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iPhone Vs Android: Essay

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We live now in era where almost everything comes down with a smart phone, from a common activity such as communication until now, we can even order a cab or taxi from our phone. It almost impossible to see persons not having a smartphone or even use the old-type phone. No wonder, ever since the industrial revolution 4.0 or even the starting point of millennial era now a smartphone becomes a primary need for everyone. The fact is that today provides us with all the IT companies that compete to make the product as luxurious, efficient and affordable as possible. Due to the variety of products with different type and price, we are facing difficulty to choose the best that we preferred. A common question that comes to us when we want to buy a new phone is: ‘Which model is better?’, ‘What type of phone that have a good quality of front camera?’, ‘Can I play high memory game on it?’, ‘How long will the battery last?’, ‘What are the advantages this phone had to offer to me?’.

Nowadays, there are two type of smartphone that monopolized the market. You will see people on the streets using whether Android or an iPhone. Android software was provided by Google and iPhone with iOS. The common sense is we want a product that is most efficient to handle with the most affordable price. However, people seem to be doing the opposite and are more interested in buying Apple products despite their prices. Also, there are tons of blogs, videos, and writings debating why we must prefer to use iPhone rather than Android. In this essay, we’ll compare iPhone and Android, and analyze the reasons why you should still use iPhone over Android.

First of all, people find iPhone are easier to use rather than Android. When you purchased an Android phone there are tons of regulation that you have to fill before its ready to be used by you. Different with an Android, once you purchase an iPhone and turn it on, your phone is ready to serve you and being used without a necessity to download a third-party application and many tricky parameters. Your iPhone has everything you need from the box and you can make it more personalized based on your preferences.

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Other things, that need to be considered, are updates for hardware and software from both types. No matter what model of iPhone that you use, once the updates was released you will get the notice and updates your iOS right away. In the case of Android devices, it’s different. Android was used by so many companies, such as Lenovo, Samsung, LG, Advan, Oppo, and so on. Due to the differences of companies the notice of an update also scheduled in different time by each company, usually they have their own schedule for an update. So, even when Android received an update, usually your device will receive it months later – except for Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 because for this particular software will be updated instantly. In instance, the older your Samsung model is, the longer you will have to wait: 1) Google need to release a new update; 2) Samsung need to start updating its device; 3) wait until your device gets the notice of the new update. To add things, the fact that the new Android could also not have the latest updates. Even though that an iOS 11 cannot run as smooth as iOS 12 or iPhone 5s with iPhone X, but still be comfortable to use.

When we purchased a device on iOS, you don’t have to deal with the pre-installed application that you don’t necessarily need. Many Android users have this problem, where there are bunch of application that already being installed and it cannot be deleted from their phone (mobile users only). Some of you may not mind the carried application’s existence on your phone. However, you need to consider that those carried application have more terrible function than the standard application, not to mention an extra space on your RAM and storage that can cause a disadvantageous on your daily basis. Also, the open-source code that Android have may cause modification from different companies and making them as theirs. When you want to change your device for example, it can cause you poor optimization with different models yet have same function on your previous devices. For iOS, it will never be a case.

As we discuss about devices, one of the most crucial parts is security system within your device. In my opinion, iOS comes with more secured system than Android. iOS comes with less malware to be developed and also more difficult to be hacked because its strong and closed structure. Apple developers takes coding very seriously, so the chance for the third-party developers to make changes on it is close to zero percent. Even though that we cannot guaranteed that it cannot be hacked. Android comes with 97% of its malware are being developed based on Pulse Secure’s Mobile Thread Report in 2013 and in addition, USA government also published that malware threats amount on iOS device was only one percent. Based on this iOS seems more reliable device.

To conclude things, it is clear that every device comes with its advantageous and disadvantageous, and there is no one devices that is more superior than others. We should purchase one based on our needs. But if you are looking for a device that has good safety, timely updates, and stable design, you should consider to purchase an iOS device.

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