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Instagram is used by over a billion individuals who spend an estimated 30 minutes per day on the image-heavy network (eMarketer, 2020). However, academics know relatively little about how Instagram affects its users’ mental health.

Internal Facebook studies, which were disclosed in September by The Wall Street Journal, show how the ...

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Positive And Negative Effects Of Instagram

There are many consequences Instagram have on society. The main being mental health. Based of a survey conducted throughout all the social media apps Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube; Instagram was rated the worst social media app. Instagram received poor marks for cyber bullying, body image, and FOMO. The most harmful being body image. Instagram was created for the purpose of sharing images and communicating with friends and family. Instagram influencers are basically attractive social media celebrities. Not all...
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Instagram’s Negative Effects On Teens

Nowadays everyone uses instagram. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service. It’s one of the most popular social media sites. People use it for entertainment and to post pictures of themselves and their lives. They also use it to see what their family and friends and their favorite celebrities post. There is a downside to it and it’s that it affects most teens in a negative way. Social media plays a role in unhappiness. It mostly affects teen...
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The Benefits Of Instagram Outweigh The Harms

The ongoing debate over whether Instagram provides more benefits than harms is a controversial topic that is important to our society due to the public’s excessive use and over-reliance on social media. One of the most popular Social Networking Sites (SNS) named Instagram was first released in October of 2010, featuring an innovative approach that focuses on visual content, unlike other SNS like Facebook or Twitter which focuses on the textual content (Lee et al. 2). Instagram is a photo...
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Instagram Usage And Self-esteem

The internet is increasingly relevant in the modern technology world as there are more and more users of all ages. With the advancement in technology, people nowadays are able to access various platforms anywhere and anytime. Social media is very important in our life as it brings the world closer to you by reading the news posted on social media and so on. Social media is a platform that allows people to create comments, posts, pictures, or videos and share...
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How Does Instagram Affect Today's Teenagers: Essay

Social media has become a big part of our lives today since it came out, it’s something which many people can’t live without anymore. Social media such as Instagram is known to be used for entertaining purposes but today for teenagers it isn’t used for entertaining purpose. Instagram is mostly used by teenagers to show off their beauty, luxury and all the things they have. Instagram has pros but it mostly has cons which are that social media is affecting...
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Influence of Instagram on Eating Disorders: Analytical Essay

Abstract: This extended project aims to explore whether or not Instagram plays a role in the rising cases of eating disorders amongst teenage girls in the UK. It has been shown that the main cause of eating disorders stems from the development of low self-esteem and low self-worth (Spettigue, 2021). Previous research analysed government data to provide evidence of this growing issue. It was found that there was a 46% increase in referrals of under-18s with eating disorders, since 2019...
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Role of Instagram in Romantic Relationships

Social media users in Indonesia is increasing today. There are around 59 million active Instagram users dominated by young adults age 18 to 24 years old. The purpose of this study is to understand the way couples using Instagram in developing their romantic relationships and reducing their uncertainty at the initiation stage of relationship development. The method used in this research was qualitative with a phenomenological research approach. The researcher interviewed two romantic couples, young adults who were active Instagram...
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Cyberbullying And Instagram's Influence On Suicide Among American Teens

Self-harm plays a big role in cyberbullying, it is a way for the victim to cope with their pain. Not only can the victim have self-harm or suicidal thoughts the effects of cyberbullying impact the number of teens inflicting harm on themselves. Over the years that we have been struggling with, they have made so many movies on cyberbullying, to show us how bad cyberbullying is. The 2011 movie Cyberbully, it portrays 3 young female teenagers navigating their way through...
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Instagram Micro-celebrity Impact on Young Adult‘s Buying Behavior

Social media is a fast-growing marketing tool. Social media as a marketing tool to enhance our ability to collaborate, share and take collective action outside the traditional institutional and organizational framework. Nowadays, many companies tend to attract and communicate with consumers by using social media. Social media is largely considered an effective mechanism to help companies to set marketing goals and strategies related to customer engagement, customer relationship management and communication. (Filo,2015). Many social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube...
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Human Behavior and Social Networks: Twitter and Instagram as Case Studies

Human behavior describes the way in which human beings act and interact; and it is influenced by several factors including genetic makeup and sociocultural factors. The influence of technology, especially social media on human life has brought about tremendous changes in human behavior. These changes cut across several areas of human interaction, affecting the way we work, play, learn, communicate and do business. Social networks hold great implications for radical changes in the future in terms of human behavior. We...
2 Pages 975 Words

Using Instagram In English Language Learning

Abstract This qualitative study was an attempt to explore the learners’ viewpoints on Instagram application in learning English language. The participants of the study involved 27 undergraduate ESL learners, who were enrolled in an Academic Communication course at a private university in Malaysia. A focus group discussion was conducted to collect the learners’ perspectives towards the use of Instagram in English language learning. The findings of the study revealed the learners enjoyed learning English via Instagram as it enabled them...
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Language Used By Male And Female In Instagram Posts

Instagram is a digital platform of photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and originally launched on iOS in October 2010. With a total of 849.3 million users all over the world, it certainly makes Instagram the 3rd digital platform with the most users, under Facebook and Snapchat. Broadly speaking, it can indeed be said that women are more active in social media than men. Of course with the high...
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How Instagram Has Changed Marketing And Advertising Industries

Nowadays the usage of digital technology is always increasing and almost everyone is aware of what social media is. The social media gives people the ability to share their lives, interact with other people, like and comment at any time and place. January 2019 data shows that 45% of the total population is active social media users. One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram. But does Instagram have a positive or negative impact on social media users?...
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History And Evolution Of The Instagram

Social networks have changed our ways of life, many think that for better and others for worse, but the fact is that it has been a revolution, and Instagram has been a determined actor in all this. Learn more about this social network below. Instagram is a mobile application that allows users to upload content and share their lives through photos and videos. In many ways, the Instagram photo sharing platform has been unique from the beginning, perhaps that’s why...
2 Pages 743 Words

The Representation Of Women Via Social Media

This essay will explore and uncover the complex issues that contest the representation of women via social media. Through strong contrast and discussion, the essay will attempt to educate in hopes of inspiring the reader to actively engage in strong political design. This essay will reference Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty campaign for her ‘Flashing Lights Collection.’ The campaign explores the complexities surrounding self-sexualization via social media and the effects this has on influencing visual culture. This example will be strongly...
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