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Insight into Charlemagne: Analytical Essay on His Character

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While observing the list of videos, I took in consideration to the style of form of the videos carefully. Also, make sure I was inserted the student’s point of view to make sure the video is interesting and but also make sure it is very informational. While on my search I knew, I wanted videos that was not too long. Because as a student even though videos are student friendlier no one wants to sit at a screen for hours. With a couple of searching and watching plenty of videos, I found the perfect video that would help student understand the topic of Charlemagne because it was the most challenging and my test scores reflected the poor knowledge.

I found that Charlemagne (Charles The Great) would be a great video to add the Charlemagne video on the list. I drew to Charlemagne (Charles the Great) because going thru plenty of videos down the list was very long. This video caught my eye because the length of the video was perfect length. Because one thing I knew, I wanted to a short video. Because this video has to be very informative too. I wanted the videos to go hand and hand with the chapter. I felt as if the video needed to help have a better understanding of the textbook. Not everyone is a textbook kind of person, so the video helps explains what went in one and out the other. This video did that to me in my point of view and learning style. Giving me, a very good understanding of Charlemagne with beating around the bush. Let me know every aspect of his life that was a turning point in his time of day from good and bad.

The video content gave insight into Charlemagne. By going to telling, how once he ruled out Charlemagne looked to join all the Germanic people groups into one kingdom and convert his subjects to Christianity. To do this mission, he spent most of his reign occupied with military battles. Not long after subsequent to getting to be best, he vanquished the Lombards and, Avars and Bavaria, among others.

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Charlemagne pursued a bleeding, three-decades-in length arrangement of fights against the Saxons, a Germanic clan of agnostic admirers, and earned notoriety for mercilessness. In 782 at the Massacre of Verden, Charlemagne purportedly requested the butcher of somewhere in the range of 4,500 Saxons. He in the long run constrained the Saxons to change over to Christianity and announced that any individual who didn’t get purified through water or pursue other Christian customs be executed. Going on to explain his job as an energetic safeguard of Christianity, Charlemagne gave cash and land to the Christian church and secured the popes. As an approach to recognize Charlemagne’s capacity and fortify his association with the congregation, Pope Leo III delegated Charlemagne’s sovereignty of the Romans on December 25, 800, at St. Diminish’s Basilica in Rome.

As head, Charlemagne turned out to be a capable negotiator and capable director of the tremendous region he controlled. He advanced instruction and empowered the Carolingian Renaissance, a time of recharged accentuation on grant and culture. He founded financial and religious changes and was the main impetus behind the Carolingian minuscule, an institutionalized type of composing that later turned into a reason for present-day European printed letter sets. Charlemagne ruled from various urban areas and royal residences yet invested noteworthy energy in Aachen. His castle there incorporated a school, for which he selected the best instructors in the land.

Now taking a look at the video production I feel like this video was valid to the rest of the Documentary viewing list. While looking at the style of the video, the video was filmed was very simple. The structure of the video was made to give information to students because it was created by a university professor. The setup was simple in a clean area, as he is standing in front of the camera. Also giving visual images of the topics he explained in case you were a visual style learned, With Image type of maps, pictures of Charlemagne his self, or wars in action. The Narrator is the video was effect because he gave great points and was seen as he presented the information.

My overall impression was very intrigued because the way he presented the info giving very detail descriptions. Giving the ability to image the story in my head this all way keeps me focus when I’m being lectured too. Since my learning style is a visual perspective, following a lot of other are too. Because your able to intersection the what being present it to you better. Another great point is that goes over similar stuff the was shown in the textbook material.

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