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Internet-Based Education Vs Traditional Classroom Education: Essay

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“Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world”, – quoted from Nelson Mandela. I definitely agree with the statement above, education is very important to me and to all children it’s not only about learning something new every day it’s the atmosphere; making friends, asking teachers questions and exploring what I want to do in the future, trying something new and loving it then taking it as a hobby and beyond. But what education is more beneficial, online education that using the Internet or traditional learning -from the classroom?

Online education, commonly known as e-learning, is where education takes place away from the classroom walls using electronic media typically on the Internet. Pupils take more ownership of their work during e-learning and require more independence. Traditional learning, where learning takes place in the classroom, is where the teacher and students are working together face-to-face. With traditional education students get more support with their learning as a group because teachers can more easily tell their strengths and weaknesses and the pupils are able to work in groups rather than having to work independently. Online education can be flexible and cheaper but some may argue traditional learning you get in a routine which is good practice for the future and you are able to access more resources. So, what is education is more efficient and the right education?

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The definition of traditional learning varies greatly with geography and by historical period. So, the idea I have of traditional education is being in a classroom face-to-face with a teacher and 30 other children but traditional education really varies where you are in the world geographically and what time period you are in because now my education even at school has become more digitalized because the world has become more digitalized. The main point is that you are at school or the campus with a teacher teaching and supporting you as a group. There are many advantages of traditional learning, but it all depends what type of learner you are whether you prefer one to one support or group support or like having your own routine or like following a routine to everyone else. In face-to-face learning students have to be available at a certain place and time, this gets pupils in a good routine and maintains discipline which will be good practice for when you have a job in the future. Another advantage is the quality of learning. Teachers can focus on particular skills depending on your groups needs teachers will be able to pick up on strengths and weaknesses quicker and you will be able to work as a class on the topics you need more work on which is beneficial for learning. Group work is definitely another main points of traditional learning and the experience, you gain social skills and maintain interpersonal relationships; this is good for mental health. You talk and work with people face-to-face and gain confidence in talking in class discussions and taking part in projects. You attend activities like extra-curricular clubs and field trips which are little parts of education you can only do on the school site but are unforgettable experiences where you learn core skills like resilience, participation, teamwork and creativity these are skills you can’t learn on a screen. Overall, traditional learning is a rewarding and constructive way of learning to a student because they are able to follow a routine which is good practice for the future ( and they will know exactly what to do) and the environment itself you can’t replace the friendships you make and the trips and participation you do in a classroom, a pupils and teachers mental health is much better in the classroom because of the support the teacher is able to give and the help the pupil is able to receive in addition the variety is greater of learning you do- for example sometimes group work, independent tasks, class discussions etc.

However education using the Internet can be also effective and valuable to a scholar. As computer scientist Daphne Koller said: “Online education can open doors that would otherwise remain closed”. This implies without remote learning those who are unable to access traditional learning have another opportunity of receiving education, which is a vital stage in life. Internet-based learning is a flexible, non-restrictive way of learning where the student has to take a step further and take charge of their education and commit. Moreover, education using the Internet is much more comfortable. It has been found that not all students can learn by sitting in a classroom for several hours. In turn, online learning allows participants to learn on their own terms, on any device they choose. In addition, online training has virtually no time limits: training can even take place during lunch, even at the back of the bus when participants travel to and from work. This type of flexibility is not possible with traditional physics classes. For the younger generation, it was noted that the duration of attention span for each student is different. For students who are easily distracted, short interactive modules are a possible learning tool that can be repeated multiple times. Another part of the current education system is the grading system. The current paper marking system is known to be incredibly effective. However, when students have to complete paperwork for teacher processing, they end up piling up because feedback has to be done manually. When learning with the help of the Internet, everything is completely different. In addition to taking printing out of the equation entirely, reviews are tagged digitally and sent back in less than a few seconds of online time. What used to take hours can now be done in minutes. Social learning is one of the important features of online learning. There are many ways to interact in this setting. Many features are available, such as chat and rating, and this increases user engagement as it is easy to do. Digital formats such as videos and screencasts make some lessons more fun and less time consuming.

In conclusion, online education can be flexible and cheap, but some may argue that the traditional education you get as a routine is good practice for the future and you can access more resources. So, what kind of education is more effective and correct? There is no correct answer to this question. It will be different for everyone. For some, traditional learning is the ideal option, for others it is more comfortable to learn using the Internet. However, due to the active development of technology, the traditional education system will undoubtedly no longer be the same. Technology will contribute to its transformation in one way or another. The intelligent introduction of the Internet into the current education system can lead to a more sustainable and efficient workflow.

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