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Is American Dream Still Alive: Essay

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Anyone who is coming or living in the United States has a dream, a vision of prosperity, better known as the American dream. With full of opportunities and work. Encouraged to better themselves to pursue their dream. Through hard work, perseverance, and will. The ability to achieve their dreams, regardless of circumstances of birth, or color. Everyone has financial success. Being able to get a great education. A perfect life is full of happiness, love, and money. Everyone has a different definition of the American dream. That’s okay that is what makes us different and unique as individuals. My American Dream would be having a stable job in what you are passionate about, with lots of money, having time with my family, and happiness. To also have the freedom to express oneself.

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Unfortunately, our society is not perfect and made many mistakes in the past. However, I still think that the American Dream is still alive. Having the opportunity to chase your dream, and your goals is what makes our country great. People need to work hard to achieve greatness. Wanting to be equal is the dream that many immigrants share. They come to America in hope of achieving this dream. Obama says in his Inaugural Speech that, “...: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.” Here in America, almost everyone is equal. This causes many people to want to come to live here and start their own American dream. In many of their homelands, they are not treated equally so they leave in search of their American dream.

My mom lived in a little town called Tlacochauaya. She has four brothers and eight sisters. She grew up in poverty. As a young girl, she took the role of working in the field. She would wake every morning at five to cut alfalfa to feed their bulls cows, pigs, and chickens. A donkey would pull her wagon to carry the alfalfa and would ride it to the fields. My mom would often look at the sky and ask herself “ is there more to life than this.” She lived humbly and barely had any clothing to shield her. Would often get bullied for the way she dresses and smelled. Embarrassed to attend school. She was bright, smart, trustworthy, responsible, and hardworking. All the tools to become successful. Her father didn’t believe a would woman should get their education because of. That didn’t stop her. She vision herself as having a better life than just working in the field. Believing that her hard work and courage would help her to get out of poverty. My mother was nineteen when she crossed the border. In hopes of finding a better life. So she can live the American dream. To have an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work. She was determined to reach her goals when reaching US soil. Her first job was at Tacobell. She was employed as a cleaner and as well to prepped food. She would need to learn to speak a new language if she wanted to have better.

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