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Interpreting Meaning behind the Lines of Lawrence's Sons and Lovers

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I think this book is about family issues in the Middle Ages. Here the mother loves her children very much. The book is about the love of sons. The life of the Morel family is unhappy, tense and anxious. Morles lives in a mining town in the village. Walter Morel is a miner and has two children, William and Ennie, with his wife, Gertrude, and they are expecting their third child. When Paul, the third child, was born, Ms. Morel didn’t really want a new baby. Her life is full of her husband’s temperament and caring for children. She hates staying home with her children ) when she goes out to have fun. After the birth of Arthur’s fourth child, the Morel family was completed.

Mrs. Morel passes on her husband’s love to her intelligent and active first son, William. She is the eyes of her mother, earns awards, works well in school and find a job easily. When William goes to London for work, Mrs. Morel is devastated. William comes home with his fiancee, a young lady who treats Morels like servants. William, who spent a lot of time at work and with his fiancee, died of pneumonia. After William’s death, Mrs. Morel turned her love and attention to Paul.

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Always sensitive and sensitive, Paul gets a job at Thomas Jordan, who works in a surgical appliance factory and befriends Miriam Leivers. Mrs. Morel does not love Miriam because, in her opinion, Miriam takes all of Paul’s energy, desires and feelings without leaving anything for him. Miriam meets Clara Dawes, who is friends with Paul Leivers and divorces her husband Baxter Dawes. His mother believes differently than he thinks Paul is happy; Clara knows in her heart that she will annoy her son. Baxter has a fight between Dawes and Paul; The war made Paul very painful and a great dislike for Clara’s husband. Although both men hate each other very much, they feel connected to each other.

Ms. Morel is seriously ill due to a tumor. The doctor who treated him, Paula Dawes, said she was in the hospital with a fever. Paul is looking for Dawes in the hospital and the two men reconcile bit. When Paul told Clara that Dawes was ill, Clara unexpectedly revealed that her husband treated her with more respect and that Paul loved her more than ever. Clara returns to Dawes.

Meanwhile, Ms. Morel is getting weaker. Knowing that he is prolonging his death to live for Paul, Paul and Annie fear that he will live longer than he can emotionally. Paul and Annie can’t bear to see their beloved mother suffer as much as giving her an extra dose of morphine. Mrs. Morel is dying. Paul goes to Miriam. They are thinking of getting married, but Paul admits that he has no desire or intention to Marry her. Miriam decides to wait as long as she needs to. Paul returns home thinking about the relationship he shared with his mother. Even though he dies, his love still lives in him.

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