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The Advantages Of Individualism In Modern Society

Throughout middle school and high school years, one of the most important things to many people is fitting in or being popular. Many people change themselves to fit the trends and fads that shift every few months. The focus on popularity and trends restricts individuals from being individuals and creates a society of clones. Fitting in is so important to teens and adults, that it doesn’t allow people to become the individuals they are; being independent from these things will...
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Individualism in Modernism

In this post-colonial world, we live in, an old philosophy such as Individualism can still be used by scholars of philosophy and social sciences to interpret the world. The ideology of individualism denotes that the individual life has a place with him and that he has a basic idea to live it as he sees fit, to follow up on their own judgment, to keep and utilize the result of his exertion, and to seek after the estimations based on...
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The Common Good vs Individualism

Commenting on the many economic and social problems that American society now confronts, Newsweek columnist Robert J. Samuelson recently wrote: ‘We face a choice between a society where people accept modest sacrifices for a common good or a more contentious society where groups selfishly protect their own benefits.’ Newsweek is not the only voice calling for a recognition of and commitment to the ‘common good.’ Daniel Callahan, an expert on bioethics, argues that solving the current crisis in our health...
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My Personal Philosophy of Individualism and Egoism: Analysis of Ayn Rand's Views on Selfishness

My personal philosophy revolves around individualism and egoism. I am a very greedy and lustful person. I have an extreme passion for success, wealth, and most importantly, the accumulation of money. I act in my own self-interests because I feel that my life revolves around me; I should not be forced or guilted into satisfying the needs and wants of others. I am very selfish and that’s not a bad thing because I love and cherish my life more than...
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Embodiment Of Marxist Criticism On Rugged Individualism In The Prisoner By Omar Shahid Hamid

i. Introduction “The Prisoner” by Omar Shahid Hamid is a literary work that can be seen through the ideology of rugged individualism. This work is an endeavor to show areas of conflict for the two different characters in the novel. Character of Akbar shows similarity with ideology of rugged individualism while the character of Mehar Maqsood is an embodiment of Marxist criticism on rugged individualism. ii. Findings for the Research Questions Findings for the research questions are the following: a....
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Effects Of Individualism On Family Structure, Its Negative Impact On Both Families And Communities

What is Individualism? Cambridge dictionary defines individualism as “the idea that freedom of thought and action for each person is the most important quality of a society.” It is a concept or idea or behaviour that each person should think and act independently, each person or oneself is more important than the group and one should work for our own advantage. It urges a person to strive for oneself. Self-progress and personal achievements are prioritised creating a strong sense of...
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Individualism Versus Collectivism: What Is More Effective

Do you belong to yourself or do you belong to the state? Individualism focuses on personal benefits/rewards and encourages people to set personal objectives and goals. While collectivism focuses entirely on a group or society’s goals, prioritizing the community’s needs over the individual. Both of these concepts are addressed in the novels; Macbeth by Shakespeare, Anthem by Ayn Rand and countless times in history. While some may think that an individualistic society is too independent and ineffective, its not, and...
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The Features Of Individualism In Islam

Introduction The family structure is the bedrock of society that helps create a nurturing and secure space for all its members. It is an institution that has existed in some form, from time immemorial and will continue in spite of all the social evolution that we are experiencing. Irrespective of our race or nationality, homes have traditionally been seen as safe havens from the hustle of the outside world, however, we now see the traditional household structure cracking at the...
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Individualism As The Philosophical Concept: Definition And Effects

Individualism was born as a philosophy and dates way back to the early 19th century, which followed the American revolution and Declaration of Independence,(a statement of extreme individualism). It signifies elevating the interest of the individual above the collective interest. It is based on the idea that the relevant units of ethical or political inquiry are the individual human beings, as opposed to a race, society, sex, class, or other groups. Individualism places an emphasis on the moral worth of...
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The Forms Of Individualism in Fahrenheit 451 And Divergent

Individualism is defined as “a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control” (Google). There are two major forms of individualism that are prevalent throughout writings. The first form is individual vs. society, and it occurs when the individual must change his or her ideals in order to fight their government. The second is individual vs. self, which is an internal fight between good and evil. In Fahrenheit 451, the protagonist, Guy Montag, is a...
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The Concept Of Individualism In Iliad

The denotation of individualism is the principle of being independent from group mentality and having freedom of actions and thoughts without limitations. Ancient Greece placed an emphasis on the individual, making it a major aspect of Western Civilization. Greeks were the first to experiment with ideals of individualism through direct democracy, in which certain citizens were encouraged to take an active role in government. As this idea developed and spread throughout Greek culture, people were encouraged to act and create...
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Individualism In The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

The opening scene is trying to portray a joyful society, where everyone is cheerful in Omelas. It establishes a theme that the society and the individual are against each other by illustrating the joyous society of Omelas. In the beginning they are also focusing in on the children and their innocent childhood, a critical part of this short story is trying to present this society as perfect if you will. As the story continues they start to suggest Omelas is...
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The Themes Of Individualism In 1984 By George Orwell

In George Orwell’s book 1984, we are taken to the year 1984 in a futuristic totalitarian state. We experience this ‘new’ society through the main character, Winston Smith. Winston is portrayed in the story as an average man living in Oceania and working for the government in the Ministry of Truth. Even his surname, Smith, which is the most common last name in the English Language, tells us that Orwell has done this purposefully to make the character seem more...
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The Individualistic Political Culture of Texas

“Honor the Texas flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas. One state, under God. One and indivisible”. I was born and raised in Texas and chances are if you grew up here too these seventeen words are how you began your school day. Reciting this pledge was second nature to me, so much so that I never give much thought to the words or the meaning. Texas’s unique conservative political culture is the reason we recite a state pledge when...
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The Importance Of Individuality In The Book The Giver

In today’s society, all are encouraged to be true to oneself (be unique) and to express inner thoughts through emotions and actions. Society often takes the meaning of memories and feelings, lightly yet it is so crucial to have such features in a society! However, in the novel “The Giver”, those luxuries were not given in the community that Jonas, a crucial character in the novel, and his family lived in. One must understand the significance of having a community...
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Loss of Individuality in 1984

The society we live in will always push and suppress our individual thoughts, freedom, action and integrity; whether we like it or not. These classic pieces of literature, George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, show us how our society’s loss of individuality is still being searched for even since the 1950s. A predominant theme in ‘1984’ and ‘The Crucible’ is the restriction of personal freedom by absolutist power which illustrates a common message allowing authors to position contemporary...
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