Intelligence: Improving Myself

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. In the class, we spent several week discussing and learning about emotional intelligence and how it affects us in our daily as well as professional lives. The first emotional intelligence activity we did was an emotional intelligence self-assessment that portrayed our emotional intelligence scores based on a few simple questions about ourselves and our interactions. It split emotional intelligence into four...
2 Pages 887 Words

Benjamin Franklin's Life as a Path to Self-Improvement

Being the most accomplished American of his age, Benjamin Franklin has made a great contribution to many fields as education, and diplomacy. He wrote his autobiography since he was a normal child who later found fame and fortune, and hoped that his story will inspire others. Also, since he could not relive his life once more, he took this opportunity to relive it through memories and by recording them. His autobiography portrayed the story of a man from rags to...
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