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Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous? Essay

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Is artificial intelligence really helpful to humanity or is it a threat, that we just don’t see? Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that are normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages. It truly has lots of advantages in the advancement of our daily living. However, contradicting the advantages, disadvantages also outgrow through it.

Machines, computer and other highly technical things are disseminated and used by most people nowadays. But aren’t we too focused on those? We are forgetting the old life that we used to have. A simple, full of laughter life, and just natural things, that we are contented with. Then advancements came, which makes costs of the living expensive.

In the world full of highly technical technology, we can say that the way of living is much easier and faster. Compare to the previous years and decades, we can say that we are in the point of our lives that we are being more dependent in the power of technology. From manual uses, it becomes automatic and technical. Because of the intelligence that human had, human comes up with different innovative inventions that helps the work of the people. Through brilliant mind of different inventors and discoverers the civilization from the past. Slowly rising and utilizing the use of resources found in the environment. These inventors and discoverers create machines, piece of equipment and methods that is useful in solving the problem of human being. Just like an invention that helps and also improves progress of innovation and advancement is the Internet. What we mean by the Internet is, it able to connect different computer networks from one computer to another which can be done all over the world. Through the use of the Internet, people utilize its potential to achieve greater heights and to improve the life of all. There are different uses of the Internet that we can use for our good. Internet able to connect person across the world, it can be a good source or medium of communication. You can send messages like letters, photos and videos to the person you intended to send it. Because of the continuous progress and development, human able to create computer program and software that the goal is to give or provide better communication. People of different generations use programs and software such as Yahoo mail, email, Viber, and now Messenger. These are the most famous application that people use then and now. The Internet also offers big opportunities for many business people who wanted to earn. You can do business transactions through the Internet like selling things, posting advertisements and creating applications that will earn money because of the Internet. Now due to the Internet we are able to expand our knowledge and exceed the expectation we set for ourselves. Because of the rise of the Internet, inventors used this and apply this greatness to their new inventions. For example, is the improvement of our mobile cars, back then mobile cars are just a simple transportation vehicle that carry passengers it doesn’t have any technological features. Now in the modern cars that we usually see it is more highly technical and impressive. Now we can locate our location through GPS, we can put television inside the car, play music and some cars nowadays have an autopilot mode. Wherein the car able to work without the operation of the owner.

The car possesses what we called artificial intelligence. In computer science it is also called as machine intelligence. With the invention of artificial intelligence, human takes another step forward in achieving its goal to have a quality and productive life. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to perceive the environment and able to create an action or response in the situation. Artificial intelligence machines have a cognitive function that able it to think for itself. Just like what human do. Inventors put in human characteristics in the machine, the way of thinking and analyzing just like human does. Some artificial intelligence machines have the ability to talk, for example, these are robots. This mechanical machine is powered by electricity its purpose is to determine based on what the inventors wanted them to do. They are program to do specific thing and program to achieve the goal of the inventor. Artificial intelligence is used all over the world. It is used in verification, validation, security and control. It can control cars, airplanes and pacemakers. Because of this intelligence, we might think that this is also very helpful in the field of medicine. Through the help of artificial intelligence machines, doctors and other medical allied forces can perform exact and accurate test for their patients. Example is a machine that can collect sample from the patient and perform the test for them. The doctor just manages and controls it; doctors just program the machine what to do and they just sit there waiting for the final results. Now some countries all over the world have their own robots with artificial intelligence. These robots help doctors assisting the patient. We can say that those are very useful in the field of medicine.

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Artificial intelligence is so amazing and incredible powerful. But what if the advancement can lead to a threat? How dangerous can artificial intelligence be to humans? The artificial intelligent machine’s way of thinking has surpassed human ability. They are so powerful where they know everything the Internet has. Because they are connected to the Internet, let us just say that it has all the information that we can find in Google. Think deeply if artificial intelligent machine has it all, what is our purpose as a human. If they can do things much faster and provide quality service, what is our role as healthcare professionals. Artificial intelligence has a good side it is beneficial depends on how people going to use it. Artificial intelligence can be dangerous to human lives because first is that it only focuses on its main goal. They don’t see if it is good or bad, they main purpose is to achieve their goal no matter what. For example, you ask your car to bring you to your house fast, the goal of the car is to bring you home fast, it will drive fast, it does not care whether you are going to be dizzy and vomit, because its main intention or goal is to bring you home as soon as possible. Artificial intelligence is dangerous because of the way people think, they can use AI to create dangerous and harmful weapons that can be used if they we start a war. Thanks to the high intelligence of this machine, they can create a destructive weapon that can kill large number of people. And AI machines can be used in crimes because it can be used to hack different systems and steal all the information a person has like bank account and businesses.

Most researchers agree that a super intelligent AI is unlikely to exhibit human emotions like love or hate, and that there is no reason to expect AI to become intentionally benevolent or malevolent. Instead, when considering how AI might become a risk, experts think two scenarios. The AI is programmed to do something devastating like nuclear arsenal systems or autonomous weapons systems that are being managed by AI and it is programed to decimate the population of any given country or target. In addition, an AI arms race could inadvertently lead to an AI war, that also results in mass casualties. This risk is present even in narrow AI, but increases as the level of intelligence and autonomy of the AI increases. The second scenario is that the AI that is programmed to do something become destructive in achieving its goal which is much likely to happen when we fail to fully align the AI’s goal with ours, which is very close to an impossible task. One of the best examples of this scenario is when you ask the obedient intelligent car to take you to the airport as fast as possible, it might get you there, chased by helicopters and covered in vomit doing not what you wanted, but literally what you asked for. Stephen Hawking has said, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”. Elon Musk claims that: “AI is humanity’s biggest existential threat”. That might have people asking: ‘Wait, what?’. But these grand worries are rooted in research. Along with Hawking and Musk, prominent figures at Oxford and UC Berkeley and many of the researchers working in AI today believe that advanced AI systems, if deployed carelessly, could end all life on earth. This concern has been raised since the dawn of computing. But it has come into particular focus in recent years, as advances in machine-learning techniques have given us a more concrete understanding of what we can do with AI, what AI can do for (and to) us, and how much we still don’t know. There are also skeptics. Some of them believe that advanced AI is so far away that it makes no sense to think about it now. Others are worried that excessive hype about the power of their field might kill it prematurely. And even among the people who broadly agree that AI poses unique dangers, there are varying takes on what steps make the most sense today. The conversation about AI is full of confusion, misinformation, and people talking past each other in large part because we use the word AI to refer to so many things.

Many people are concern on how advance the modern world is. Technology grow so fast and human mind creates advancement that can help people to make life easier. Robots, machines, technological systems and other AI that may replace human, continue to grow and develop faster. As emerging algorithm-driven, artificial intelligence continues to spread in health, daily living, outside work or even affecting in human lives. Many people preferred work to be in instant. Mostly they depend on AI work rather than man-made materials. They trust robots, technology and machines more than human. At some point, AI is created for people to make things light, to help them achieve a life full of contentment within work. AI should only be use in moderation because it is technically a man-made and humans should be the one in control, in terms of how it should function. As time pass, we’ve always wanted to live in a dream of having a perfect life, and in order to achieve that, we need a thing that is full of perfectness, and perfectness are came along with artificial intelligence. Humans, complete in terms of all organs and presence of mind but lack of perfectness that AI has. Things that exist today are made by human, digital life is argument about human capacities and disrupting eons-old human activities. Pioneers, innovators, developers, business and policy leaders predicted that networked artificial intelligence will amplify human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities. People are already in a world when technology eating human lives in terms of overuse and addiction. As artificial intelligence speeding up, more robots or autonomous system are being born and replacing human labor. They said ‘smart’ system in communities, vehicle, buildings and utilities, and business process will save time, money and lives, it offers opportunities for individuals to enjoy a more customized future. Yet more experts think that regardless of whether they are opportunistic or not, expressed concern about the long-term impact of new tools create by advancement will eventually affect human’s daily lives and routine. Artificial Intelligence dominate our modern society, many workers lose their job because machines are the one that is assigned to do their work, man-made materials was lessen and the uniqueness of every product was vanish. Artificial intelligence said to be one of the most connected factors that affects human behavior. It triggers the humanity to provide unpleasant behavior of humans into their surroundings, although, the help of AI has a big impact, the negative side of overused technology or AI product is the concern of many individuals, especially those who believe that things are need to be done manually by humans. With the addiction and misuse of developed product, it becomes a threat. It overpowers the human capability to invent and to practice new things because AI products replace their nature of work. According to inventors, the main purpose of AI was to help humans to do their works, to lessen the burden especially aged people who needs help, and because artificial intelligence was programmed, it can’t identify every problem at a single cause. Unlike humans, we can clearly think of other solution or ways that may help to fix the problem. Also, given that AI was human-made, it is basically made by people so no matter how intelligent AI is, humans are more capable and responsible more than AI.

All in all, artificial intelligence is really dangerous and really poses a threat to people’s lives. Knowing that it causes lots of alarming and distortion on our daily living also functions. Comprising the high cost of living, due to the need of highly technical machines we tend to expand our resources and wants in life. Leading to a needy lifestyle to sustain human caprices for fully develop things. It also makes human lazy. Knowing that machine offers an easy and less work living life. Therefore, we no longer word loads and spend more time with doing chores. Humans become too much attached to machines. We get addicted to those inventions which can lead to problems upon our future generations. Also, we cannot always relay to machines. Take not that those are still machines made by humans. It cannot fully functions, the same as what a human can actually do. Moreover, machines costs of creation are expensive. Updating and developing a system needs complex ideas and the needs to meet the required model. The repairing and maintenance of a machine is also a huge cost. Furthermore, the use of robots is a major factor for unemployment. They would use robots instead as workers than hiring competent humans. Al robots is an example, they prefer those than individual who can function efficiently and effectively. Truly artificial intelligence has variety of advancements that is really helpful for us. However, we should always take care and prosper the positive effects that it has. Continue its betterment for a fully developed and better world. Then highlight of lessening its harmful effects. Not just to human but in overall aspects. After all, without us, it would not be created at all. Might as well protect our creation, protect ourselves and just focus on the good side of everything. Promoting and enabling the creation of new things in a safe way and in an intelligent manner of choice.

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