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Informative Essay about Physical Bullying

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One of the serious problems of modern society that affects children and adults is bullying. Bullying is defined as abusive, mean-spirited behavior that occurs consistently in any relationship where there is an imbalance of strength or power. Bullying makes those who do it feel powerful and appear ‘cool’ to others. Yet, bullying can create massive suffering for victims of it, sometimes even leading to suicides. There are multiple types of bullying in today’s society. In this essay, I want to focus on physical bullying.

Physical bullying is a form of direct bullying and is a lot easier to see than the other forms. Some individuals conclude that physical bullying is the most common type of bullying. However, data proposes evidence saying it’s actually the least common. “Many adults characterize most bullying as physical, but this is a myth. In truth, physical bullying compromises the minority of bullying activity. Both boys and girls much more commonly experience verbal, social, and educational bullying” (Heinrichs & Myles, 2003). People undergoing physical bullying are usually physically scrawnier than the bullies picking on them. They also tend to validate a lack of a self-assured character. An example of physical bullying can be described as when a kid kicks another child, and then the next day yanks their pants down in front of everyone. This act, repeated repeatedly in an aggressive manner, is what describes an act of physical bullying. This can lead to serious handicaps, such as everlasting impairment, disability, and sometimes even death.

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One example of physical bulling that lead to death was the story of a 12-year-old boy. Bailey was an honor student in his class, but was bullied every single day. He was hit on the head several times and experienced seizures that put him in a coma. “Bailey suffered a concussion, broken nose and other injuries when two boys jumped him in recess – one pushing him and the other landing blows. He started suffering violent seizures causing doctors to put him in a medical coma” (Davies, 2013). He died shortly after, due to the damages done to him.

I absolutely believe that physical bullying is the most dangerous of its other common forms. Although physical bullying can be difficult to stop, we as conscious individuals should do everything we can to prevent it from happening to our loved ones and acquaintances, or even to strangers. If necessary, all possible actions should be taken. People should never have to tolerate physical bullying.

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