Incident Report: Benzene Poisoning

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On December 1, 2019, at 08:30 PM, workers suffered benzene inhalation while working in the Tilray production factory in Petrolia. Follow up investigations are required.


At the time, the workers were as usual working there shift in the production department; workers were following the instructions provided to them as the inspection for these department was coming soon. The batch prepared was for almost 2000 Liters. there were 50 workers on floor during the night shift present.


The event began at 08:45 PM, when the workers started thee process of production after the brief meeting with their Manager and Assistant Managers.

  1. The workers were given different task in the production department and everyone were resuming their duties.
  2. One of the worker who works in the factory for last 10 years was starting the machinery and also the process for production of benzene.
  3. The Supervisor/Assistant Manger was overlooking the documents needed too be prepared for upcoming building inspection. Suddenly the loud blast was heard of cylinder blast. This blast got every on shocked and the one working near the cylinder were injured.
  4. The Medical team provided the First-Aid instantly and waited for the ambulance to arrive.
  5. Two fire fighter trucks arrived there at around 09:05 PM
  6. Paramedic team arrived at 09:15 PM and facilitated the workers who were extremely injured due to accident and benzene inhalation.


Benzene is a reasonable, dry fluid with a sweet fragrant smell. It is utilized for the most part as a beginning material in assembling different synthetic substances, including cleansers, pesticides, plastics and saps, engineered elastic, aeronautics fuel, pharmaceuticals, color, explosives, PCB gas, flavors and fragrances, paints and coatings, nylon intermediates, photographic synthetics (NIH, TOXNET)

Benzene Poisoning

Prompt signs and side effects of introduction to benzene: Individuals who take in significant levels of benzene may create tiredness, tipsiness, quick or unpredictable heartbeat, cerebral pains, tremors, perplexity obviousness, demise. Eating nourishments or drinking refreshments containing elevated levels of benzene can cause heaving, aggravation of the stomach, wooziness, drowsiness, spasms, fast or unpredictable heartbeat, passing. Long haul (a year or more) introduction to benzene causes unsafe consequences for the bone marrow, bringing about paleness and over the top dying.

It can likewise influence the invulnerable framework, expanding the opportunity for contamination. A few ladies who inhaled elevated levels of benzene for a long time had sporadic menstrual periods and an abatement in the size of their ovaries. Intense passing from benzene introduction at high fixations have been because of ventricular fibrillation brought about by effort and arrival of epinephrine. Benzene causes disease in people. A review accomplice study was led in 233 benzene processing plants and 83 control manufacturing plants in 12 urban communities in China.

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The benzene associate and the control accomplice comprised of 28,460 benzene uncovered specialists and 28,257 control laborers. The leukemia death rate was 14/100,000 man a long time in the benzene accomplice and 2/100,000 man a very long time in the control associate. Generally, (76.6%) instances of benzene leukemia were of the intense sort. The mortality because of benzene leukemia was high in natural amalgamation plants pursued by painting and elastic combination enterprises. The centralization of benzene to which patients with a leukemia were uncovered run from 10 to 1000 mg/cu m (generally from 50 to 500 mg/cu m).

Benzene is genotoxic in people: an altogether expanded recurrence of chromatid and isochromatid breaks in the refined lymphocytes of uncovered laborers has been accounted for, just as a critical increment of fringe blood lymphocyte chromosomal deviations. Metabolic initiation of benzene by rodent liver microsomes prompted sister chromatid trades and cell division delays in refined human lymphocytes. Word related presentation to benzene may happen through inward breath and dermal contact. The all inclusive community might be presented to benzene by means of inward breath of encompassing air, ingestion of nourishment and drinking water, and dermal contact with buyer items containing benzene (NIH, TOXNET).


The Petrolia Fire Department was able to cover the fire quickly; it did not spread elsewhere. First responders were wearing PPE and were not affected by the fumes. Injured workers were taken to hospital and the treatment for poisoning was started. The supervisor notified the board about this incident while the workers were still being treated.

The Insurance Company and the union of workers has been notified, and the investigators will be visiting the site to assess damage and formulate a plan for repair. Currently, production has been stopped and the department is waiting for further instruction from the head office.


Based on this incident, I would recommend the following:

  • The company should bee prepared for this kind of incidents.
  • Workers should be trained for safe distance during ongoing production.
  • Workers should always wear their PPE and follow the safety measures.
  • All staff must take fire extinguisher training.
  • Workers should be made aware of possibilities of occurring this kind of accidents and be well prepared.

We were grateful that there was no loss of life as the consequence of this event, but we must ensure that nothing like this incident ever arises once more.


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