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Public International Law and Its Legal Principles in Regard to War on Terror: Analytical Essay

Introduction War is changing from conventional conflicts between nations to ‘small-wars’ as counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, ethnic and religious conflicts (Rochester, 2016, s. 10). The change is from interstate war to new wars involving nonstate actors and armed forces. The modern warfare post challenges to the United Nations (UN) Charter, the Geneva Conventions and other legal documents since they originated during World War II in an interstate war paradigm (Rochester, 2016, s. 5). The terrorist attack on 9/11 were a new type...
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The Influence of Transnational Policing on Organized Crime and Its Development

Transnational policing is most frequently quoted as a solution to organized crime. Organized crime is a global phenomenon beyond the scope of any one agency or jurisdiction to deal with alone. So cooperation, international law enforcement, mutual legal assistance and transnational criminal investigation and knowledge or information helps to control the risk of such crime across the world. The capacity to communicate around the world has radically increased through personal computers and mobile telephone and opens up new possibilities for...
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Eurocentrism in International Law: Analytical Essay

Eurocentrism is under challenge in international law today.[footnoteRef:1] One may ponder what is eurocentrism. The term ‘Eurocentrism’ denotes a world-view that posits European history and values as “normal” and superior to others, thereby helping to produce and justify Europe’s dominant position within the global capitalist world system.[footnoteRef:2] In order to understand how eurocentrism had continuously affected the making of international law, we shall have a glance on the history of international law and its relationship with euro centricity. [1: A.A....
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Case Studies of International Law: Newcrest Mining (WA) Ltd versus Commonwealth and Western Australia Versus Ward

Abstract This essay brings an opinion to 2 cases: Newcrest Mining (WA) Ltd v Commonwealth and Western Australia v Ward. The first case argues that Australian laws overlook certain fundamental rights that would otherwise be covered by interpreting international laws. Therefore, it should be incorporated into the interpretation process of legislation and the constitution. The second case dissents this to be more of a personal agenda and a potential breach of the separation of powers. If courts look to international...
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Public International Law Versus Natural Law: Analytical Essay

International Law Hugo Grotius was born on April 10, 1583 in Holland. He was raised in a family of well-educated people with ambitions. Grotius started reading when he was three years old and his mother prohibited him to read. When he was eight years old his brother died and that’s when he started writing poems in Latin to comfort his father. At the young age of eleven Grotius was admitted in the Faculty of Letter at the University of Leiden....
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Principles of International Law in Practice: Examples from Different Countries

Why has international law found it difficult to find a resolution to the Syrian conflict? In 2018, Russian and Iran supported Syrian government to recapture areas in eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside and Daraa governorate. Syrian government used different methods to make anti-groups in these areas to surrender. In Syrian conflict for a particular time chemical attacks were taken place, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) was authorized to attribute responsibility for those attacks. ISIS and AL...
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Law of Armed Conflict: Analysis of Legal Background behind Killing of Osama Bin Laden

Operation Geronimo Operation Geronimo aimed to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, who was the most wanted man in the world then. They executed the operation by utilizing two teams of 12 Navy SEALS who had received orders by the United States president, then Barack Obama. The paper will discuss the legal ground president Obama had to order operation Geronimo and execute the Plan. The death of Osama bin Laden in the hands of the Navy SEALS raised a lot...
3 Pages 1240 Words

Argumentative Essay on Whether International Law Is Really a Law

Is international law Really a law? The most seen to; issue regarding those who study international law is whether or not it can be seen as ‘real law’. There are two different types of thoughts that can be perceived through this, one being from the realist view and the other from a liberal view. I will be looking at both then coming to a conclusion on whether or not I believe International law is really a law. To being tackling...
4 Pages 1690 Words

Analytical Essay on International Law: Recognition of New State in Case of Bangladesh

Abstract The following study intends to analyze the evolution of theories regarding the recognition of states in international law. Whereas the Montevideo Criteria contains the legal requirements for statehood, recognition is largely dependent on the political will of the other states. The question faced by the contemporary international community is whether a state is held to recognize another if it meets the said requirements. While the Constitutive Theory insists that a state could only exist as an international legal person...
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Drones Should Be Banned by International Law

In this essay I will argue that the operation of drones should be ban in international law. Drones in their general definition are unmanned aerial vehicles operated by a pilot who may be thousands of miles away from where the drone is flying. Originally, drones were designed as reconnaissance aircraft or in other words an exploratory military survey of enemy territory. However, as years go by, drones became armed and thousands of civilian people. The United States has two types...
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Trump Administration's Withdrawal from the United Nations: Reasons and Implications for International Law

The between relationship the United States and the United Nations has been bittersweet since the appointment of President Donald Trump into office. This essay is will advocate against the Trump administration withdrawal from the UN several bodies, specifically: the Human Rights Council and the World Health Organization by discussing the reasons and implications of such decision. Firstly, it will begin by defining key terms, secondly delve into the reasons why the Trump administration withdrew from the UN. Thirdly, his essay...
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Domestic Versus International Laws: Comparative Analysis

Laws are systems of rules which are enforced in countries and states to control behavior. Domestic law is the name given to the law or legal system within a specific country, whilst International Law is the body of law that governs the relationship between multiple nations. These systems are created, applied, and enforced in different ways, however, they have similar functions and interact to influence each other through manners such as treaties. Although, there are certain restrictions placed on laws,...
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Principles of International Law in Finding Resolution to Kashmir Conflict

Definition International law is a set of principles or norms in the shape of treaties and agreements which countries accept as binding with respect to their dealings with other nations. It defines the ways in which nations would interact with other nations, people and organizations. Introduction International law is generally categorized into two classes, i.e. Public and Private law. Public international law governs dealings among states including laws of seas, economy, diplomacy, human rights and global conduct etc. It is...
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Limitations of International Law Principles in Achieving Global Environmental Commitments

International law does not effectively protect the global environment and therefore needs to be strengthened in many ways. The first reason as to why it is ineffective, is due to the fact that there are no official authority there to uphold the laws and therefore there are no consequences to those who do not follow. The policies that are put in place will theoretically work, but only if all countries agree to the conditions and targets and do their part...
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