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Incident Management Plan for Workplace Violence Prevention

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Since the establishment, CYX corporation has been firmly committed to its core business values with trust, integrity, transparency, and accountability. To proceed the oversight focus, each employee must carry standard the mentioned company’s core values once been accepted. CYX will use the following incident management plan to address workplace violence and harassment or other threats, in case of any even of actual violence that may occur in the workplace during related business activities. The release of incident workplace violent plan is about making sense out of the corporate counterpart process, plan, strategies, policies.

Scope of an incident management plan

All members of the CYX company.

What is Workplace Violence

Uncomfortable behavior such as physical attacks, threatening behavior or verbal abuse that appears in the workplace. These behaviors are not limited to tapping, stabbing, self-killing, gun killing, rape, near suicide, psychological injury includes threats, obscene phone calls, coercion, moreover, and all kinds of other harassment include being followed, stalked (OSHA, 2019).

Types of workplace violence

[bookmark: OLE_LINK1][bookmark: OLE_LINK2]National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) classified workplace violence by the following four directions of violence (NIOSH, 2019).

  • Customers or Clients harms employees
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Employees harms each other
  • Strangers harm employees

Strategies & Process

  • Take threats and threatening behavior seriously; Employees may not raise their concerns if they think management will address them.
  • Answer each report seriously and objectively, and deal with the seemingly insignificant allegations (and concerns based on misunderstanding).
  • Training. All employees must attend training on warning signs and violent resistance and conduct evacuation drills.
  • Take disciplinary measures when necessary.
  • Support victims and other affected workers after an accident.
  • Strive to restore the working environment to normal after the accident.

Organizational perspective precautions

Establish a safety and threat assessment team

One of the CYX’s most valuable assets is the highly skilled workforce. To better protect the rights and interests of employees, CYX will need to unswervingly provide a safe and health working environment. Therefore, the first step is that the company needs to treat all employees fairly and equitably. It’s worth noting that CYX will takes any kind of risks seriously, importantly the company will re-formulate the work environment crisis factors of CYX according to the four basic types of office violence mentioned above.

At the same time, it needs to unite all departments in the business areas. That is why CYX has decided to establish the workplace violence prevention working group, which is the safety and threat, assessment team. The team includes the workforce from department managers, legal departments, safety and risk management, human resources, security department. Roles of team members are to identify and implement appropriate interventions, practices, and policies to reduce risks in the workplace. The safety and threat assessment team won’t only involve no single department, the reason why is to avoid any kind of potential protection actions to avoid any cover-up. Hence, union is necessary. Additionally, the published of employee survey to evaluate the workplace fairly and impartially, then base on the feedback to make the final business decisions on which areas are necessary to ensure employee safety. Yet, the renew, restyle, rethink of company policy revision and the issue of ethical codes listed above may be concurrent or deleted as required or the order of the proposed agenda varied as circumstances dictate.

The development management process will continue involve the department mentioned above, yet, the human resources, risk management, and legal departments will take more major access rights and responsibility to be the head leader. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

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  • Protecting the security process and confidentiality agreements for reporting employees.
  • Investigate all direct or indirect threats to determine all information relevant to the incident.
  • The immediate investigation of any reported illegal ACTS or suspected violations of OSHA’s office violence by the regular update from the code of conduct.
  • The provision of communication between safety and threat assessment team members must share on the mutual trust level. To provide an environment when employees discover violence situation in the office, has the courage to report immediately to their superiors or report it to the security team.

Ultimately, the threat assessment team participation should extend to the develops and updates on the BCP and BIA under the incident management plan. Determine the impact and probability that the threat may occur, and the severity that it may happen, then gather the collect information to determine, review, and prioritize the final threat identification (OSHA,2019). Afterward to achieve the safety work environment purpose by reducing and eliminating the risk of violence.

Document decisions making

The establish, discuss and release of the management plan should be officially recorded. A workable policy issued by the management team will base on fair and clear standard standards of conduct. The point of the record is to let the employees knows what behavior is not allow by the company, and any non-compliance or non-compliance will be officially record and warn.

Although each company do not need to provide 100% of the security protection to avoid workplace violence, but each company must adopt all kinds of preventive measures and punishment decision, from prevention, control to reduce the potential risk factors of violence, this speech was carried out by the occupational safety and health administration organizations regulations, along with judicial bureau about the workplace violence evolving business environment (Speer, 1998). As a result, official records of education, prevention, evaluation, action will be issue and accessible to ensure that basic correct handling behavior when exposed threat events.

Emergency plan (communication, reaction)

In case of a crisis or emergency, people need detailed information and clear instructions (OnSolve, 2019). Also, companies need to establish an effective communication system to create a safe environment that employees feel supported in the workplace when any form of violence occurs, said by Carol Fredrickson, a workplace conflict resolution specialist (Lebron, 2019). As a result, CYX’s emergency communications program provides a searchable contact list to help employees find the right contact. Second, carry out emergency evacuation exercises regularly and continuously. Third, regularly follow up injured employees. Fourthly, provide psychological counseling after the event. Last but not least, as recommend from OSHA mid-market companies like CYX corporation will also need to incorporate local law enforcement and regulatory agencies (OSHA, BLS) into the company’s communication patterns during and after incidents (Dunning, 2012).

However, in the event of extreme danger, call 911 immediately and seek a haven. Moreover, in addition to provide contact information, emergency plans also need to observe the surrounding environment when extreme violence and crisis conflict occur. See if an attempt can be made to evacuate and prevent access to the area where the shooter or armed person is active, evacuate the workplace at the appropriate time.

Safety and mental health training

CYX corporation makes it mandatory for all employees to introduce safe evacuation, safety precautions, and mental health training. The company expects these kinds of regular training to reduce the likelihood of office violence, and the company believes that the above-mentioned scope of training education can train all employees more clearly and let the muscle memory it. In case of a crisis does occur, the subconscious action of all employee to make the biggest protection action but minimum the injury are CYX’s expectation. Meanwhile, when all employees get together to train and receive the prevention guidance on specific threats, employees could have the probability to show empathy, so that they can help each other when needed to get through difficulties without ignoring their own.


Although workplace violence is difficult to predict, it can be prevented from an organizational and individual perspective. The organizational perspective includes identifying potential violent employees, training management on how to deal with conflict, and how to prevent violence. On the staff side, training of employees includes mandatory and develop ongoing training programs, besides, creation of confidential reporting systems for employees. Measures to improve prevent violence against individuals include psychotherapy and positive communication.


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