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Income Inequality in the United States

Within every population, there is a discongruity as to how much a citizen will earn inside of their economy. They are experiencing income inequality. You may be asking yourself, what is income inequality, exactly? “Income inequality is a phrase that is used in reference to the uneven distribution of individual or household income among a given population” (Schiller, pg. 40). In order for income inequality to exist, there must be a source of income, more specifically, several sources. “These sources...
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Comparative Analysis of Andrew Yang' and Bernie Sanders’ Ideas to Overcome Income Inequality

Almost everywhere you go you can see homeless people off to the side of the streets hunkered down in their little shelter. The United States government’s economic plan, income inequality, is at its worst because about a quarter of American workers make less than the federal minimum wage which is less than $10 an hour, and you see them almost every day as your cashier, fast food worker, etc. (Amadeo, 2019). Most of these workers “receive no health insurance, sick...
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Income Inequality in South Africa

Leibbrandt and Shipp break down the source, cause and solution to the income disparity in South Africa. Their findings tackle how the bridge between the rich and poor, gender and racial inequalities, equalization workers’ wages and salaries, stability of the middle class and the division caused by the need for some form of tertiary education. This essay will explore a more circumstantial point of view towards their points. The most unmistakable way to combat income inequality in South Africa is...
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Sociocultural Effects of Racial Income Inequality in the United States

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the average black family holds less than 15% of the wealth of the average white family. While white families have median and mean net worths of $171,000 and $933,700, a black families’ median and mean wealth is $17,600 and $138,200. Hispanic families also earn substantially less, with a median and mean net worth of $20,700 and $191,200, respectively. A clear racial wage gap exists in the United States. This paper explores the extent to...
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Income Inequality: Causes and Solutions

We have all heard the phrase of income inequality in our lives. But few of us actually thought about it or even consider thinking about it. Before diving into solutions, what is causing this problem in the first place is essential because without knowing the issues of what causing this problem in the first place and looking for solution will lead us to nothing. There are several reasons why some people are paid millions while some barely earn minimum wage....
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The Government Should Reduce the Gap to an Advisable Level Between Rich and Poor

How would you feel if you were one of the 800 million people who went to bed starving each and every night? At this very moment, countless people are forced to bear the pain of poverty and starvation, through no fault of their own, while millions of individuals in developed-countries binge on excessive amounts of food. These same insatiable people waste enormous amounts of money and resources to maintain their exorbitant and disgustingly luxurious lifestyles. When five cents may seem...
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Wealth Gap Between Whites and Blacks

In the United States (US), the household wealth of a median white family in 2019 was $147,000, while the median black family owns $3,600 – just over 2% of what the median white family owns (Collins, Asante-Muhammad, Hoxie, & Terry, 2019). The wealth gap between whites and blacks not only suggests that there is an inequality of outcomes, but also an inequality of opportunities. The economic opportunities provided by wealth range from security against disruptions in income to the ability...
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Essay on Income Inequality in America

Income inequality is a major issue in the United States. We often hear how people cannot get basic things such as healthcare or put food on a plate 3 times a day. These are dire conditions for many people that are under the poverty line. These are basic living needs that many people in the upper-middle-class don’t need to worry about. The people in poverty are not able to afford healthcare resulting in them living with untreated diseases that end...
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Education and Income Inequality in the UK

Discussion of inequalities has long been at the forefront of economic and political debate due to the concerns regarding the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Income inequality describes the extent to which income from revenue streams is distributed unevenly amongst the national population. Statistics from the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) depict the United Kingdom (UK) has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the world, with quite a large differential between the...
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Income Inequality Throughout the American Society

Income inequality not only puts us in harm, but affects our physical and mental well-being. With that being, it is important to know the correct ways of distributing the wealth among people. Income Inequality has affected citizens in the United States ever since the American Dream had come into existence. The American Dream is the concept of having the ability to work hard, support a family, buy a home, have an investment for retirement and be able to send their...
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The Link Between Inequality in Chile and Peru and the Legacy of Neoliberal Reforms in an Era of Authoritarianism and Dictatorship

Inequality, in its myriad of social and economic forms, is a persisting issue in Latin American society. As of 2014, Latin America was found to be the most economically unequal region in the world: just 10% of the richest Latin Americans controlled 71% of the region’s wealth (Ibarra, 2014). When wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few, often so is power. It is argued that, for many Latin American nations, this is partially due to political systems being...
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Income Inequality Around the World

One of the social and economic issues concerning today’s society is income inequality implying the difference in distribution of wealth, income and rent. The income gap between the social classes has increased drastically throughout the last few decades creating a significant gap between the wealthy and the poor. Whether this is beneficial or harmful to the economies is still questionable as research attributes both advantages and disadvantages to pronounced levels of economic inequality but what we know is that as...
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Problem of Income Inequality in the United States

On May 7-9, 2018, UCLA staged a vigorous three-day strike. For a long time, not only UCLA, but also the entire UC system (UC system). More than 20,000 of the lowest-level employees (not professors, but meager labor) have been protesting, the financially fascinating University of California is actually on pay so embarrassing. Their ‘humble’ status is the cornerstone of keeping the University of California’s huge machine functioning. They include chefs, repairers, cleaners, porters, drivers, health care workers, and more. If...
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The Education Gap and Inequality in Los Angeles

It is known and obvious that there is an education gap and inequality between schools in lower income cities versus schools in higher income cities. Students who do not have the resources or money to attend a college will likely drop out of high school instead of achieving their goals but students who do have all the resources and will go onto college. This is inequality within education and it is unfair because all students deserve to have all the...
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