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Intelligence And Resilience

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Intelligence and resilience are great tools to define and allocate a person’s strength. Many types of assessments were produced to assess personal identity and explore various aspects of intelligence. It also will help to clearly show the limitation of self and open a window to discover yourself more and find the correct path to train the skills about intelligence and resilience to reach self-actualized. I have done six different categories of personal assessment and each one of them is examining a different aspect of identity’s characteristics.

The first one is the Multiple Intelligences. A tool that assesses your learning on eight different categories and chooses the best three that suit your way after answering the questions test. This test shows that I am intrapersonal, logic/Math, and interpersonal. It means that I am the kind of person who learns from other people and alone through people’s experience and trial and error. Moreover, I give my self some time to reflect on ideas and thoughts, as I am also interested in mathematical problems, puzzles, and critical thinking games. VAK Assessment concludes that I am a visual learner. That’s true. I always tend to see and read instructions first rather than learning by listening, or hands-on.

Human Metrics Jung Typology Test is a tool used to explore personality type. It explains the attitudes of the individual through their preferences. I am ESFP (Extravert 20%, Sensing 22%, feeling 19%, Perceiving 3%). The first criterion shows I am more extravert that introvert which means I am the type of person who sources my energy from the external world and interacting with people. The second aspect is more Sensing than Intuition which means I perceive information from the outside world and believe it. The third criterion is Feeling vs. Thinking. I do feel more than I think, I do not like this idea about my self because of that emotions not always a right judgment tool, however, I will try to work hard on this character and be more Thinking than Feeling. The last criterion is Judging & Perceiving shows that I have marginal or no preference of judging over perceiving. I tend to work with cause and effect, receive information and implement the idea correctly but keep in mind life matters.

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Another aspect of testing the personality in the Big five personality test. It a way to measure some personality factors affecting the individual life and shape the behavior. The report shows I am high in Conscientiousness, workaholic, I love my job and I miss to go back to work too much. More disciplined, organized and have a strong sense of duty. I scored middle in Extraversion and Natural reactions. It explains that I am friendly and like working with others plus being emotional in my reactions somehow resilient and calm in stressful situations. However, the report shows a low range in openness to experience and Agreeableness as I tend to be down to earth, stubborn and solve problems using traditional ways. This assessment opened my eyes to how I perceive really to what I face in my life and how I judge and observe situations and act towards.

In my work skills traits, the assessment shows I am an independent learner, in writing reading and digital technologies. I tend to help myself in continuing education and teach myself what I need to learn in order to improve my personal and working skills to be more into interactive learning and solve complex tasks.

Another interactive assessment is the SWOT analysis. It helps to discover my strengths and weakness and move toward improving myself and skills to better achieve in my life. It works toward finding the threats and solve the problems to gain experience in life and grasp the correct opportunities toward my personal goals and ambitions.

Last but not least, is the resilience assessment. It describes me the best and interpret my personality correctly. This assessment calculated I am 59 almost resilient but still have too many rooms for improvement. It shows me that I need to be more focused on my goals to achieve optimal succession in my career and life path. I need to pay more attention to build more skills and make some changes in several aspects and work in improving my relationships to find social support and be more positive in life. I think I should have to find more strategies and tools and keep trying to succeed in my entire life. I really enjoyed this assignment and I learned too many things in my personality.

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