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India Essay

Globalisation in India Globalization is ‘the process by which businesses or organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.’ Economic globalization is ‘the increasing interdependence of national economies that has resulted from growing levels of trade between nations. This can affect developing counties positively in many ways such as economic processes, technological developments, and social and natural environmental factors many new opportunities have also been brought to developing countries from globalization such as easier access to more...
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My Favorite Place: Descriptive Essay

There are numerous lovely places on earth. They are scattered over the nation. Each site has its claim particular features. A few places have beautiful magnificence in wealth, while many are famous for their architectural wonders. Also, each individual has diverse tastes, choices, and likings. A few individuals appreciate the sight of beautiful magnificence; a few are pulled in towards places of the authentic and archeological interface. Some may be interested in going to places of religious importance. I have...
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Essay on Sustainable Agricultural Development in India

Over the world growing population is becoming more day by day, the most important challenges have been to produce enough food for the growing population. Hence, highly yielding varieties are being used together with some natural resources like water and rain falls were helping to grown the food needs as well some of the pesticides fertilizers industries are also helping to produce the large quantity of food we need, some industries technology helping to develop food surplus. to feed growing...
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Essay on Food Security in India

Food security is access to sufficient food for a healthy and active daily life to all the people at all time. Even though, India is developing with high growth rate, but still India has the problem of food management and its distribution. India has the 17.1% of agriculture’s share in India’s GDP and has fallen below 20% since the mid-2000s. However, for a country with a population of 1.3 billion, food self-sufficiency and employment are still a hot topic, which...
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E-Commerce in India: An Essay

“E-commerce (or electric commerce) refers to the buying and selling of goods and services via electronic channels, primarily the Internet. Online retail is decidedly convenient due to its 24-hour availability, global reach and generally efficient customer service” ( E-commerce is one of the sectors that have seen a rapid growth in previous years. If we talk especially about 2014, the growth of the sector has been unprecedented. If we want to name the major factor that has brought such development,...
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Essay on Ill Effects of Dowry System in India

Dowry is when the bride’s family give some sort of materialistic items to the groom’s family, which is believed to be the payment for taking care of their daughter throughout their marital life. An endowment can be in the form of money, adornments, furniture, property and other tangible items. It is a common practice in India since centuries. This essay illustrates the ill effects of dowry system in India. Dowry-linked violence frequently emerges when the bridegroom or his family fish...
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Medical Tourism in India and Its Implications in Demand and Supply

Medical tourism also referred as health tourism; it is the condition in which the clients travel one nation to another nation for medications. In the previous time, mainly patients travel undeveloped countries to developed countries for medical treatment but now in this 20th century this trend has changed. In recent years, due to high technology in Asian countries, patients from developed nations travel to undeveloped nations to receive medical care. Most individuals travel to India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea...
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Essay on Medical Tourism and Its Implications in Demand and Supply of Health Care in India

Medical tourism is a term refers, when person or patient going to overseas for medical treatment or surgery whether it is mild or severe condition. This is a term that has ascended from the fast development of an industry, where individuals from all around the globe are making a trip to different nations to get therapeutic, dental, and careful consideration, while simultaneously visiting, traveling, and completely encountering the attractions of the nations that they are visiting (Connell, John; 2011). There...
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Changes in Indian Agriculture after Independence: An Essay

After over 600 years of colonial rule, India got its freedom from the British domain on August 15, 1947. An enormous section of the populace, around three-fourths, was subject to agriculture for work and for the nourishment and fiber, devoured by cultivating families and proprietors. Agriculture in India was based chiefly on feudal land system where a greater part of the populace lived in rural areas, battled with low efficiency, and had just crude innovation. The new popularity-based government had...
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Sanitation Crisis in India: An Essay

Basic sanitation is recognized by the United Nations as a human right which allows for the proper development of human capital (NewSun, 2015). India is currently categorized as the ‘fastest-growing major economy’ in the world (V, 2018), yet is also labelled as a country with an ‘out-of-control rape epidemic’ (Khan, 2016). Reasons for this can be directly linked to the fact that massive portions of its population, notably, the 70% living in rural villages (The Associated Press, 2015), a majority...
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Ancient India and China: A Comparative Essay

In the Ancient Republic of India and Ancient China each accepted faith was important. In India, Aryan people were the middle devotees of Hinduism. Aryans brought a conviction framework that in a while developed into Hinduism. It did not have a particular founder. Buddhism, like Hinduism, has an organizer, his name was religious mystic. He began of by considering on what created people endure. He tried to get a solution and he within the long-standing time discovered his answer by...
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Essay on Indigenous Fashion in India

Indigenous (or native) fashion by the name says clothing, fashion and accessories that belong to a particular region or country or are native to a specific culture. Back in the days, native clothing was in fact connected to the people of North America and that’s where the term even originated. Native American clothing is a vital part of American culture and history. Weaving, beading, and detailed work such as feathering played an integral part in Native American clothing. Native American...
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Essay on Population Problem in India

Some people argue that a majority of pressing global issues are engendered by population explosion. In my opinion, I completely agree with this point of view for some reasons. We need to control our population. One vexing problem worth mentioning is the chronic shortage of housing in many major cities worldwide, especially in densely populated areas in the city center. The primary cause of such an issue is the massive influx of rural migrants who flock to cities in search...
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Female Genital Mutilation as an Example of Human Rights Violation in India: An Essay

“Culture must not be accorded the status of a metanorm which trumps rights”, – Philip Alston, ‘The Best Interests Principle: Towards a Reconciliation of Culture and Human Rights’. The legal approach towards cultural practice in the name of preserving cultural pluralism has so far been in congruence within the relevant social understandings of the cultures within which they are practiced. The respective morality of these practices has been left for the sole discretion of dominant and prevalent notion of a...
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Essay on the Importance of Creating a Sports Ecosystem in India to Transform It into a Healthy and Successful Nation

My 7-years-old niece and nephew like to devote their free time immersing into the world of gadgets and gaming. It’s hard to draw their attention because at that moment they are unequivocally blanked out from the real world. Well, this problem is not only persistent in my family, but widespread with the kids growing up in this generation. The repercussions of this repetitive behavior are alarming which includes loss of cognitive reasoning, diminution of healthy diet, reduced sleeping hours, restrains...
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Reliable Transportation System in India: An Essay

Reliable transportation system is a very important and effective initiative that can be taken by the Government of India to ensure that all the necessary transport services are made available to citizens by improving ongoing transport systems and infrastructure and by increasing public transport connectivity all over the nation. There are many initiatives that can be taken by the government which includes plans to connect rural and urban areas with high-speed transport networks. It includes such features as: Hyperloop; an...
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Essay on the Impact of Advanced Science and Technology on Rural Development in India

The social and economic importance of a country is possible through the support of developing science and technology. In India, science and technology has an exclusive role in rural development. In the context of rural development, science and technology in warded into different field of organic farming, biotechnology, energy, health, sanitation etc. In the recent scenario, the government is giving much attention for the rural development. The government is taking many positive steps in the direction of rural improvement. After...
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Essay on Public Policy and Social Integration in Relation to Caste Reservations in India

The two major problems that troubling the human communities are race and caste. Race is from the western context and caste is of India. India is a country where people were divided into four varnas. Untouchability was attained to the people based on their birth. The last section in the four varnas were once considered as Sudras now they are called as downtrodden sections of the society. The vulnerable groups spread throughout the globe with different names such as First...
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Corruption in India: An Essay

As we live in this present scenario which is infused with various social evils which has become the maxim of the day and deters various socio-economic development. Among these social evils the most dreaded evil which is visible throughout the globe is corruption. The corruption which is not conducive to social stability and social equilibrium. Bhargava says that, “act of commission or omission by a public servant for securing pecuniary or other material advantage or indirectly for himself, his family...
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Essay on Death Penalty for Heinous Crimes in India

Death sentence has been elucidated as lawful imposition of death as penalty for a criminal offence. It’s been described as an extreme and irreversible form of punishment since it takes away life and any mistake while awarding the same cannot be reversed. It’s usually awarded in cases where the nature of offence is such that it cannot be abated without a death penalty. The offences for which death penalty is awarded are described as ‘heinous’; the term has not been...
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Marital Rape in India and Why It Should Be Criminalized: An Essay

Rape is a heinous act of sexual intercourse committed against any natural person forcefully without the consent of such person against whom it is committed. Rape has been contained within the ambit of sexual assault, which also includes acts that fail to be regarded as intercourse, by several regimes. For a long duration of time rape was contemplated to be caused by rampant sexual impulse, however now it is considered as a pathological contention of power over a victim. Section...
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The Role of Activism in India's Judiciary: An Essay

Lately, the nation has witnessed a series of favorable judicial activism on a large scale. Shibu Soren, a respected politician, was convicted of murder in 1994. World-famous Sanjay Dutt of Gandhigiri’s fame has been convicted under the Arms Act of 1993. Navjyot Sidhu, a former explorer who was carrying a gift from gab, was convicted of murdering a street rage 18 years ago. Whatever the criticism of the judiciary, there is no denying that the judiciary has done much to...
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Is It True that Intolerance Is on the Rise in India? Essay

Is India really becoming intolerant? To discuss this topic, I first want to explain the meaning of the word ‘intolerant’. It means not to tolerate the views, behavior and beliefs that differ from your own one’s. Intolerance arrives when one person’s thoughts do not match with the other’s one or when things don’t go the way you want them to be. Looking at the topic, I will try to see whether India is really becoming intolerant, or it’s just the...
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Essay on Ethical Issues in Conservation of Wildlife in India

India is home to an array of wildlife, living in different stretches of land. The country’s distinctive ecosystems comprising high mountains in the snow regions, east and west coastal regions, deserts and semi-arid regions, close to all ‘types’ of forests, grasslands, plateaus, rivers, estuaries and islands makes this country unique and rich in biodiversity. Truly, it is a treasure trove of a large portion of the world’s animal and plant species. During ancient times, Indian religious teachings and socio-economic ideology...
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Indian Agriculture in the Light of the Green Revolution

Agriculture in India has been persistent even before the advent of the East India Company to India in the 18th century. But, only the weavers of India were famous for their fine and intricate craftmanship on cotton and silk. Little did the world know of the Indian farmers until they were made to grow Indigo forcefully on the Indian soils for world export. This, in many parts of India, like Bihar, reduced the fertility of the soil. The colonial system...
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Essay on Interstate Water Disputes in India

There have been more than a thousand wars fought in this world. Three most common reasons that were attributed to any war are dispute over resources, conflicting ideologies and struggle for power. Ideological conflicts primarily involve religious and political concepts. The struggle for power often resulted when a country wanted to expand its powers at the cost of others. While ‘ideologies’ and ‘power’ changed from time to time, ‘resources’ have remained a common and enduring cause of war since the...
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Rice Cultivation in India

Rice is the seed of specific species of grass. If it’s Asian rice it comes from Oryza sativa and if it’s African rice it comes from Oryza glaberrima. It’s a cereal grain that is among the most widely consumed foods for a large portion of the world’s population, this is especially true in Asia. As a commodity, it has the third-highest production numbers worldwide after sugarcane and maize. India is the world’s largest exporter of this crop, and it’s also...
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My Country Essay

India of my dreams I am Lakshya Sharma. Like every human, I love my Country, My India. I think every human wants his nation to be a great nation, perfect in all spheres and I am not an exception. I too have the perfect India of my dreams. Like all Indians, In India of my dreams, I wish that all citizens should be happy and healthy. Although these two words seem too small but to make this dream a reality...
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‘Cartons of Yesterday’ Versus ‘Memes of Today’: The Changing Notion of Comical Satires among the People of India

Abstract of the term paper The term paper is about how different types of satire were received by the Indian audience. For this paper, I have taken 6 cartoons of the renowned cartoonist Mr. R.K. Laxman, which talk about some social, political & religious issues in a satirical way as seen through the eyes of his character: ‘The Common Man. I have also taken 6 different memes that were popular on social media be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter....
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History of Prostitution in India: Analytical Essay

Abstract This research paper focuses on Prostitution. It focuses on the history of prostitution in India, types of prostitutes, prostitution in various places in India, prostitutes’ story, causation of prostitution in India, prostitution’s impact, legal perspective of prostitution, remedial measures, agencies for rehabilitation of prostitutes, and conclusion. Prostitution is legal in India. What is illegal is soliciting sex in a public place or keeping a brothel.[footnoteRef:2]A large number of sex workers are driven to earn their livelihood by indulging in...
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