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Inventions And Technology Of The 1920’s. Amelia Earhart And Aviation

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The world changed forever by the booming entertainment in the 1920s. The radio was invented, large, Art Deco motion-picture houses were constructed, and women in aviation played a very big part in the freedom women have today (‘Science and Technology in the 1920s). It broke the barrier in women’s freedom and shaped today’s women. In the 1920s there were many inventions and those inventions changed the world forever introducing new ways to do things in the areas of entertainment, aviation, and ways of life.

Entertainment in the 1920s was booming for example the radio was invented. The first commercial radio station was started by Dr. Frank Conrad, an engineer in Pennsylvania, who was working on voice-transmitting equipment for the U.S. Navy (‘Radio Technology Booms in 1920s’). He started the radio operation in his garage and tested the navy’s equipment by communicating to the Westinghouse.To save his voice and his time he began playing phonograph records over the air. A department store heard about the broadcast music and placed an advertisement in the Pittsburgh Sun wanting to sell radio receivers to those who couldn’t make their own.Also with the radio FM was introduced. By 1929 Armstrong had successfully tested frequency modulation (FM), a new form of broadcasting that is still used today (‘Radio Technology Booms in 1920s’). That was the rise of the radio.

Entertainment in the twenties also involved tv/movies. Though it has roots in the first two decades of the twentieth century (‘Science and Technology in the 1920s). The modern motion picture is for the most is apart of the 1920s. During the 1920s large, Art Deco motion-picture houses were constructed (‘Science and Technology in the 1920s). By the mid 1920s movies had started coming out in color, and sound was added in the late 1920s.For 25 cent americans could escape their problems for a few hours. Before the sound was introduced they had to really pay close attention to what was happening in the movie.When sound was introduced this was something amazing.They didn’t really have to look into it as close as they had to.

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Aviation was a very large part in women’s freedom and how it shaped today’s women. Back then women weren’t really expected to fly or really do work it was all on the men to do work while women sat at home and watched the children in conclusion a housewife is what women were but Some women just weren’t trying to live that lifestyle for example Amelia earheat was a dare devil when it came to flying June 18, 1928, Amelia Earhart, accompanying two male pilots.Amelia was the first woman ever to fly from solo across the atlantic ocean.Also she was the first person ever to fly solo from hawaii to the U.S mainland.Amelia earheart broke many barriers for women but it wasn’t just her many women like Endurance flier Evelyn ‘Bobbi’ Trout was known for flying by night–and living to tell the tale. Ruth Elder financed flying lessons with her beauty contest winnings (‘Women With Wings”). Vera Dawn Walker, banker’s daughter Neva Paris, test pilot’s wife Claire Mae Fahy, and more–took off from CloverField–now Santa Monica, California, Municipal Airport–on August 19, 1929, aiming to log the fewest air hours reaching Cleveland, Ohio. That nine-day journey killed one racer, made the survivors famous, and signaled American women’s full-fledged entry into aviation (‘Women With Wings”).Also the men had a big part in aviation Charles Lindbergh’s heroic 1927 trans-Atlantic solo flight legitimized flying as a skill, a source of celebrity, and a business proposition, attracting millions in investment and stoking public interest in flying as a means of travel and in fliers as a new category of star (‘Women With Wings”).This really set the bar charles lindinberg is most known for making his nonstop flight from New York to Paris.

Contributions to the 1920s were for example cars.During the 1920s the private car has become a fixture of everyday American life.By 1929 there were 23 million cars for about 122 million people(‘Science and Technology in the 1920s”) .Henry ford cars were booming back then and are still booming today.Cars set the bar for traveling and getting place to place cars back in the 1920s were a luxury.Also another contribution was washing machines no more having to handwash clothes which was a big help on women when it was time to start cleaning.the dryer was already invented so this was a big help no more having to do extra work.Another contribution was Vacuum tubes.During World War I, however, developments in vacuum tubes, devices similar to light bulbs and the ancestors of the modern transistors, allowed the sending and receiving of radio signals to become much more accurate and powerful (“Radio Technology Booms in 1920s’).

In summary, the 20s has made very important contributions to society today. The radio was invented, women’s aviation was a key factor in how women have freedom today, tv/movies made major improvements. Sound was introduced which was a big shift in the movie industry. What would have happened if sound was never introduced? What would have happened if women never would have stepped up to the plate to fly or stand out ?? Life would probably be dull and not as interesting and fun as it is today.These contributions to society back then have made a major impact on today’s time.

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