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Is ICSI Better than IVF?

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Choosing an apt fertility treatment is vital for achieving positive results. Luckily, several treatment solutions are there for your infertility problems. IVF and ICSI appear as effective options for your needs. In IVF method, tons of sperms will be added on every egg for egg fertilization. It is utilized for several years to produce human eggs in a body. A key variation between conventional IVF and ICSI is a way egg is fertilized in a lab.


Eggs will be collected from women in IVF procedure. And these collected eggs will be left in Petri dishes with millions of sperm. This method is considered for natural fertilization to happen. In reality, this procedure involves a procedure of combining sperms and eggs in a lab instead of human body. Typically, this IVF is a complicated process, with only 5% of couples having infertility choose this procedure. Consulting with Best IVF Doctor in Delhi for a safe cure is helpful to get the higher successive rate. Based on a report, women below 35 years of age undergone IVF cycle have a live birth IVF success rate as 40%. Women above 42 years have a success rate of 4%.

IVF works with an excellent blend of surgical procedures as well as medicines. They aid sperms in fertilizing eggs. The next step is that these fertilized eggs are implanted inside human uterus. Best IVF & Infertility Specialist in Delhi is dedicated to offering complete assistance throughout the treatment from retrieving ovaries and fertilizes sperm in a lab.

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In the ICSI treatment, embryologist mainly utilizes latest equipment as well as a microscope to pick single sperm to inject in an egg. Embryologists not only offer Best ICSI Treatment in Delhi but also check every egg to be fertilized. After that, they are converted into embryos. Once embryos discovered, they are placed in uterus directly. Remaining embryos will immediately be frozen for further usage. A head of every sperm needs to be attached outside egg even before sperms fertilize an egg. When it is attached, sperm will push through an exterior layer inside an egg, also called cytoplasm, so that fertilization would take place.

Usually, there are two different ways eggs are fertilized through the IVF and ICSI. ICSI process involves a tiny needle or micropipette are injected the sperm into an egg. A primary goal of this process is to ensure that traditional fertilization will occur. The fertilized eggs grow in a lab. Within 2 to 5 days, these eggs would be transferred in a woman’s uterus or womb. As per a report, ICSI procedure fertilizes from 60% to 80% of eggs. Scientist reports revealed that ICSI has a success rate of 24% for pregnancy. Another report states that IVF without ICSI has a higher success rate of 27% for pregnancy. These are mainly assisted with various methods for reproductive technology.


The use of ICSI is estimated as a highly advanced procedure for a male with infertility problems. Recently, there is a more successive rate for techniques involved using non-male factor infertility. Mechanical damage to oocytes after ICSI also results in causing detrimental effects along with a declining chance for fertilization. In short, IVF is helpful for fertilization, production of an embryo, and also implantation to increase a possibility for women to get pregnant. This kind of cure is chosen based on your condition.

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