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Is Doping A Solution?

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Drug, its effect on human its is any substance which when consumed causes bad effect on human physiology and health .

To begin with the topic, first I would like to elaborate on what doping is. The very meaning of doping says that it is an illegal and banned product or drug that can be used to enhance once ability in the sport. So the basic point that can be drawn out from this definition is negative as it involves something that is banned by the authorities already. According to my opinion, doping is an unfair mean because it gives a upper hand to those people who have greater access to such drugs/substances because of availability of funds or suggestions and boost their performance and recovery. It is unfair on the part of those sportsmen who do not indulge themselves or are not able to access such drugs.

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But if each and every sports personnel gets fair and impartial access to such drugs, would then it be fair for all? In my opinion, fairness and justness comes from one’s own hard work and dedication. Drugs are not universal to each and every body type. It is not necessary that they will have same and similar reaction on everybody’s body consuming it. So even if everybody is doing it still it is wrong and inappropriate.

Every field of work is different and diverse from each other. Some require hard work where as other may require smart work. Jobs that are based on merit or skill are no less easy to achieve or handle. They also require a lot of persistence and dedication. But the only difference here is of one’s’ capabilities. In sports one has to showcase his physical strength and persona whereas in such jobs one has to prove his Mental strength and power. Doping can not be compared to these jobs because they do not come easy.

Different people come from different backgrounds and diverse history and storyline. Some may be proficient enough to have the best equipments, best coaches or access to everything that is superior and more effective than the other. On the other hand there are also people who might not be able to have such access to things they desire. In this case also I believe that doping is not the solution. The government or the authorities should be held entirely responsible for providing equal basic and necessary things to every player related to the sport irrespective of the place they belong to or the background they have or the colour of their skin etc.

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