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Influence of Partner’s Behaviour on Women's Health: Analytical Essay

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Today health of a person is not only taken in the context of merely not only the absence of any pathology, instead, there can be multiple reasons. the relationship between two individuals can influence their behaviour as well as health. A healthy relationship can also be a reason of good health, ofcourse, if a person is satisfied internally, he would take less stress, sleep well and quit smoking.

This is according to the latest research that the main cause of unhealthy behaviour mostly refers to the sedentary lifestyle of the person. However, it is stated that healthy behaviours are essential in leading a healthy life. The objectives of the research paper are concerned with the determining or to investigate the influence of the partner’s behaviour on women's health. This is the motivating study as this may spread awareness about the influence of partner’s behaviour on women's health along with the approach of the influence of the health behaviour changes on the health of the partner.

In order to progress study in exploring the influence of the partner’s behaviour on women's health the concept formation method is adopted; this is the systematic process to analyse the research as the qualitative exploration. For the mentioned research investigation, the data that has been collected is mainly obtained from the married couples, as it is the objective of the study to know the impact of the healthy behaviour choices of an individual in the betterment of the health of the partner as well.

Research Questions

Following are the research questions for this research work;

  1. Does one partner's behaviour change have an impact on the other partner regarding making positive health behaviour changes.
  2. Does positive behavioral change helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between the couples?
  3. How's your relationship with your spouse or partner effect on your health?

Literature Review

As health is the biggest asset of a person. Healthy behaviour is the term that mainly used for the principles and activities of the person in attaining or maintaining their basic health or well-being. These health behaviours are imperative in the component of the practice, mostly known as the disease prevention method, as stated by Monden (2007). In order to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is fundamental to take initiative towards the prevention of the disease although it is attained by implementing healthy behaviour. For this, the present literature has encouraged couples as the highly agreeable method of maintaining healthy behaviour along with avoiding unhealthy behaviours among the partners (Reynolds, Barlow and Pedersen, 2006). Holahan et al. (2012) proclaimed in his examination that the alterations in the health behaviour of the one partner are frequently observed to be linked with the changes in the health behaviour of another partner. According to Cobb et al. (2014), a positive behavioural change like for the individuals who have adopted a sedentary lifestyle has been reported a significant difference in their way of living when being associated with the consistent partner who is physically active. As this according to Jackson, Steptoe and Wardle (2015) will help them in sustaining a healthy relationship among the couple as well. As these changes are also described in the image given below.

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According to Jong (1995), the health behaviour of individuals vary on their merital status. It can be observed that the married people have better health conditions when compared to the single. They also abstain from negative activities like smoking and drinking. The men who are involved in a relationship take more time for their health and exercise to stay fit which indicates a positive pattern.

In contrary to this Holahan et al. (2012) also described in his study those in overweight individuals when they accompanied by the partner who is of normal BMI constantly augments the inspiration by the partner in losing the weight. The researcher further reports the weight loss among the patterns as it has been linked with 3 folds higher weight loss statistics among the partners who are overweight (Reynolds, Barlow and Pedersen, 2006). The modifiable factor like smoking is also affected as this is also described in the above image, as smoking causes numerous health-related problems; globally it is the foremost cause of diseases combined with mortality. A study by Monden, (2007), reflects that there are many cases evident in which the smoking pattern of the partner has been influenced in cases of healthy choices by partners. The study revealed that most of the partners have quit smoking, though some have minimized the rate of smoking (Homish, and Leonard 2008). Other modifiable factors like poor diet, alcohol consumption or a sedentary lifestyle can also be impacted by the role of the partner in making healthy behaviour choices, as asserted by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), (2011). Hence, it can be affirmed that health events have a direct impact on the behavioural changes in both the partners. The homogeneity of education can cause a change in the health behaviours where education is always the major factor in healthy decision-making.

Data and Method

The study investigation is done on mostly the middle-aged couple. The data has been collected from both married couples as well as cohabiting couples have; the age of the couple was over 50 years old. The logistic Regression strategy is been used for the methodology of the study. The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) is the source from which the data is obtained. Research is designed in a way to elaborate outcome variable & measures in a comprehensive manner. The factors that are meant to analyse in the research are the physical activities along with weight status that how much weight has been a loss or gained. The modifiable changes like prohibiting smoking and sedentary lifestyle etc. are also the influencing factors of the partner’s behaviour that have an impact on women's health. Outcome variable measures include women health. Physical activities, weight loss, quit smoking.

Ethical Concern

All the work conducted for this research has been bounded by ethical boundaries. The personal information of data providers have been kept confidential. The safety of their personal information will be a huge responsibility but its protection will be ensured. On the parallel, all the unethical means that were possible to attempt in this research work have been avoided. The ethical approval for ELSA has been received from various ethics committees in which the London Multi-Centre Research Ethics Committee is also included.


However, the estimated barriers of the study are difficulties in obtaining the secondary data that is associated with the attitude of the partner in the context of the health of women. Number of participants for data collection are also a limitation to this research study because this vast topic needs a very large sample size to produce accurate results. The availability of only small number of studies conducted on this topic is also a main limitation. However, this research work is conducted by overcoming these limitations as much as possible.


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