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Information Technology Revolution and Its Dark Side

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The rapid rate of technological development during the information technology revolution is very significant to the functioning of our society today. The rise of the internet, social media and the video gaming industry are crucial in showing how our society has changed. The twenty-first century has experienced a technological revolution marked by rapid growth of information and communication technologies. Today’s children are growing up in an increasingly interdependent and globalized society, with unprecedented access to information, people, and ideas. The effectiveness and straightforwardness of communication and the changes and improvements in education since the rise of the Internet is one of the few ways the functioning of our society has changed. Social media is one way in which the dangers of the Internet can be shown. Although social media has been a fundamental part of shaping our society there are many dangers that come along with the use of it. There are also many ways in which video gaming affects society. Children are at the biggest risk in playing video games as they are at crucial developmental stages and the violence promoted in these games can give children the wrong idea about what is right in the society. These are all very crucial in the development of our society’s ability to function.

The Internet has changed the way we live and work. It has made communication easier and more efficient than ever before. It has also made it possible for people to connect with one another through instant messaging. This has helped people to stay connected with their friends and family even when they are away from home. In addition, it has made life easier for people who have a disability or need to communicate with others. It has allowed us to share information faster than even before. The Internet is a great tool for communication because it allows us to connect with others from all over the world. It has become a popular way for people to voice their opinion and communicate with others who have the same beliefs and interests. This is one of the many benefits that technology has brought to our lives. The Internet has also made it possible for people to find and get jobs and even make money. This has helped many people in their careers and personal life. The Internet has also made education more effective and easier to engage in. The technology that has been developed allows improvement in the productivity of time spent outside of the classroom. Email allows for easier communication between students and teachers and also allows for students to communicate with each if they are engaged in group projects. It has also allowed for new ways of education such as online university. Online universities target people who have other commitments such as work or family demands which prevents them from being able to attend a traditional university. There are a wide range of courses that are available for people of all ages to choose from and it is a lot more flexible and affordable than a traditional university (Snyder, 2013). They are able to watch seminars and submit assessments all from the comfort of their home. The internet also allows for class work to be put up (on sites such as Google Classroom) which benefits students and teachers. Students are able to catch up on class work if they are away and teachers can set up tasks for the students to do and can then see the answers all from their laptop which then helps them track how each student is doing in the class.

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There are many ways that technology has affected our lives. One of the most important ways is through social media. People use these platforms to share information, pictures, videos and other forms of communication. It is very easy to get involved in online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Close to a quarter of the world’s population is now on Facebook. Social networks fuel off interaction and communications between people, the more that they grow, the more powerful they become. Memes, publications and entire online worlds are created that reinforce their worldview and find others with similar interests and beliefs. The visibility of social, ethical, environmental and political issues would be much more limited without social media. However, at the same time social media is believed to be replacing real activism with ‘slacktivism’. While the activism on social media creates a stronger awareness of societal issues, it is being questioned as to whether this awareness is actually making a difference in the wider community. Some people believe that the use of social media to promote activism has only encouraged people to use their phones and computers to express their opinions on these issues rather than going out and actively participating in campaigns and other movements. These people’s support is limited to liking the post or sharing it with their followers. It is a common response that is given when people have the option to take the responsibility to act. When people are conferred with the option of ‘liking’ a social issue, they use this as an excuse for not putting time or money into a societal issue or a charitable cause (Gaitho, 2018). However, when people are to show their support in confidence, they are more likely to donate money or participate in campaigns. The researchers found that when a societal issue is placed on social media the actions taken (for example liking or sharing the post) are only done to satisfy the opinions of others or to follow the social norms, whereas people who take action (by either donating or campaigning) in private are doing so because the cause or issue aligns with their values. Social media can also be very dangerous, especially for children as they may not know how to use these sites properly. Children need to learn how to use these platforms safely and effectively. They should have a good understanding of what they are doing on these platforms. The Internet is a great tool for children to learn about things like cyberbullying. If they do not understand what they are doing on these platforms, it could lead to problems for them in the future. Many people think that social media is just a place where you can find information, communicate to people and make friends. However, it is actually a very dangerous place to live in. there are many dangers that come along with this type of environment so it is important that we are all aware of those dangers and can protect ourselves from them if it ever comes across us.

The video game industry has shown huge growth to become one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world. Video game development has accelerated in recent years with the arrival of new platforms and dynamic games that are more complex and interactive than earlier products. Recent advancements in video games have incorporated augmented reality technology into their design. With children and adolescents being the main users of video games there are many concerns with the affect video gaming has on people. Children are very vulnerable as they are at crucial stages of development and this development is highly influenced by their environment. Many psychologists and researchers argue that violence in video games promotes aggression (Tompkins, 2003) while others believe that gaming is a secure form of entertainment with no link to violence. “Many scientific studies concluding that significant exposure to violent video games increases the risk of aggressive behavior in certain children. From this exposure children become desensitized to violence making them believe that the world is a ‘meaner and scarier’ place than it is” (Dunckley, 2016). These thoughts have shown hard to change later in life. Therefore, children start to believe that violence is a normal behavior as shown the the video games. Violence in video games has been compared to domestic violence, where children who are exposed to violence are more likely to become offenders or victims as they believe that what they have seen is normal (Tompkins, 2003). The thoughts that could come from video gaming are likely to develop into more violent and aggressive thoughts over time.

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