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Inspired by Maya Angelou and Her Poem ‘Still I Rise’

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Alongside accumulating this research, I had also carried out literary research to form my collection of poems. Initially, I wanted to create a historical fiction about the work life of women however I changed the outcome of my artefact to a collection of poems instead. The reason behind this was that, at the time, I was reading a lot of poetry, and I concluded that through poem’s, the aim can clearly be presented. Moreover, I believe through poetry, it is able to depict the significance of the work life of women especially during the suffrage movement, it is able to entice and make the reader feel in a certain way.

On the literary context, I was inspired by a poet named Maya Angelou, the way she constructed her poems with a little elicit and provocative thoughts at the beginning of sentences to evoke conversation. The poet convey a strong, defiant tone that captivates the audience and to question her own lives. The poet incite new perceptions and viewpoint to reveal the struggles women endure in their daily lives whether that is in a working environment or home life.

The poem itself, ‘Still I Rise’, is an influential and empowering poem all about the struggle to overcome prejudice and injustice. The meaning behind the words conveys the repeated message of hope, no matter what the circumstances, there must always be ‘hope’ to cling on to. When the poem is read by those who understand the meaning of the repeated wrongdoings, the poem becomes a kind of anthem. It creates a beacon of hope for the oppressed and downtrodden. This is emphasised using repetition, metaphors and similes, in this way, the poet is able to express to her audience about how she has overcome racism in her life through demonstrating a strong, proud and bold attitude to inspire others. Maya Angelou reveals how she is above lies and oppression and ‘like dust, I’ll rise’. This is evident through the suffrage movement during the 20th century where it clearly proved that initially women in this movement were met with violence nevertheless, they were able to achieve their aim, of basic equality, after driving full force with the determination of resilience.

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The tone is confident and ‘sassy’, and this is portrayed by the poet which as an African American woman was out of the norm for society. Let alone a woman, who had confidence in herself was a taboo subject. I was inspired by the way she constructed her use of language to effectively put forward her message. To the current female reader at that time, this may have played as an encouragement to shift their self-preserved way of acting into being more than just property. Additionally, to the modern reader, it may remind them to maintain their confidence as a woman and to have pride in being women and being equal to men.

Overall, the poet Maya Angelou has the ability that clearly presents her aim visibly, similarly, the style of the poem is attractive to me as a reader. Therefore, I was inspired from here to present my collection of poems in a similar way with a defiant and strong tone. Moreover, to have a repetition of a significant word that evidently intrigues the reader.

While, the style of milk and honey is written in the style of ‘confession booth verse’, with the individual speaker relating her own considerations and encounters. The writer has an intriguing method for showing her work, however rapidly it winds up reverberating with the reader. Her sonnets don’t underwrite the principal expressions of her lines or sentences, and she utilizes accentuation sparingly, regularly prior commas and periods completely. Instead of accentuation, she utilizes line breaks to show where a reader should stop amid their reading. The motivation to start my historical fiction in a wonderful like clear dream originated from this writer that recognize her message from the earliest starting point.

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