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Poverty, Illiteracy and Unemployment, or Why Does Education Matter? Essay

Education is the hope for the development and success of most third world countries and the world dominates the country. Compulsory education creates a space for better growth and development. Education has the potential to completely change the course of a country: to train trained and educated young people. A country achieves its goal of economic growth at a higher rate and joins the list of alliances known as developed countries. A well-educated country will discard any obstacles that hinder...
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Impact of Covid-19 on India's Education System

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted significantly in human life. The purpose of study is to investigate the impact of coronavirus on Indian education system. As coronavirus spread across the whole world, due to this pandemic situation and lockdown, has forced education sector to close temporarily. The education system in India has shut down, due to spreading of coronavirus among students and restricting moment of students and social distancing. All over the world, in many countries closing of school, colleges, universities and...
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SWOT Analysis of Indian Education System

Introduction Educational Services are considered as cyclical. When the economy is doing badly and unemployment is rising, the career predictions of working adults start to fall. This results in higher enrolment and increased profit at the schools. This system of education for young students is non-cyclical. Also some of the institutions perform actively to stimulate the economy. For example, IT department instructs for people’s benefit in good times so that they can boost their investment. There is more chance for...
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Essay on Indian Education System: Historical Background

Historically, the Indian education system evolved from the ‘Gurukul’ tradition. Students resided together at the home of their teacher to receive education from a guru, which was not based on wealth or personal gain. Over time, certain cities such as Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh, etc. evolved as learning hubs, with famous learning centres such as the ancient Nalanda University, Takshashila University, and so on. By the end of the British era, this...
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A Literature Review on the Limitations of Standardized Testing in the Indian Educational System

One of the most mind-boggling questions facing every education policy maker is, how can we structure our education system in a way that makes it inclusive of the unique abilities of every student? As much as that question sounds ideal, it comes with its fair share of complexities where educators will have to weigh out the pros and cons of inclusivity before fully endorsing it. This research question aims at exploring to what extent do standardized tests help in identifying...
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Critical Analysis of Issues and Challenges in the Indian Educational System

Abstract The success of an economy is greatly determined by the education systems in practise. Education is the back bone of every nation and civilized society in today’s world. A developed country is also an educated country, keeping in mind the significance of a good education system. Indian higher education system is the third largest in the world. Right from the time of independence India is constantly marching towards good education to its civilians. There have been a humpty number...
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Prospects for Management Education in India

Management education is increasingly becoming important and playing a central role in the success of managers and organizations worldwide. The importance of the education sector, particularly a professional discipline like management studies, is increasing day by day in our country. In India, Management education has seen a remarkable growth in recent years as reflected in the steep rise in the number of higher learning institutes offering programmes in management at various levels but it is a complex one. Management Education...
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Education in the World: Analysis of the Drawbacks of Indian Education

Introduction Education is the science and art of imparting information which becomes knowledge and converts into wisdom. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us, so that we could change it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life (Doumbia, 2013). Education can be both formal and informal, but unfortunately, most of the people relate education to formal education. Education...
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Expected Impact of New Education Policy on Indian Education System: Analytical Essay

The National Policy on Education was introduced in 1992. The government of India had started providing education compulsorily. As per review of literature, PM Modi started various programs and policies. The policy aims to universalize pre-primary education by 2025. All the sources are collected from secondary data. Key words: National Education Policy, New Education Policy, Indian Education System Introduction The National Policy on Education was framed in 1986 and modified in 1992. Since after that some changes have taken place...
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New Education Policy as a Boost To The Indian Education System

Education is a very essential and crucial asset for a country’s development by attaining full human potential, developing an equitable and fair society. The fourth agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals also concerns about the quality education. The Government of India had endeavoured to enhance and ensure inclusive and equitable quality of education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. This has brought a revolutionary change in the Indian Education System. The world has undergone many rapid and dramatic changes...
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