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Integrity: Socratic, Scientific And Abstract Points Of View

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Integrity, although it is a difficult word to find in our society, is one of the most important human values of an honorable and impeccable person. This word can be defined from different perspectives. We can define it from a Socratic, scientific and even abstract point of view. Even its meaning can change depending on the context, culture or origin.

Integrity of the word of Latin origin integrated or integrated, which means the totality, virginity, robustness, and good physical condition. Integrity derives from the adjective integer, which means intact, whole, untouched or unreached by an evil. Observe the roots of this adjective, this is composed of the word in, which means no, and the other term of the same root of the verb tangere, which means to touch the maximum, therefore, integrity is the original purity and without contact or Contamination with an evil or damage, either physical or moral.

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If we define this word from the moral point of view an integral person is one who does not commit injustice or criminal acts, has no malice. An integrated person is one who helps others and makes their best effort to bring all aspects of their lives to perfection. This individual is an example to follow in his work, school and social circle, appropriate, disciplined, direct, loyal, neat, punctual and always show respect to others. And is an honest, educated individual which also has emotional stability and firmness in their actions. This is someone who can be trusted.

As a fundamental right, physical and personal integrity is defined as a state of health. A person who is part of this case is one who does not have any thoughts, injuries, fractures, mistreatment, psychological disorders, cruel punishment or death. Basically, this defines a healthy person without any type of physical or psychological. However, with respect to religious beliefs, an integral person is one who adheres to the beliefs and commandments of their religion and follows them literally. In short, it is the person who does what he has to do according to what God says. This was also the word commonly used by society until the beginning of the 20th century to define whether a woman conserved her virginity and innocence. This means that a woman has never been sexually touched by someone.

In conclusion, integrity is a word that has different interpretations but can summarize that each culture, society, and beliefs have their own concepts to define what is right and do the right thing is integrity. Although it may be a little confusing this word can refer to totally different concepts but the most common will always refer to a correct and faultless person for the society they live.

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