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Improving Self Awareness: A Road To Self-discovery

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Firstly, I will put a focus on self-concept and tell something about personal inventory like my moods, physical conditions, beliefs, social characteristics and then an analysis of self-concept what’s my thinking and what’s people’s perception about me. Secondly, I would be explaining about social identity and more about the Johari window and four areas in that open area, hidden area, blind area, and undiscovered area. Lastly, I would be telling about me and how self-awareness leads to organizational effectiveness.


Moods and Feelings

I am a very happy and cheerful kind of person. Even, with a smile and happy face, a person can look more beautiful and gorgeous as well as leads to a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, I am an extrovert kind of person because of this environment makes me fit into that situation. I am blessed with this emotional state as I can change the worst situation into cheerful. Sometimes, I become sad and depressed, but then I tried to come out of that condition by watching some of the funny videos. So, I not only make myself happy but also the people who come in contact with me and even enjoy my company.

Physical condition and appearance

Physical conditions and appearance matter a lot to survive in this competitive world. I am Tall and Attractive. My height is a positive point in my life as I was always selected in the sports team held at school, especially in the volleyball as there is a need for tall player. Even, I had heard that good looking and gorgeous. I am very happy with my appearance, but some people assert that I am not physically strong because I am skinny. I believe that being thin doesn’t mean the person is weak and not physically strong.

Social Characteristics

I am the kind of person who easily gets socialize with people. Talkative, caring and friendly are some of the social characteristics that I find in myself. I usually, like to talk with people to know more about people’s traits, and their culture as well as background. I am very friendly and caring towards my near ones. I often trust people immediately but, in the end, they betrayed me. I always help them in their all ups and downs. But sometimes these traits affect me as I usually get distracted when I talk too much and unable to concentrate on my studies.

Talent and Skills

I haven’t inspected this area of myself, but I think I am good at singing and dancing. I think that this is the best activity that a person can pursue in their leisure time. I love to dance, and I not only participated in many competitions at school time but also win them. Moreover, I like to sing songs to refresh myself. I would like to obtain more skills like I am not good at math so I possess will work on that.


I am going to share the religious belief. My grandparents have lots of knowledge about religion. So, they used to share many religions after about the past. Once, he told me about our first Guru “Guru Nanak Dev Ji” that he traveled in four directions north, south, east and west on his foot to order to spread a message in all religions that our God is one, which I found unrealistic. Afterward, I read a lot of history books and research and all was true. I was having a belief that I will let go is about girls who are not good at sports. I always assert that in sports women are unable to compete as they are not physically strong. But by looking at personalities like Sania Mirza which is world- class players I would demolish this belief.

Social roles

Almost, all the roles in life are important and plays a vital role. The role that I play is of a sister, friend as well as a student. I do have many responsibilities as a student I have to perform

my study chores in a systematically but also scores good marks. As a friend, I always help my friends whenever they are in trouble, even I am always in all their ups and downs. As a sister, I play the role of a role model for my sibling and motivate and support him.


From the self-concept, my assumption is the same as people think about me. Because whom I know like my family and all my near ones, their ideas, and my thoughts always match with each other as I love to spend lots of time with my family and hangout with my friends. They all are already familiar with my traits, but I experienced one thing which amused me, when someone has a different perception of me. I remember an aunt who thought that I am a very introvert kind of person according to her point of view, then I hang out with her to one of my favorite locations. I observed a drastic change in her behavior towards me and she regrets having such an assumption about me. Thus, always people have positive assumptions about my traits, but this was the only lady who had wrong thinking about me. Hence, I changed her perception.


I played many roles in my life like daughter, friends as well as a student. Sister is my social identity. I have a sibling, my younger brother. I like his second parent, I the one with whom he feels comfortable to talk with. Whenever, he feels depressed or sad he comes to me as I am closest to him. Moreover, share his thoughts, feelings and I try to tackle that situation and help him to come out with a suitable conclusion. I also play the role of caretaker; I always look after him when no one is at home. Besides, I always help him in his studies as a tutor so that he scores well. Motivates him to physical activities and sports as a teenager he has a sedentary lifestyle and hectic schedule, so it is a good way to be fit and healthy. There is some emotional attachment and I love him a lot.


Johari window is a method by which an individual can enhance their self -awareness about himself and communicate with others to build teamwork and get feedback to improve the weaknesses. In the Johari window, there are four windows: Open area, Hidden area, Blind area, Undiscovered self.

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Open Area

In an open area, I would like to elaborate on some of my traits like socialize, trustworthiness.

I usually get interacted with people and love to talk with them. It’s not only my habit to make friends but I am kind of person who wants to explore more so, I get linked with a different group, which belong people of diverse background and as I do have lots of interest in knowing new cultures, background, language as well as traditions. But sometimes, it goes opposite to me as I speak for a long, and the next person gets frustrated. Secondly, I am trustworthy. One can share their confidential information with me, but I will not disclose them. In school days, most of the friends use to talk with me about their problems as they feel that is trustworthy. I think involvement with people helps to make us more aware of ourselves.

Hidden Area

The things that are hidden and I haven’t shared with anyone about me is that sometimes I nervous very soon and start crying. I assert that this is the most negative point that I have in myself and I am trying to overcome this. When I feel lonely and isolated or I am at an unknown designation I got tensed. I once got blank for a while as what to do, how to tackle this situation and start crying. But now I am trying to work on it as many people took advantage of same and even my friends can perform pranks if they come to know about my weakness, so I kept this as a secret.

Blind area

The blind area is the area that you don’t know about yourself, but others know. The blind area in me is confidence level and a good photographer. Once, there was a debate competition in school and accidently my friend got sick and was unable to deliver the speech.

So, my teacher forces me to deliver as she was confident that I can perform well so, but I was a bit nervous, and I always lack in confidence. All of my friends motivated and encouraged me. Moreover, on that day I delivered a speech and gain a lot of confidence and thanked my teacher to enlighten this area. I came to know that I am a good photographer when I clicked something which was very mesmerizing. So, my near ones help me to know more about myself and I even starting on these skills to shape them.

Undiscovered self

To increase self- awareness, I took a step to be open- minded and tried to talk face to face with my friends. I choose friends because they are the ones with whom I feel comfortable while talking. Moreover, they are close to me and they exactly know what I am my likes and dislikes, personality traits. Although, it took a lot of time. Everyone was having his views and I was a bit confused as I didn’t come to any conclusion as everything was mixed up. But, after some time I finally got some information.


From the above conversation, I came to know that I am very patient. I don’t jump to the conclusion directly. But I always listen to the problems of people calmly and then move on to the solutions that to clarify this problem, what would be its effects. So, all of them praised me for this I feel very cheerful.


One more that I came to know from the discussion was that I am independent. Earlier, they all believe that I was reliance on my family but now they feel that I became independent and can manage everything as I came to abroad is like a start of a new life with new challenges to face.

At last but not least, I would like to conclude that from this conversation I find two of my unknown areas of myself. I was happy to gather different views of my near ones about my personality and can even work on them to shape them.


My name is Anureet Kaur and I am a girl of 18, with a smile on my face and always in a happy and cheerful mood. I am tall and appealing. Moreover, I am very chatty as I try to interact with more and more people, even I show care and cordial nature towards others. I love to sing and dance as I examine these activities in my recreational time. Also, I need to concentrate more on math. I confidently shared my hidden areas with my companion and get know about two of my unknown areas. Moreover, independent and patient, these are the new areas that I found while talking with friends. All the characteristics that I found during this assignment will help me to increase self- awareness. I would try to work on my weaknesses and sharpen my undiscovered area.


Self Awareness helped to get an overall review of my personality. Moreover, I not only came to know more about my skills, beliefs, physical appearance but how others think about me. Although, many people have a diverse perception of me, I learned something from each one of them. Self- awareness helps in improving person’s ability and personality by focusing on various areas. Through this, an individual can know his strength and weaknesses and likes and dislikes and can help in increment in organization effectiveness as I know my strength, I will find work suitable to that. I will try to focus on my weaknesses so that they become my strength. This helps to motivate employees as they follow the same pattern.



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