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Innovations In Aerospace Technology

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Aerospace technologies have an enormous effect on society and economics today as the numerous advances allow us to travel faster and efficiently. To think of a world today without air travel would be almost unimaginable as we have grown so reliant on it. All throughout the 20th-century aircraft connected the world in ways never seen before, people could get to another continent in hours. Vacations to other continents became a true possibility for many of the people who could imagine visiting other nations. Countries are able to sell and trade resources with other nations, deliver packages and letters in shorter amounts of time. With aviation, space travel and new remote controlling drones, aerospace has a significant impact on new constantly evolving technologies.

Aviation is as innovative as ever with new technologies like the flight management computer or FMC for short that can be used to do an entire flight artificially. The FMC even has new airport charts and the ability to calculate fuel use and where cargo should be properly stored for optimal flight. It is also used to manage the crew and services on the aircraft. New planes like the Boeing 787 take advantage of all these new technologies. While also bringing other technology like wing flex and an advanced HUD into play. There is another new panel known as the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) this panel is used to specifically calculate optimal landing measurements using updated airport conditions. Automatic information streams from the tower will change how the aircraft operates. Every new aircraft being development go through a strict trial process that makes significant uses simulation technology.

Companies like SIMULIA are the significant corporations that design simulation software. SIMULIA’s simulation software is a master of programming, physics and chemistry. They use c++ programming to display how aircraft of different compositions and design will react to stress[2]. Aerospace Stress Engineers use an interaction engine to program the simulation of a certain part of an aircraft reacting to loads like cargo and wind[3]. It would take ages to run all of these simulations purely by workers, so the engineers will write programs typically in C++ or another object-oriented language to define parameters of what needs to be done to fix the problem with the aircraft. In conclusion software, specialists are highly valued in the aircraft industry as they develop instrumentation and play a significant part in aircraft development.

Another area of aerospace that requires the use of programming is spacecraft development. Spaceflight would be implausible without the use of artificial flight technology that uses programming. A spacecraft`s `autopilot` is completely foreign to the one used in an aircraft. To even get into orbit it takes precise timing that a human brain can barely handle. There are many variables that get in the way of getting a spacecraft into the air and flying through space, some include weather time and the lack of gravity in space and certain areas of orbit. They build programs with numerous advanced programming languages including C/C++, UNIX, and Linux. These are programs for everything like navigation, hydraulics, pneumatics and other important spacecraft systems.

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Companies like SpaceX have introduced technologies that seemed unachievable at one point and made it a reality. SpaceX has programmed such an advanced autopilot system that can takeoff spacecraft and land them with no damage back on earth. This new technology takes advantage of adaptive programming or in other words machine learning patterns that will adapt to conditions in a proper manner. Programming is also a very big aspect in the development of the physical spacecraft. Just like aircraft stress simulations, simulations on spacecraft are run to understand what part of the spacecraft needs to be changed to reduce stress in areas. One of the significant variables in spacecraft development is thermal stress that is caused by atmospheric exit and entry or even by the spacecraft’s propellant. Thermal stress is what is seen in almost every spacecraft explosion as the fuel is ignited and decompresses into combustion. Now that simulation technology exists we are able to predict the outcome of future anomalies in space travel.

Artificial intelligence known as AI is a significant part of the field of aerospace, this includes mechatronics, remote development and navigational programming. Examples of mechatronics in aerospace include both Canada arms attached to the International Space Station are significant parts of aerospace development. AI is a very important part in spacecraft development as all control surfaces like the thrusters and ailerons are controlled automatically on takeoff by an auto navigation system that establishes a proper orbit. Mechatronics remote and navigational AI programming also have a significant effect on society today with the development of drone technology. Drones have been in existence for quite a bit now and up until a few years ago significant drone use for commercial, military and recreational use was not seen. We use drones to film new movie scenes and also to film sports games and other types of videos.

Drone AI technology has gotten to a point where anyone can pick up a drone and take a professionally recorded video by pressing a few buttons. While there are not many rules in place for drones people are having as much fun as they can with them before rules are properly in order. There is a special type of programming related to this technology called machine learning. Machine learning is a type of program that learns as it goes along and makes mistakes. There are many instances in drone development when all drone models go through an extensive learning process that future proofs the technology for proper use. New plans for drones are being put into place to even deliver things like packages and even food right to your door without having to do any of the work. This field of aerospace is having one of the most significant impacts in ages and in the near future development of society.

Aerospace technology has had a significant effect on society throughout the 20th and 21st century as we have seen wildly amazing evolutions in the field. Boeing has made significant innovations with aircraft navigation and flight technology allowing better transport of people across continents and oceans with the 787. NASA and SpaceX have continued amazing development with spacecraft navigation technology and using AI to auto fly in space. New technologies like drones that are used for commercial and recreational purposes have had a significant effect on society for the past year with companies even trying to set up delivery services. With this information in hand, we can see the amount of societal impact that aerospace technology has had in changing and bringing our world forward through the centuries.

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