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International Students: Homesickness And Discrimination

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Learning is the key to fulfill our needs as it helps to earn livelihood. In today’s scenario, most of the students are noticed to travel from one country to other for gaining their education. Canada is one of the reputed countries in which most of the students dream to study for development of their future. This might be due to the lack of employment opportunities or minimal golden chances to emerge bright in their own mother country. The migration of young students from one country to another for the motive to study is called ‘Brain – Drain’. But on contrary, these students need to go through a lot of difficulties and challenges to grab qualification from country they are migrated in. they need to pass through psychological problems like stress and scoring lower grades.

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While considering the foreign students, it was observed by Inamura in 1980s that these students are cursed to face adjustment problems in the nation they are migrated to (Jou & Fukada, 1996). They might feel stress and depressed for a reason that they left their parents and adapting new nation on their own without anyone’s support. “As of May 1992, the number of foreign students in Japan had reach 48,561 (compared with 5,849 in 1978; Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, 1993), making research on the kind of transitional stress that is experienced by foreign students in Japan a necessity” (Jou & Fukada, 1996). Once an interview was conducted with 52 foreign students in Japan and resulted several different items are responsible for their mental stress (Jou & Fukada 1996). Some of these stress factors were language barrier, unacceptability, anxiety, relationship and academic problems and discrimination. Stress varies to the nationality of the students. It means students from different nations have different types of stress on their mind. Other noticeable symptoms of stress can be different activities that take place inside our body. These activities can be fluctuation in blood pressure, increase in heartbeat rate (Suldo, Shaunessy, Thalii, Michalowski and Shaffer 2009).

In addition to psychological and mental problems, new students those who migrated from one country to another for the purpose of study also suffer from homesickness. “Homesickness is a psychological reaction to the absence of significant other and familiar surroundings” (Poyrazli & Lopez 2007). One can say that a student having a feeling of homesickness when he feels isolated, sad, and segregated from the environment where he was loving to live in. Furthermore, a student can feel homesick when not getting social support from the companions with whom he is living with. Many of the students like us are confused when adjusting with new surroundings (Poyrazli & Lopez 2007). They really don’t get how to react and sometime adapt new culture and environment. Moreover, they isolated themselves as they do not interact or communicate with other students. This is because inter-continental students feel uncomfortable talking with students living next to them. It was found by McCormack in 1995 that approximately one out of four students those who are not white faces discrimination in the colleges where they are studying (Poyrazli & Lopez 2007). This discrimination is increasing with the passage of time. Students from mother country Africa experiences racism the most in nonwhite students.

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