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Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer: The Life Of Chris Mccandless

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The novel Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer introduces Chris McCandless’s journey after suddenly leaving his family to live off of the land alone. While throwing his whole life and possessions away, he wanders off into the wilderness where Chris awaits his next obstacle moving forward. McCandless doesn’t owe his family the courtesy of keeping in touch because wants to be independent and free, also wanted nothing to do with them considering the corruption in his past. For example, his father disappearing and keeping his separate family a secret for such a long time creates a terrible state of mind overall.

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The later stages of his life were crucial, Chris anticipated every occurrence and made the most out of it. Chris later discovered a bus that he spent his time living in with minimal resources to work with. Another friendly hitchhiker named Wayne Westerberg picks up Chris, being generous enough to let him stay in his trailer. Westerberg describes McCandless as restless, handsome, with a very sensitive face and a lean physique. Being offered a job, he was moved to the small town city of Bullhead City, Arizona. Working at McDonald’s his coworkers dislike his terrible sense of hygiene, as well as his lack of socks, etc. McCandless meets many more people including a woman named Tracy growing emotions and feelings gaining further life lessons about society. An older friend named Franz befriends Chris to teach him all about leatherworking and produces a monogrammed belt with a number of symbols from his life as a tramp. By late February, McCandless writes to Burres and Franz to say he has jumped trains to Seattle. His next contact with Franz comes after his arrest and then released later on for jumping a train further south, in a small California town called Colton. Franz drives to Colton, picks McCandless up, feeds him, gives him supplies, and helps him pack to depart for Carthage, where he says he will work for Wayne Westerberg again. Franz further explains his life story and pleads while asking to adopt him as his grandson, But Chris thoroughly avoids the conversation running away from the question until after his return from Alaska.

His choices to move out in the wild and evolving as a person, in general, is a great step to succeeding in everything that comes your way. Krakauer explains how McCandless’s personal safety is key to surviving with the hunting of food and surviving on a will to last. His behavior changed time and time again missing his family as well as the sweet civilization, but living on his own was a step further to his leadership of independence. obtaining some skills he knows he will need to survive in the destination he has in mind when he is ready: the wilds of Alaska. Despite stating that he does not want or need attachments, he does make some human connections along the way, and not necessarily to/with like-minded people.

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