Is Islam A Terrorist Religion?

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Recently there has been the terror in several regions. These terrorists frightened the citizens with various actions, such as murder, robbery, bombings, hostages and so on. Usually, the suspects are Moslems. If the culprit is an Islamic person, they usually reason jihad against unbelievers. Then is it true that Islam supports terrorism?

Terrorism is coordinated attacks aimed at arousing feelings of terror against a group of people. In contrast to war, acts of terrorism are not subject to the rules of war such as the time of execution which is always abrupt and targets of casualties are random and often civilians. Even these terrorists justify any means to achieve their goals. (Wikipedia)

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Jihad according to Islamic law is to struggle in earnest. Jihad is carried out to carry out the main mission of man, namely to uphold religion or keep religion upright, in ways according to the lines of the struggle of the Apostles and the Koran. The Jihad carried out by the Apostle is preaching so that people leave idolatry and return to the rule of God, sanctify the heart, give teachings to the ummah and educate humans to be in accordance with the purpose of their creation that is to become the caliph of Allah on earth peacefully and love one another But in jihad, Islam forbids coercion and violence, including killing civilians who do not participate in war, such as women, children, and elderly people.

In a hadith mentioned, from Abu Hurairah he said: The Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: 'The faith is seventy or sixty branches. The most important branch is the saying of Laa ilaaha illaAllah (there is no worship other than Allah), while the lowest branch is to get rid of interference from the road. And shame is one branch of faith. '(Narrated by al-Bukhari & Muslim)

In the above hadith, it is stated that the lowest branch of faith is to get rid of interference from the road. If getting rid of the interference from the road alone is highly recommended in Islam, even including the branch of faith how could Islam teach the ummah an act of terror or violence? How can terrorists on behalf of Islam commit acts of terror if they claim that in their hearts there is still faith?

Islam is a religion of love, which teaches gentleness to people. Adab to neighbors is taught, adab to people other than Islam is also taught, adab to nature and the surrounding environment is also taught. If there are people who claim to be Islamic but still like to commit acts of violence or terror then that person deserves to be questioned in Islam.

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