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Influences on Nutrient Intake and Food Choices

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Our eating patterns are influenced by numerous contributing factors like our cultural backgrounds and our daily lifestyles. Identifying and understanding the determinants that affect our food choices can impact our diets and our food patterns drastically. There is a variety of components that affect our daily intake of nutrients such as biological, economic, physical, social, psychological, and our attitudes have a contributing factor to our nutrient intake.

Overall my diet is in excellent condition and is healthy based off the information and results gathered from my nutrition report. Clean eating has allowed me to focus on a diet plan generated on products to sustain a high operational tempo and a physically demanding occupation. The diet plan consisted of a well-balanced meal that involved important principles to assists and helps align my body with an adequate amount of nutrients while promoting a healthy lifestyle. These basic principles provided me the ingredients and formulas for a healthy lifestyle which are;

• Providing my body with real food choices and products eliminating processed and refined products

• Consuming well-balanced meals and healthy snacks full of nourishment

• Plant-based products free of hormones and antibiotics

• Adopting a cleaner lifestyle is the end state and overall goal

Clean eating has introduced valuable nutrients to help regulate the body with beans, nuts, and high protein grains that are packed with a complexity of carbohydrates and fibers which are the base of the food pyramid.

The meals also are produced strictly with grass-fed products which are full of nutrition and health benefits such as;

• Potential cancer fighter (CLA has proven its ability to fight cancer)

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• Reduces heart disease risk (includes less overall fat, lower levels of cholesterol, higher levels of omega3, more CLA and vitamins)

• Improves blood sugar

• Free of hormones & Antibiotics

• Safer beef option (decrease the risk of food poisoning and results in fewer antibiotic-resistant bacteria)

• Better for the environment

Deciding on a particular food group can be a difficult process as a result of the numerous distractions and temptations to disrupt our thought process which includes;

Economically, the cost of eating a healthy lifestyle can have a significant impact on your wallet while shopping at the local Whole Foods Market. Whole Food is an American multinational supermarket that exclusively sells products free from hydrogenated fats and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives which can be very expensive to obtain that beach body.

Our beliefs, traditions, and values are some of the most influencing factors in determining a healthy food choice. The media and advertisement can also affect your choices as food trends and celebrity trends can impact your future food habits. For instance in advertising can have subconsciously affected our eating habits which is the reason why there are snack foods during television commercials (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2018).

Grass-based products benefit our environment’s greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the biodiversity of the pasture ecosystems and improving the quality of run-off water from well-managed pastures. To include lower fossil fuel cost, better water quality, less soil erosion, and greater natural diversity (Alderspring Ranch Grass Fed Organic beef, n.d.). Overall, grass-fed products have been shown to reduce the carbon footprint and help the environment (Alderspring Ranch Grass Fed Organic beef, n.d.).

Our nutritional intake of food choices should incorporate each level of food groups from the food pyramid to make healthy eating easier. Supporting your body with the basic necessities of calories from grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, lean meat, fish, and poultry will sustain your nutrition levels for a healthy diet. These necessities will be determined and identify from your distractions and temptations which you to reach your nutritional goals.

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