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Interests Shared By College Students: Gun Safety, Food, And Tuition

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Fairleigh Dickinson University’s newspaper consists of topics college students are interested in. The newsletter includes topics on gun safety on college campus, food on college campus, and also tuition for college. Other stories from the textbook “The Norton Reader” like “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns”, and “College Is a Waste of time and money”, also relate to these topics. My goal in this paper is to inform people on gun safety, food, and tuition on college campuses. It’s important for people to be informed on these topics as well, and it’s also interesting to learn more about.

Gun safety is a universal topic nowadays, and its mostly a common topic in the United States considering all the mass shootings that have taken place. Gun safety is discussed amongst many students and it’s one of their major concerns. In the Fairleigh Dickinson University newsletter, “The Equinox” it states “Also, with the FDU campus being so wide open, whether it be in the dining halls, dormitories or classrooms, seemingly any person can come onto the campus undeterred and possibly cause harm to unsuspecting members of the FDU community”, which goes to show how students stress over gun safety on their college campuses. College students want to see more safety on their campuses. This can include ID checks, and metal detectors for every building in every college. These measures can help save lives if anything were to happen. The issue of gun safety worries many college students and they would love to see their tuition dollars being put into measures for their own safety. In the piece “Get a knife, Get a dog, but Get Rid of Guns”, the author mentions that guns should be banned. Although this is a controversial topic, it can help to keep campuses safer, decreasing shootings on campuses.

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Another topic that college students are interested in is the food on their campuses. Generally, college students rely on eating on campus since it is more convenient. Its accessible and doesn’t require them to leave campus to have a meal. Since this is the case, this should mean that the food available on campus should include various options for students to choose from. However, this isn’t the case on many campuses. Let’s take for example Fairleigh Dickinson University’s food on campus. In an article posted by “The Equinox”, sophomore Adam Matter said. “I mean did you see how sad the pasta station was before. I just don’t know if they will keep up with the changes as the weeks go on. The food has always seemed better at the beginning of the semester.” This goes to show that food on campus isn’t too satisfying. The food on college campuses has to improve, because many students rely on eating from their campus’s food.

Another important issue to college students is college tuition. We all know how pricy college can be. Many students are burdened with student loans since they cannot afford to pay the costly price of college tuition. With prices of college tuition going up, instead of looking at whether a university can help students grow as an intellectual and someone who is able to think critically first, most are forced to look at the costs of a university first. This is a reality for many college students today. According to “The Equinox”, “Universities are meant to foster the mind and the person carrying said mind first beyond anything else. Students are meant to share ideas, push themselves to become better people and to eventually impact the world in a positive way, not only because the university was able to provide the raw materials for doing so but also because the student feels confident in his or her own ability.” This goes to show that college shouldn’t be about money, rather the opportunities and abilities a student can gain from college. Students want to see a decrease in college tuition costs. They don’t want to be constantly on edge and stressed because they know they can’t afford college and they’ll be drowning in student loan debt for years. These high costs could contribute to the decrease of students who want to attend college. In the piece “College is a Waste of Time and Money”, the author mentions that there are students in college reluctantly. They think of how all the money they spend on tuition can be gone into investments instead. This again goes to show that tuition must decrease because it is too costly and can drive others from wanting to attend college.

College students are interested in various things, and the three mentioned above were just a few of them that I thought would be important to discuss. It’s important to discuss these topics because they really affect college students on a daily. Gun safety is an issue that needs to be advocated more for college campuses so college students can feel safe on their own campus. Food on campus needs to be improved so students have healthier and satisfying options to choose from since majority of the time eating on campus may be their easiest option. Tuition costs are abnormally high and this puts a burden on many students. Often time, it can lead to them wanting to give up and not attend college. We as college students need to voice our thoughts on these topics more if we want change.

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