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International Relations Statement of Purpose

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I would like to articulate my interest in improving my knowledge and professional skills at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations of Seton Hall University as a Master’s degree student.

As a priority in my desired field, Diplomacy and International Relations have always influenced my choice of study. Diplomacy and International Relations is a major factor in the development of any community and it has considerable importance for keeping peace in society. Society needs diligent leaders to protect its interests, ensure the welfare of the society, and secure internal tranquillity within society at the same time with neighboring countries. This is a reason why, as my aspiration to be one of those successful leaders, my academic background is based on mostly two major disciplines, History and Political sciences which are some of the core subjects in diplomacy. The study of conflicts, international relations, and diplomacy could substantially be seen as understanding the way individual actors relate to each other. It, therefore, holds the potential to polarise but also to include confident cooperation, which summarises my ideas, thoughts, and hopes as to why I wish to pursue this interest.

Since I have been introduced to World politics and Diplomacy through my brother who is currently Turkmenistan Ambassador in Belgium. Conversations with him increased my interest in International Relations and world Policy. I realized that I was lucky enough to meet him. The consultation we had between have encouraged me to know more about world policy and has aroused my desire to become a world prominent Diplomat.

My passion is to gain an understanding of new political and international approaches and analyses which will give me the proper and expanded knowledge. The aforementioned reasons drive my will to study international relations and Diplomacy. As an enthusiastic and extremely motivated student, I would love to experience and look toward the challenges that such a prestigious course that Seton Hall University would offer me.

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During my M.A. degree in India, I gained a plethora of ideas and knowledge about the affairs of Politics and International Relations. I have attended several international conferences and workshops where Global issues of International Relations and Politics were looked into, during my B. A degree as well as an M.A degree.

I always ponder why the continent I came from (Asia) and other parts of the world are plaque with civil and tribal wars, political crises, and slow economic growth. Most of the peace talks usually the time turn out to be futile thus paving the way for more disputes and political problems in our society. After a careful analysis of the entire situation, I realize that the world needs more leaders with strong technical and analytical skills to sort out these problems. As a result, I am motivated to pursue a master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations to enhance my skills in diplomacy. This is going to lead me to my future career ambition of being a diplomat.

After mindful and long research of many universities in terms of their programs and course structures, I have decided to apply to the School of Diplomacy and International Relations of Seton Hall University because of its well-defined Master of Arts in diplomacy. If the opportunity is given to pursue my further studies at your honored University, it will facilitate me to build up new perspectives and new tactics in the ground of dealing with any raised critical matters in this field that is encountered in my challenging journey to Diplomacy.

I am extremely enthusiastic and avid about my decision to pursue a Master’s degree in diplomacy at Seton Hall University. In conclusion, I am confident to promise to be one of the outstanding and elegant students and to make a difference. That is why I am kindly asking for a chance to fulfill and accomplish my goals at your university.

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