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In this essay we will be looking at how localism relates to interior design looking at its pros and cons within communities and how and why localism is important in the sustainability of creative interior design, giving examples where appropriate and relating this back to why as interior designers we should be aware of the issue within today’s current ethos....
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I would like to explain and remind you how much I love and am interested in interior design because since my municipality I love the design and planning of the blanks and the interior spaces in addition to my appearance in the technical and total aspects as well as the needs of physical and social people I have a passionate...
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Undoubtedly, I have always been fascinated by the concept of art, and my desire to create has continuously guided my intentions and decisions in life. Interior Design, as a course choice is perfect for me, evidenced by my passion for design and fabrication, alongside skills I have developed throughout my education. Taking an A level in Fine Art has been...
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I have always desired to pursue a career in Interior Design due to my passion for art and home decorations. My interest has grown and developed over many years through visiting museums and watching programs based on designing homes. Museums and homes certainly differentiate in design - the archaic representation of museums, like the National Gallery Museum in London, exhibits...
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Abstract Interior design and decorating styles goes hand in hand. Where there is interior design, there comes decorating styles as well. Decorating styles have a very vital role to play in the design industry. Without having any style to decorate, any design, be it very elegant or richly schemed, becomes dull and boring. In this report, we will discuss about...
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Abstract: Virtual Reality technology refers to a computer simulation system, which provides users with fully immersive in-depth feeling of the environment in which the user is simulated to. In Interior Designing domain it is challenging to convince the customer about the design without the look and feel of the design. This paper proposes virtual reality-based designing framework that helps the...
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What is Interior Design? Interior design is a discipline that consists of organizing space for a particular purpose. The aim of interior design is to give shape and improve the experience of a user of a certain space by creating a useful and pleasant environment. Decoration and interior design are usually confused, but in order to differentiate them the tasks...
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Introduction In this essay, the main focus will be on the effects of media cultures on the design concepts and material implementations in the practice of interior design. How the mainstream media has changed our outlook towards design and how we perceive it. The basic principle of design has been blemished with objectification, it has become a collection of scenes...
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Healthcare design is complex and is based on new medical technologies and architecture. In the past, patients have longer hospital stay as compared to today. Leading healthcare practitioners and architectural firms highlighted the need for better implementation of new technologies and an effective approach to design for better patient outcomes and well-being. Evidence-Based and Experience-Based Design Evidence-based design as a...
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